Friday, July 30, 2010

Playing with My New Toy

Bonus arrived, bonus gone.
I've bought myself a new toy ^_^'
More stories on this later...but here are some test shots, not photoshopped apart from crop and framed.

My new toy has so many fun fun fun artsy fartsy effects.
Black and white effect - while my lens was still foggy from the change of temperature and humidity...
HK Park Bench - Black & White Effect plus my lens was still foggy lol

Diorama effect...
HK Park Waterfall - Diorama Effect

Leaves - Diorama Effect

Pop art effect...
Fafa - Pop Art

Fafa - Pop Art

My favorite...pinhole effect...
Tea Museum - Pinhole Effect

Window - Pinhole Effect

...and here's Ah Yee in soft focus effect :D
Ah Yee in Soft Focus
Can't wait to play some more this weekend :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

SC Needs A Haircut

SC's hair has grown so much...
...from this...
SC's new curls this half ponytail...
La Parole

...and the hair band...
Ghetto Burger
(He can't stand any hair poking his eyes...)

...and now...

What sort of hair style he should go for now?
Prison break short?

His stylist recommended curly bob (is there such a thing for boys?) and he's gonna have his hair done on Friday.
So, let's see!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Striped Red & White Thrifted Dress

Red White Striped Thrifted Dress
I was suprised that I could still fit into this thrifted dress...thank God for elastic waistband eh? You barely can see my almost 8mth bump from this angle...I should've taken a side shot as well (opps). I had to wear a shorts underneath though, the dress is pretty short ;)
Love this kinda girly cutesy look for a summer weekend.

In case you're tired of my gray's a blue one :D
Red White Striped Thrifted Dress
Dress = Thrifted, length adjusted
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Necklace = Argyle Center, Mongkok

Girl vs Boy

If you could choose? Would you like a baby girl or a baby boy?

I don't mind either...but I thought having a baby boy would make parents, parents in law and your partner happier...growing up in an Asian/Chinese culture and all...

Someone I know was given a luxury property when she gave birth to a boy (wow!), and I heard that some others who kept having girls were pressured by in laws to "produce" a boy or the husband will have to resort to getting a second wife *shudder*

Can you believe that it's still happening in this century?

Anyway, a boy or a girl...I don't mind and I know that SC feels the same.
When we found out that we're having a boy...we're happy. The only person who was disappointed was SC's father, he said he always wanted a girl (because he had 3 naughty boys)...aaanyway...we're all happy. A boy could play Xbox, basketball, etc etc etc with his papa, which means more shopping time for mama. Heheheh.

The thing is...
...when it comes to shopping for baby outfits...


....and the choices for baby boy? So limited!

So, one fine day...when SC and I were browsing for some baby clothes so that lil' SC won't end up naked...I couldn't help but gawk at cute baby girl outfits...ruffles, flowers, pinks, oranges, reds, patterns, cute, sweet, adorable, ADORABLES!

As I smiled at a cute a ruffled pink overall that says "Daddy's girl", the sales lady approached me and asked "Ahhhh! You're having a baby girl!"
Me:....*face turned violent red*....*cough cough* no...I'm having a boy
Sales lady: (!!!) But...oh...I thought...because you were happily checking out baby girl clothes...
Me: ....*face turned deep purple*...I know I know...but these are too cute!
Sales lady: *knowing smile, changed topic (thank God)* looks like you're almost due...well, enjoy browsing...
Me: ....*embarrassed smile, slowly drifting to the exit*...

I guess this is why some of my friends are dying to have baby's for the shopaholic mama :D

Baby outfit makers, can you please make more adorable baby boy outfits? What? You don't want my money? :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wearing SC's Shirt

SC's Shirt
You've seen SC wearing my clothes all the it's my turn to wear his shirt :D

SC's Shirt
But a girly girl that I am...

I slapped on a few super girly items to go with SC's shirt...
SC's Shirt
Girly mama's pants (the only pants that I can wear comfortably at this point), a pair of not too high heels...

SC's Shirt
Sweet and cute hair band...

Earrings in the shape of roses...
SC's Shirt
...and a bright pink bracelet :D

Should I wear his clothes more often?
shirt = SC's Hang Ten Shirt, HK$39
pants = H&M maternity pants, HK$99
headband = Kwai chung Plaza, HK$15
earrings and bracelet = Argyle Center, HK$20 each
Shoes = Vincci, KL

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Hong Kong Summer Rain Photos

More Hong Kong Summer Rain
The black rainstorm signal was hoisted yesterday around 05.35 pm...which means that we have to stay in a safe place (e.g. the office). SC and I were too impatient to wait for the signal to be removed, so we braved the rain and went home anyway.

More Hong Kong Summer Rain
My bun-in-the-oven and I took extra care, walked extra slowly and carefully...we reached the train station safely and when I reached home...whoa...there's almost no more rain at all.

All I saw was a beautiful scene of the almost sunset through my windows, which were still sprinkled with raindrops...
More Hong Kong Summer Rain
It was too pretty not to photograph.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bumpy Bump Shot - Week 31

Now I can't see my toes!
Week 31 week away from our 8th month!
Very excited ^_^

Black bikini top and bottom = from H&M

Hong Kong Summer Rain

Rainy Bokeh
Rainy summer days...
It's romantic and soothing, if you're in the comfort, air conditioned shelter of your home.
But if you're outside?
Hot, wet and sticky.
Just saying :D

The above picture was taken looking out of my kitchen window on a thunderous rainy night.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beat the Heat - Cooling Body Powder

Talcum Powder
Love summer...the bright sunlight even after work...the blue sky...pretty colors and dresses...but...the heat! Oh, the heat!

I sweat all the time, especially now that I'm having a-bun-in-the-oven, I feel hotter than ever (but not in a good way ^_^'). I sweat walking from MTR station to the office, heck, I even sweat standing still waiting for elevators!

The result? Irritated skin, highly irritable bitchy version of me :(

For the irritated skin part...I've found a handsome solution. Remember this?
Talcum Powder
My favorite body powder for summer. Prickly heat...itchy, irritated skin, excessive sweat, begone! If you're in Hong Kong, get it from a local pharmacy, it costs only HK$12 ^_^
Plus, the bottle is so so so pretty!

If you don't want the minty scent...and prefer something...prettier...
Talcum Powder
I love this classic "Two Girls" brand...again, pretty, vintage-ish bottle...with mild lavender scent, they also have this in rose. Only HK$18 from Bonjour ^_^

...with regards to the highly irritable bitchy summer personality...can't help it, it's the hormones! ^_^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lunch Time Shopping

Bought this dress from Zara sale today lunch time :D
Love the color, love the neck, love the comfort and relaxed fit....and it's HK$199.

...too bad the "clothes hanger" talks too much.

He said I could only buy this if lil' SC moves/kicks while I put the dress on me.
What a nag!

Grey Tiered Dress

Today's Tiered Dress
I've been keeping this dress in my wardrobe for quite a while thinking I can't fit into it with my bump...I tried it on last weekend and I could! Yay! I'm so wearing it to work today...

The tiered front conceals my bump a little, which isn't good for scoring seats on the train...but since it makes me feel a little prettier, I love it!
Today's Tiered Dress
Pretty pleats and lace...and tiny little pink polka dots on

Since the dress is already pretty "busy", I didn't bother accessorising :D

dress = lady story, HK$159
leggings = H&M maternity legging HK$99
shoes = vincci, kuala lumpur

Monday, July 19, 2010

Crib & Stroller for Lil' SC

Crib & Stroller Delivery
Finally! Lil' SC gets more stuff! He won't be sleeping on the sofa and travel in a shopping basket :D

Based on a good friend's recommendation, we got this travel crib from Toys 'R Us on sale :D
Crib & Stroller Delivery
It could be a bassinet, the mattress could be lower then lil' SC is bigger, and there's a changing station on it too! We've rearranged our furniture to make room for lil' SC and our helper, more updates on this later...and no, we don't plan to put lil' SC in the living room or kitchen :D

The crib could be packed into this tiny thing...and no one's happier to play than the big SC.
Crib & Stroller Delivery

Big SC never has interest in dressing up lil' SC. Lil' SC can grow up in only diaper and singlets if possible...but stroller? Stroller is verrrryyy important for the father (to play).
Crib & Stroller Delivery
Is it light? check! Does it turn 360 degree? Yes! Does the handle flip from one side to another? Yup! Does it fold and open easily? Ya ha~!
Is the color pretty? (SC sez: Who the heck cares!)

Look how happy he is playing with the stroller's "features"...our first Harrods kitten was abused to the max to model for SC...
Crib & Stroller Delivery
...and SC's dancing with joy, loving his foldable crib and his cool stroller...

I'll work on making sure lil' SC won't be growing up naked :D
That's what moms are for ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Person/Cat Person?

You might not be a dog person...
But look at them eyes! That face!
Dog Dog Dog could our heart not melt?

Meet SC's lil bro's dogs, Yung-yung (the dodgy white male "maltese"?) and Ah Yee (the naughty brown toy poodle girl below)
Dog Dog Dog
Ah Yee is super smart, freakishly human-like, charming and ladylike, although she gets very very bitchy these days; while Yung-Yung is the little silly happy camper of the house.
Dog Dog Dog
I always make sure that I wear longish pants when I visit them, as they'd scratch the heck outta your legs once you come through the door.

Ah Yee's other hobby is...
Dog Dog Dog
Manhandling (or doghandling?) people. Look at what she did to SC...

Ah Yee...
Dog Dog Dog
Could you get your paws area?

What d'ya want?
Dog Dog Dog

She always wants a kiss....
Dog Dog Dog
...and yes.
On. The. Lips.

SC is more of a cat person...but he doesn't mind some occasional dog affection.
Do I look like a dog person or a cat person?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Denim Dress & Lace Vest

Denim Dress + Lace Vest
Something I've been seeing a lot everywhere...and I kinda like this denim and lace trend. I wore my old denim dress with the lace vest, and threw a bit of color on the shoes. The dress is perfect to conceal my "luggage" ;)

Dress = Lady Story
Vest & faux pearl hairband = Kwai Chung Plaza
Shoes = M&S

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bruised Jaw, Swollen Cheeks

SC's bruised and looks as if someone has given him one heck of an upper cut. does kinda remind us of our younger days...when boys were still boys...and "let's take this outside" is a solution to almost everything :)

What happened to him?
He just had his wisdom teeth retracted :D
Normally, dentists would recommend that we take out one side of upper and lower wisdom teeth, leaving one side in tact for chewing.

Being an arrogant a smart ass that he is, SC rejected this idea when he had his upper wisdom teeth taken out. He said because it was too expensive to remove the lower ones, so, a few years ago, he removed both sides of the upper ones. He suffered then, and he suffers again now.

He had been having multiple inflammation due to the lower wisdom teeth and decided to have them taken out. Not one side, but both. Classic SC. After the 2 hours of intense, drilling, poking, cutting of bones etc etc etc (yeah that didn't sound fun), the real "fun" begins. He was advised to eat soft/liquid meals (congee, milk, juice, ice cream...) and he did.

Only for the night after surgery. He ate a pork chop the next day and ended up with bleeding gum and swollen cheeks. That's my DIY ice pack (ice cubes in sandwich bag, wrapped in towel, secured with rubber band)...the ice pack didn't make things better, he developed the bruise the next day. If cold didn't help, try heat. He boiled an egg, wrapped it with towel and rub it on the bruised part to reduce the bruising. It works. The bruise is red instead of blue black today.

But I think he was secretly happy about the bruise. It probably makes him feel very manly and cool :p

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party Prep

Tomorrow we'll have some people over for a fake high tea at our place.
Our place looks like THIS!

What a freaking mess.
But naturally, SC doesn't care :D
He managed to secure a corner to do what he thought was the most important thing for tomorrow's gathering...

...what the heck was he doing?

Marking a set of monopoly deal cards.
He wants us to play tomorrow :S
Probably in the middle of that mess.

To our guests...good luck! ^_^'