Monday, May 31, 2010

Bow Dress - 3 Ways

I love this summer dress. Easy and comfy, and I always love the red-black-cream color combo.
I tried wearing it with different stuff...let me know what you think...

With leggings (H&M maternity) + red shoes (Marks & Spencer's) + vintage purse (thrifted)?

With argyle socks (no brand) + red shoes (M&S) + red bag (Ferragamo) + knitted hair band (no brand)?


Black peep toe boots + rocker chick bag + black and metal bangles + hairband? (all not branded)

I kinda like combo 2 the most...
Ah, the dress is from Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$150

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glassware Haul

Every time I passed by Rapee Living, I couldn't resist to get in and gawk at beautiful homeware I can't afford. Luckily, this time I was in luck! Some gorgeousness were on SALE!

The Belle Fleurs vase = HK$30
The rustic looking jug = HK$30
The rustic looking ice cream cup = HK$10

I ignored SC's huge protests (what for? where to put? what for? you gotta throw some items before you buy these! blablabla...*ignored*), brought the goodies to the cashier, paid the HK$70 (oh my!) and took these babies home.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

H&M Summer Dress - Preggo Chic

I love babydoll summer dresses.
Colorful, easy breezy, bump friendly, simply preggo chic ^_^

I snapped two of them from H&M, one floral blue (this one) and the other one is plaid orange (to be posted later), they're HK$99 each and available in my giant size :D

A bit too much cleavage for work, so I'll wear these dresses on weekends, with my flattering cardigan to camouflage my gigantic arms. Perfect for a day of summer shopping and dining.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel, Macau

Where did we stay in Macau?
Heard lots of good things about Hard Rock Hotel Macau, so we gave it a try...
It's located in Taipa, right across the Venetian, connected to City of Dreams Casino and a small shopping centre selling luxury goods.

One of my favorite thing about the hotel is...

The view from our room. It's gorgeous!

So we spent a good amount of time staring out the floor to ceiling windows..

More staring...

...and the swimming pool isn't bad at all...

It has a fake beach lounge area, a sunken bar, jacuzzi, beach volleyball court, hammocks, and lots of toys...but, consequently, so many kids!

Let's admire the view once more~

Once we've checked in, we rushed to prepare to hit the pool :D

The room is not too big, it's clean, the decor is young and modern.

The TV channels are far from impressive, if not boring (no Discovery Travel and Living). WiFi is free for one user per room.

Toiletries and hair dryer were ok...but I'd still prefer Pantene & Dettol over their shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Another thing we love about the hotel...
The hammocks by the pool!


We would've spent more time here if it wasn't for the rain T_T

For HK$2630 (for two), 2 days 1 night, including buffet breakfast + ferry tickets + shuttle bus from ferry terminal to's overpriced. I'd choose another hotel next time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Souvenirs from Macau

I am a sucker for although I've been to Macau numerous times, I still bought some tiny little lovelies. I always love this lil' lucky black cock, so cute and colorful! So I bought a tiny figurine and a fridge magnet ;) not exactly useful, but what the heck :D

Love porcelains, love blue and whites...or green and white, so I bought this pretty porcelain decanter, which I plan to use as a vase. I love how East and West it is. I figured that I could use the little tiles as I bought them too...there were still so many stuff I wanted to get, but luckily SC stopped me ^_^

Look at these beauties!

If he wasn't there, I wouldn't know how to stop myself....I want them!

Oh my~ I want those wall vases...

...and the tea set...
I want 'em all!

Too bad I didn't get the address of this shop, but it's around the St. Paul's ruins, on the street where they sell Chinese antique furniture and paintings. Go on, explore!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My New Comfy Footwear

Sick and tired of my fugly (albeit comfy) footwear, I looked for replacements last weekend and found some! Comfy white scholl sandals, pretty flat but not flat flat. Love the adjustable front in case my feet get swollen later ;)

...and these soft gray open toed platforms...I love the elastic straps, again, preparing for swollen feet.
The only thing missing is pregnancy-safe nail polish, my feet feel so naked without some nail colors T_T

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

His & Hers Black & Gold Pants

Another pants I've bought recently from Maple, to share ^_^

On me:
Straw hat from Kwai Chung plaza, Giordano tank top, Lace top from Fa Yuen St market, necklace from Tsuen Wan, pants from Maple, Vincci shoes from Kuala Lumpur.

On SC:
Straw hat from Kwai Chung Plaza, H&M shades, Lacoste sleeveless tee, pants from Maple, and Converse

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

His & Hers Multicolor Harem Pants

As always, I try to buy stuff I can share with SC. The multicolor pants, the straw hat & the shades this time ^_^

On me:
H&M Hat, Cotton On shades, Uniqlo tee, pants from Maple, no brand studded sandals from Fa Yuen St Market.

On SC:
H&M hat, Cotton On shades, Cotton On tee, pants from Maple, and a pair of Converse

You like?

H&M Summer Bracelet Haul

Look at these colorful treats from H& could I ever resist them?
They'd spice up my colorful summer dresses, plain tunics, bathing suits, humble ol' t-shirts, and my fugly maternity wear ^_^

Here are some color combos that I like...
4 colors...

3 colors...

2 colors...

...I think I can even do one color ^_^

HK$29/set, I bought 3 sets ^_^

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Bumpy Bump - 22 Weeks

Friends told me to take pictures of my bump every week, some told me to measure every day...but, a lazy bum that I am, I just take pics whenever I feel like it (i.e. when I feel that there's a significant growth on my tummy and I don't have as many pimples ^_^).

The great thing about having a bun in the oven's the only time when it's ok to have a giant "luggage", a huge ass, and wear a bathing suit ^_^

...I surely won't miss this rare chance to flaunt my giant "luggage".

Just in case you were worries, you won't see any nude shots of me here ^_*

PS. SC did a great job photographing me, didn't he?

Bikini top and straw fedora = H&M
Ruffled skirt = Zara TRF

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

iPhone photography - Hipstamatic

I love love LOVE this photo application...
Love the mood, love the feel, love the mystery.
It gives my humble ol' Harrods first kitten a really nice artsy fartsy touch :)

SC told me it's the perfect setup for moody he demonstrated here...
My floral blue and white sheets look so damn good with this effect, don't you think?

So he asked me to put on a sad face...
I was confused, sad face or hungry face? or sad due to hunger?

Then I insisted trying the effect on a happy face...
Really didn't work? Not good?

...and finally we tried the effect on SC's Taekwondo medal from 10 yrs ago.
Love it.

iPhone users, if you're interested:
App name: Hipstamatic
Lens: John S lens
Film: Ina's 1969

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Friendly Reminder for Myself - Blackboard Decor

My eyes and heart are always hungry, thus I overeat all the time.

I love having this blackboard to scribble "friendly" reminders for myself, and for this "season", it's "The eyes are wide but the stomach is narrow".

Both SC and I drew our own interpretation of this phrase and wrote it in English and Chinese. SC said my drawing sucks...fine! But I think his Chinese writing does too :P

My Red Red Red Entrance

Bright red wall which shocked most of my neighbors who had a chance to take a peek...
A brightly colored Balinese Rangda mask on the wall...

Opposite a bright and festive Balinese Barong...

Red filler flowers in a root beer bottle, red beads with a cute red tiger in a plastic Lan Kwai Fong festival plastic bottle...

Red, red, red and more red :)

Show me yours?