Friday, December 12, 2014

Homemade DIY Christmas Craft For Kids

We made these fun things as a part of OB's Christmas homework.
Obviously, mommy had more fun than him :)
Christmas Craft
This one's made of used folder cut into shape and decorated with multicolor round stickers. The star is cut out of a clean menu from a restaurant.
OB had lots of fun adding the colorful baubles all over the tree.

Christmas Craft
These are made of used box and the remaining of the folder :)

Kid's Crown Craft
The crown is made of the rest of the folder, decorated with the same stickers.
Kid's Crown Craft
Simply attach rubber band at the back of the crown to fit any size comfortably.

Did you make anything this Christmas? Show me, show me.

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Anonymous said...

u have a very adorable boy