Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Inspired Nail Art

Pale pink OPI & essie sparkles.

Sparkly red OPI & manicurist's mix of nude. This is my first time getting my nails done with soft gel in a nail salon & my experience at Nail Box Causeway Bay was really bad. The manicurist had a major attitude problem, complaining endlessly about how hard it is to remove my DIY sparkley polish, throwing stuff, sighing.. Another manicurist was being clueless the whole time; I had to tell him how to mix a nude shade using white, yellow & pink paint. It took 5 failed attempts by different manicurists to draw a heart, until finally the owner came to the rescue. The result is amateurish & the red color smudging onto the nude shade; they charged HK$308 & still had the nerve asking if I were gonna take a package. Ugh. I so will NOT.