Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Scary Face

happy halloween
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Did you go trick or treating? Did you wear a scary but sexy costume? Did you have lots of fun?
We didn't do any of them, I didn't even dress baby M in yet another embarrassing outfit.
I didn't dress myself up in a slutty outfit and go partying, but did put on a scary face.... not putting on my usual eye make up.
Scary Face
Sorry for scaring you to death.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby M Walking Happily

Baby M Walking Happily
Baby M has started learning to walk quite a while ago, but hasn't really mastered it enough to make him prefer walking than speed-crawling. But now, after falling a gadzillion times flat on his butt, he's finally loving it. He gets up and walks whenever he needs to go somewhere.

Walking is his preferred mode of "transportation" now :D
Baby M Walking Happily

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wish Upon A Shoe - Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Shoe Wish
Look what I've found in a vintage shop.
Too bad they don't fit me :(
I want the floor too, for my new kitchen or bathroom.
Hope I can still find something like that.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hong Kong Neighborhood - Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Cityscape Photography

Hong  Kong Neighborhoods - Mei Foo Sun Chuen
My first time playing with flare.

Hong  Kong Neighborhoods - Mei Foo Sun Chuen
With the right lighting and mood, any neighborhood could look so heavenly!

Hong  Kong Neighborhoods - Mei Foo Sun Chuen
Took the pics when we were checking out a playgroup place for baby M.

Canon 7D
M mode

Vintage Shirt & Boys Cardigan - Bad Hair Days

Vintage Shirt & Boys Cardigan
It's been forever since I posted my outfit.
I've been lazy, been having the longest bout of bad hair days... T_T
I've been repeat-wearing one vintage dress after another, not at all inspiring.

Vintage Shirt & Boys Cardigan
The day I was wearing this outfit, bored and not wanting to pull another vintage dress, I just randomly put together stuff and called it a day.

Same thing with the rings, just piled on random rings and be done with it.
This outfit should be titled the whatever. this picture, it looked like I am giving the finger or saying something indecent with my hands...sorry about that, please rest assured that I was not ^_^'

Thrifted vintage shirt, SC's unbranded cardi, Cotton On skirt, Union wedges, Nepal rings from Temple St, Faux jade ring from Tsuen Wan, engagement ring & wedding ring

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love Playlord's Men's

Men's Playlord pants, zara belt
I adore Playlord. They do super adorable menswear without being too cotton candy sweet!
SC got this pair of new pants. I love how the pockets have "leather" trim, love the slim cut, and love the color. Still office appropriate without being uptight and too serious. I love the Zara belt that he picked out himself too. Love the color, and the herringbone-esque texture.

SC's playlord shirt
And the's slim cut, it has bold stripes, and I love the shocking pink lining on the collar and the pink thread for the button and holes. Adorbs!
It's all in the tiny little details. Love love love Playlord.

Too bad their women's collection isn't my cup of tea.

Playlord shirt and pants, Zara belt, Aldo shoes

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby M in Batik Shirt & His Subaru

Baby M in Batik & His Subaru
Did he like his gift from Indo grandma?

Baby M in Batik & His Subaru
Yes! He loves his ride.

Baby M in Batik & His Subaru
Honk honk!

Baby M in Batik & His Subaru
He especially like turning the wheels with his fingers...
Baby, you're doing it wrong!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fuchsia & Leopard - Bad Outfit, Bad Day

Fuchsia and Leopard
I didn't really like this outfit...I went all too matchy matchy...

Fuchsia and Leopard
And ChicMcMuffin was right.
The pants, the shoes and the was really too warm for the balmy hot weather that day.

Fuchsia and Leopard
I didn't feel too good wearing it, and in the end I remember having quite a bad day.

Do you think what you wear affect your life sometimes?
Fuchsia and Leopard
Lady story top, Cotton On pants, Bossini socks, unbranded shoes, H&M bag, combo of bangles from H&M, Aldo, Accessorize and unbranded.

Fabulous photos by ChicMcMuffin

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Name Necklace

My name necklace
I am crazy about personalized everything!
This necklace says my name and it has a little snowflake on it, because one of the words in my Chinese name is snow. It's a gift from SC, and I realized that I don't wear this often enough.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Love Hong Kong Neighborhood Homeware Stores

sI love browsing Hong Kong neighborhood stores.
You find all kinds of cool stuff!
Look at this little crown for my little prince.

old skool lunch boxes
Some old skool lunch boxes.

foldable table
I always love the pattern of these foldable tables. Cath Kidston'ish.

washing board
Imagine the wooden washing board as a giant cheese or steak board? Yum!

Classic feather duster!

And these cute teapots! They're affordable too!

I need more space in my flat.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby M in Stripey Tee & Polka Dot Pants

I bought these polka dot denim baby girl's pants for baby M.

They're cute, comfy, and only HK$38.
What can mama do? It fits perfectly and he looks fantastic in them.

Baby GAP polo tee, unbranded pants, baby M's tippy toes.

I Can Never Have Enough Shoes

Shoes Shoes I Want You
Shoes, shoes, I want you.
But I have no more space to keep you..
The story of my life.