Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Floral & My New Lunch Nook

I found a new lunch nook at Hong Kong park! Yay!

Previously, I mentioned that weekday lunch at Hong Kong CBD is a bitch. This is why I generally pack my own lunch or buying take aways and gobble them down in the office. But, there were times when I just had to get out of the office for some fresh air...this is where cozy nooks come in handy.

Hong Kong park at lunch is loitered by cubicle dwellers who don't wish to queue for seats in crowded restaurants for some crappy food, who just wanna enjoy the view, the warmth of the sun, to see and to be seen. Thus, it gets harder to find an empty bench these days.

Glad I found this huge amphiteather at the corner. Plenty of seats, huge portion of the place is shaded from harsh's perfect for 18-23C spring, and if you're lucky, you might get to see girls in micro miniskirts climbing up to the top of the stairs (What were they thinking? But who cares? Just enjoy the view ^_^ - I was talking about that girl with the guy in blue, who finally realized that her ass was showing, and covered up with the guy's jacket)

One of my favorite spring outfits:
- Dress = chiffon floral dress (I had to wear underskirt/satin sleepwear bottom underneath the dress, as the material is see through), from Argyle Centre, HK$59
- Belt = yellow stretchy belt with bow buckle, from Orange, Jakarta
- Scarf, shoes, bag = remixed

Flower beige gold earrings = from Forever 21, Jakarta

Detail of the belt. I love love love it.


Anonymous said...

I just found you on flickr. I love your style and your blog is amazing.

Anonymous said...

hi, your blog is the best, i will b going to HK soon,is Arglye center nearby Sincere bldg in mongkok?

Unknown said...

@Nadine...thanks for dropping by :)

@Anonymous: Argyle Center is the one across the street from the huge Esprit (at the intersection between nathan rd and argyle street, mongkok)

Anonymous said...

hi rita, thanks for the info location of argyle center,will be going there to get some nice and cheap dresses, love your blog very much :)

Anonymous said...

your dress is so cute!!

jealous to the max of your wardrobe