Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photoes, or Lack thereof

Those who frequented my facebook account knows how often I updated my pics. Daily, almost. It perfectly functions as my online picture diary, with my face all over it, where everybody can check out how fun & exciting/dull & boring my life is.

Lately, these people might notice my photo updating activities or more precisely, lack thereof.


All photographs I've taken recently are only about food, food and food.

I hereby place the blame on my alter ego, mochachocolatarita.

Food blogging makes me cook, cooking makes me eat, eating makes me (almost) fat, being (almost) fat makes me look terrible in photographs, looking terrible in photographs makes me feel absolutely reluctant to take more pictures, feeling reluctant to take more pictures makes me have no pictures to post anywhere.

There I've said it.

Plus, this limp straight hair makes me even less photogenic than I already was.

Excuses. excuses. I have only myself to blame, now I gotta do something to correct the situation, or you guys may never find out how fun & exciting or dull & boring my life is. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring 2008

I look super stupid being photographed in front of Legco building. Damnn!! I should've said I am a plus size model

My vintage find from Fa Yuen St Market vintage/2nd hand clothing shop: the green dress with quirky pattern, HK$110. Black tights, black pumps/boots, black scarf, perfect for work!

My favorite shade of yellow. Very spring 2008. My great find from "Lady Story" shop at Yaumatei MTR, HK$126. I should've bought this in every color T_T

I love everything about this dress. The puffy sleeves, the thin, flowy fabric, the big bow, the versatility (it goes with everything I own, pair it with blacks for work, with jeans for play, wear something underneath for spring, wear on its own for summer...endless possibilities)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Metrosexually Hong Kong

HK boys are so metro:

- They spend hours in the morning molding their hair into porcupine-like sculptures
- They carry brandname purses (LV messenger bag, gucci tote bags, come on!)
- They wear dangling earrings
- They wear PINK all the time
- They wear tight fitted shirts with floral patterns
- They own more than 5 different bottles of perfume
- They have hello kitty thingy dangling off their purses
- I am not allowed to touch their hair
- The possibility of wearing a baseball cap scared the heck outta them, as it will ruin the hair
- They roam around Mong Kok's Trendy Zone, browsing hello kitties and my melodies
- They shrieked "hoooo cuteeeee arrrr!" at cutesy things, including hello kitties and my melodies
- I thought they were all gay until I saw them groping their girlfriend

I've posted this as a comment on Nury Vittachi's article "The Questions Men Won't Answer".

Thanking my model for wearing such a metrosexual outfit and willingness to pose against a super pink wall. The post does not describe the model in particular, it is about Hong Kong boys in general.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mochachocolata-Rita is Living La Vida Rita

I've been tagged through my alter-ego Mochachocolata-Rita by Michelle of Greedy Gourmet. I've decided to post the article here as it is more about me me me me than food.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Goshhh....year 1998. I was clueless, figuring out what I would do with my life, ended up deciding to go to Australia to study a short course. I was probably learning English, preparing myself for
IELTS. Looking back, I've gone a loooonggg way from struggling with English writing to blabbering on the Internet now.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was having so much fun at Hong Kong's AIA World Carnival. I managed to scare the cxxp out of my friends by forcing them to play adrenalin pumping games.

5 snacks I enjoy
1. Ruffles' Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips
Super tasty and sore throat provoking . I know, I know....unhealthy
2. Snickers Chocolate Bar
Chocolatey, nutty perfection. I know...unhealthy again
3. Gorengan (Indonesian Deep Fried Street Snacks)
OK I know, unhealthy again...
4. Jajan Pasar (Indonesian street snacks)
5. Curly Fries
Now you start to long more I will live eating all these junks?

This is why I exercise, as stated in 5 Facts about Me, and I try to cook healthier every day. But for snacks, I'd stick to what I love.

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire
1. I'd make sure my loved ones are taken care of
2. Travel, Cook & Eat whatever I want, take pictures and write about everything
3. Invest in a business or run my own, it must be related to something I am passionate about
4. I'd have my dream kitchen in my dream home, which must include a library of books, magazines, comics, films and TV shows
5. Donate more

5 things I would never wear again
1. Uncomfortable clothes (anything which requires holding my breath, sucking my stomach, scratching here and there, or pinching my feet)
2. Unflattering clothes (anything which does not complement me: long tops with narrow hips, clingy fabrics)
3. Tight ankle boots. Makes my legs look (even more) like elephant's legs
4. Neon tights (I think you know why)
5. G-strings, T-backs (these fall under category 1 too)

5 Favourite Kitchen Toys
1. My sous chef (a picture of my sous chef will be posted someday)
2. Microwave (handy for defrosting, reheating, baking cakes)
3. Conventional oven (handy for reheating anything crispy without deep-frying them again. Considering my love for fried food, I should be an expert lol)
4. Non stick pan (what would I do without you, baby? I'd have to add lots & lots of oil)
5. Rice cooker (I can't cook rice the conventional way. Yes, I should not call myself Indonesian, or Chinese for that matter)

Now I tag:
- Eliza of Notes from My Food Diary
- Benny of Grande Ice Caramel Machiato
- Sarah of Life through Food
- Elsye of Dari Dapur Saya
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