Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Sloppy Sham Shui Po Weekend & Dirty Old Man Discovery

Where did I go last weekend? One of my favorite places in Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po, Ap Liu Street Market. It's an old district full of suprisingly delightful discoveries, ranging from cheap electronics, computer thingies, second hand stuff, and many more!

My Missions:
- Adaptor for new lamp
- Cheap but nice earphones
- Try NOT to buy any "antiques"/"vintage" stuff
- Cheap, good food
- Funny pictures

What did I wear? I needed something comfy, something sloppy, yet still cute.
Bossini's yellow M&M cotton sweater (isn't that cute?), Cotton On's blue and white stripy skirt, and a pair of Havaianas white flip flops (not in this picture), and my brown H&M sling bag

What were the sightings?

Look at all of those adorable oldies! I wanted them all...but I was turned off by how high they priced those things. What a rip off, I successfully left each shop without buying anything. Score!

This stand sells adorable, plain sneakers, mostly in white or navy. I took a mental note and will get back later to get all of them, when sous chef isn't with me. HAHA!

The only time I felt lucky for not being able to read Chinese. Otherwise, imagine how hard it is to resist these used comic books?

...and an interesting discovery of Hong Kong's notorious DOM (Dirty Old Men)

A flock of uncles were leafing through some old porns in a very very public setting. Hey...I have nothing against it, there's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they should be proud that they are still that healthy, right?

This shot? Priceless!

The vendor snatched the magazine off poor uncle's hands and scolded him...somewhere along the line of "This isn't a library, you freaking fool!"

How about the good food? Read about it at Mochachocolata-Rita's.


Lidia Sianturi said...

Rita........pengin njewer dirimu....
iseng ya...

Anonymous said...

Used porn books = $2.

Snapping photos of old fogey stealing a look at porn = priceless.

Nice photos, Rita!

Anonymous said...

wahahahaaa kasihan si om itu

dewi ayin said...

wish i was there... i would spend 2 HKG $ to buy the dirty old man dat mag... it's amazing to see such an old man still have the 'spirit'... hueueue...

great findings! really really really wish i was there... hiks

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous you have such amazing cute little stores to go to >.<

and that picture is priceless ^_^

Stephanie said...

hahaha...the uncle shot is funny!!