Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SC Wearing My Uniqlo Pant Leggings

SC wearing my uniqlo pant leggings
Busy busy busy.
So many projects to manage.

SC wearing my uniqlo pant leggings
Or was he just posting stuff on Facebook?

Anyway, the pant leggings (jeggings?) were comfy, look so much like real jeans, and it seems like they fit him well too. Too bad there's no front pockets.
SC wearing my uniqlo pant leggings
Just another casual Friday.

Uniqlo stripey tee & pant leggings; Chapter7 blazer, Aldo shoes

Monday, February 27, 2012

Broken Vintage Dress No More

Remember the broken vintage dress?

Thanks for all the suggestions! Finally I kinda fixed it!
Finally! Not a very good job, but i did kinda fix the broken vintage dress
Can't wait to wear it! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Swarovski Spring Summer 2012 - Sweet Sixties - Hong Kong

Love bling bling? Love sweet pink girly sparkly sparkles?
Yes? Here are some pictures from Swarovski's Spring Summer 2012 collection, the Sweet Sixties.
Swarovski 2012 S/S
Oh my sweetness!
Tell me which are your favorites :)

Swarovski 2012 S/S
Sweet pinks?

Swarovski 2012 S/S
Soft purples?

Swarovski 2012 S/S
Edgy X Sweet?

Swarovski 2012 S/S
How would you wear these?

Swarovski 2012 S/S
Awwww! Somebody hand me a pair of sunglasses!

Swarovski 2012 S/S

Swarovski 2012 S/S

Swarovski 2012 S/S
Candies, marshmallows, shiny things...oh my!

Swarovski 2012 S/S

Swarovski 2012 S/S
Oh sweet treats!

Swarovski 2012 S/S
I went with my blogging buddy Chic McMuffin, who looked oh so effortlessly chic last nite in her silk top, trench coat, and red lips! I was having an intense bad hair day, and I wore my favorite fluffy furry gorilla-esque sweater with a pair of skinny black pants. I love polaroid pictures! I got these bling bling bangle and the sweet heart shaped lock & key too!

Thanks again for having us, Swarovski!

Wanna see more pictures? Hop over to My Facebook Page

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grandma's Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan

Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan
Pastels are so hawt and I love them!

Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan
I regret I didn't steal this comfy pastel yellow cardi from grandma's place in China.

Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan
You can't see the cardi clearer here, I just wanna show what SC does when I say "pose".

These were some random pictures we took during our holiday in Guang Zhou. We stayed at grandma's place where almost everything's so vintage. It was so dang cold (well only 6C but's pretty cold for us) that we had to borrow layers after layers of grandma's clothes. You won't believe so many things I love from that wardrobe ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Cute Tools Belt Soft Toys from IKEA for My Little Sifu

My little sifu
I can't believe I forgot to blog about this. It's too cute! A soft toy tool belt!
The perfect soft toys for boys!

My little sifu
They're from IKEA, so affordable, they can be chewed or thrown on anything... perfect!

My little sifu
My little sifu is so busy busy busy...

My little sifu
You got somethin' needs fixin'?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help! How to Fix A Broken Vintage Dress

Broken Vintage Dress
Help! Help! Help!
I knew this dress is broken but I love it so much, I bought it anyway...

Broken Vintage Dress
There's a rip on the bodice...

Broken Vintage Dress

Broken Vintage Dress
And the front bows are ripped as well...

Help! Any ideas on how I can fab it up? Is there anyway I can keep the pretty sleeves?

Monday, February 20, 2012

"New" Vintage Dresses - Weekend Shopping

I love being out and about on weekends, maybe having a little bit of a couple day with SC when baby M is napping with grandma etc. A nice lunch, a stroll somewhere (even a stroll in a computer center) would be nice.

Last weekend, baby M was napping peacefully after spending his morning wreaking a havoc in the park...I wanted to go for a nice lunch with SC and maybe go to check out furniture or something. But he'd rather stay in. Pffft, so I just took matters into my own hands, aka...I went shopping! Lalalala~

Here are my "new" vintage finds!
They fit me and so so so comfy, I can't wait to wear them! <3 <3
Yellow Gray Vintage Dress
Comfy cotton, stripes and flattering on me! Yay!

Gray Pink Leaves Vintage Dress
This one needs a belt...I adore the sleeves!

Blue White Floral Vintage Dress
This is my favorite. I know. I love looking like some blue and white dinnerware..I can't help it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Inspired Boyish Outfit, Gifts, etc.

Casual boyish valentine outfit
I wanted to wear something like this for Valentine (Very literal, I know. I might as well cover myself in pink hearts)...boyish plus girly touches, with a mix of checker, stripes and bold reds. But since it's on a weekday, so casual wear is out of question :S

Forever21 Yellow heart earrings, Vintage glasses
I love these lemon yellow Forever21 heart earrings, bought them impulsively at the cashier.

Forever 21 polka dot bow ring
Another impulsive Forever21 buy, polka dotted bow ring. So sweet!

casual boyish valentine outfit
It's a Forever21 madness! The red jacket and the purse are from Forever 21 too! Opps.

forever21 jacket, earrings, ring, purse; uniqlo shirt, tee & pant leggings; bershka boots; vintage frame
I wanted to buy SC some pink boxers (which I could borrow for summer) + pink socks, but thought better and bought this tee.
Zara Tee and Socks

Comfy for summer, and I love the pocket, folded sleeves, and button details.
Zara Tee
I can so borrow these ;)

SC gave me this 3D heart shape jigsaw puzzle.
3D Heart Puzzle - Valentine Gift
He said that love needs efforts from both sides, so I can't just receive a gift. I need to make an effort to "get" the gift. So true, I like thoughtful and meaningful gifts, unlike mine, which were full of ulterior motives ;)

I suck at putting puzzles together...just like the other thing SC said when he gave me this gift "Love is not supposed to be easy. It's hard" (What happened to him yesterday? He suddenly got so philosophical?)
3D Heart Puzzle - Valentine Gift
He helped me putting this together.

3D Heart Puzzle - Valentine Gift
Sweet and lovely! Too bad I can't put this on my iPhone :(

I also took lots of silly pictures and post them on instagram.
If you haven't, follow me @mochachocolatarita to see more silly pics ;)
Can you see our #heart ? #febphotoaday #valentine #hongkong
SC and I tried to make a heart shape.

99 pink roses!
A hugeee bouquet of pink roses!

Valentine wish vs reality? Heheh
Wish vs reality.

The price of love? Heheh how much does that pink roses bouquet cost?
Just to let you know how much does a bouquet like that cost here (around USD548).

I'll post our Valentine dinner on Mochachocolatarita.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Girl Sweater for Baby Boy

Baby M Outfit
SC is not my only victim. I made baby M wear girls clothes too!

Baby M Outfit
If it doesn't have any lace or girly puffy sleeves, why not, right?
They tend to be cheaper and there are more varieties. This gray sweater is the perfect example. Just very slightly flared at the hips. Other than that, it's pretty much unisex ;)
I love the faux suede patches on the arms too. The boys section didn't have anything like that.

Baby M Outfit
Just slapped on a slightly padded jacket and he's ready for the cool weather.
I did notice that he's outgrown this jacket, but it's so cute, I couldn't help but let him wear it a little longer...

baby gap jacket, H&M shirt-sweater-pants, hallmark socks
dimples? from his mama ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Batik Shirt & Vintage Sweater

Batik + Vintage
A batik post for Friday! Yeah! I might be away from Indonesia, but I still like my batik ;)

Batik + Vintage
This time, I made my beautiful dork wear it.

Batik + Vintage
His batik shirt, a gift from my sis, and my vintage sweater.

Batik + Vintage
Sometimes I hate how things look better on him than on me...but I guess I only have myself to blame for not having enough willpower and discipline to get in shape. Hmph.

Batik + Vintage
He found this stretchy denim from Kitterick, and they were on sale for HK$159 only! What a catch!

Happy Friday, y'all!

batik shirt, vintage sweater, unbranded glasses, kitterick jeans & zara shoes