Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ridiculously Silly - My Morning Work Ritual

I wonder...
Is it just me? Has anyone else ever been this silly?

Sometimes when I get so swamped at work...(excuse)
Hell, even if I wasn't so busy at work, I do this ridiculously silly thing.

I plug my earphones on...without even playing any music on my computer.
Sometimes, the earphones aren't even connected to the computer!!!

I know that some people might put on earphones to give the illusion of listening to music at work, while what they were really listening were...other's conversations.

I can't say that I haven't done that...but these days, that wasn't my intention.
It's pure stupidity.

After booting up my laptop at work, I'd automatically reach for the earphones, put em on and started my morning ritual:
- Quickly read the headlines of my free morning paper while having my breakfast + coffee
- Open office email
- Open official instant messaging system
- Open non official instant messaging system
- Open gmail
- Open flickr
- Open google reader
- Open BoF related blogs
- Open Windows Media Player/imeem to listen to current favorite songs
...start working and multitask the heck outta the day.

Most of the times, I'd forget to open windows media player/imeem...and kept going...earphones on, without music...and would only realize it around lunch time, when my ears get a bit unfruitfully sore.

Somebody...please tell me that you've experienced this too T_T...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Weekends - How Do I Look Without Dark Liner

A dirt cheap yet super comfy cotton dress I got for just HK$29!
Bright blue with little white stars on it.

Perfect for hot summer weekends, simply throw some bright accessories to sweeten everything up. Yellow is always a great choice for me.

You know how I use dark eyeliner to give me some eyes (where there's none) might wonder how do I look like without dark liner?

Take a look at the above picture. I used a violet sparkly liner, and it looked like I had almost no eyes! Not good. I shall stick to dark colors in the future.

Cotton Dress, necklace = Kwai Chung Plaza
Shoes = IT sale
Belt = you can get these in Mongkok Argyle Center, Ladies Market or Kwai Chung Plaza
Bag = Mongkok Argyle Center

Your Worst Nightmare, My Ultimate Fantasy - Life Is No Fair

*picture borrowed from Shigellavirus Infection*

Whoever did the above picture...GENIUS!

Although many of my friends and probably billions of fans worldwide would disagree or event fainted the moment they saw the above picture...but I kinda like the idea of my current hot idol fooling around with another boy ^_^

Staring admiringly into each other's eyes...
Fingers tracing each other's hands...
Moving strands of hair away from each other's face...
Faces get closer...
Hearts beat faster...
OK. I need more practice before I can write a good boy-to-boy porn, don't you think?

Call me a pervert :p, I like it!

It's my ultimate fantasy, while it's Athena's worst nightmare.

Call me silly, but knowing that there's something to look forward to every Monday and Tuesday 10.30pm at J2 always cheers up my start-of-the-week blues. Sous chef has been informed that the big TV shall be reserved within the specified periods for my hot boys gawking purposes. He can kill zombies with his friends the rest of the week.

Every happiness deserves to be shared, right? It is no fun screaming alone every time my hot idol appears on my large, high definition TV screen.

As my fellow hot guys worshippers aren't around every Monday and Tuesday, sous chef shall take their place and act as my girl friend.
I never expected him to admire the hot guys, I even felt happy when he gawk at the hot girls. Does he complain about having to watch the drama series with me?

You bet your ass he does.

What do I say every time I receive a complaint?
Don't I deserve two hours of your life?

He didn't say anything to that.

But today....
He asked "Since you've asked me to watch the goddamn drama series with you, can I ask you to play video games with me?"

I was flabbergasted, but still, I said no :p

Love or not, I ain't fighting no zombies.
Life is unfair, eh?

Read Joe's creative answer when Athena asked him to watch the drama series with her.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Floaty Grey & Favorite Necklace

Lately, there's something about grey that I love, especially this super pale and soft dove grey in delicate chiffon. Cool enough for summer, doesn't require a cardigan, perfect for work or play.

...and it looks good with my current favorite necklace...

I love it so much, I almost wear this with anything!

Top = from Lady Story, Yaumatei MTR station
Skirt = H&M
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Necklace = Kwai Chung Plaza
Watch = Tag Heuer

Left for Dead - Zombie Xbox Party at My Place

Previously, in all of my parties, the girls always ended up gawking at hot boys, and the boys had no choice but to join and felt miserable all night, which explains their expression in the above we dominated the big TV, oohing and aaahing, encouraging our idols to take off their clothes (which unfortunately, never happened).

Don't judge them by their clothes, they may wear hot pink shirts and look so chic, but boys are boys. They don't enjoy gawking at other boys or seeing their girls acting all ridiculous, drooling over TV screens.

Last week...

...finally the boys had a chance to dominate the big TV! We tried to entice them with some food, which worked for a bit...but they went back to the game straight after food. Sous chef was dismissed from his regular dishwashing duties, as he was needed in the boys' war against zombies *rolling my eyes haha*.

I thought having a dream full of zombies = nightmare.
But for the boys, that's the sweetest dream!
*rolling my eyes again*

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fashion Sightings - Matching Handbag & Shopping Bag

I am fascinated by another TV program, Kawaii TV. The show (currently shown on TVB's J2 channel) is dedicated to everything that's hip and hot in Japanese fashion and lifestyle. All the cutenesses, the pink, the lace, the bling bling, the kawaii look, the hip hop goddess look, the princess look, the lolita look, the punk look, the school girl name it, they've probably done an episode on it.

The show totally blew me away.
Why? How?

It is amazing to see all kinds of efforts went into everything cute, adorable and beautiful, down to every single tiny detail. Have you ever seen a crystal studded golf club? Golfers dressed head to toe in adorable shades of pastel colors? Girls who are unemployed, yet carrying expensive branded bags?

The dedication on everything beautiful was so serious, that the Japanese government felt the need to assign a bunch of officials to study this lifestyle, and appointed official ambassadors of princess lifestyle, lolita lifestyle and school girl lifestyle. Oh my gawd!

What's even more amazing was, seeing how the Kawaii fever has invaded not only Japan and Asia, it's pretty much a global phenomenon! There are girls in the UK walking around dressed in Lolita outfits, girls from the US who went to study fashion in Japan, fully dressed in Kawaii gear, Caucasian girls who desperately wanted to look Japanese...


In one of the episodes, I learnt about how the always cute and adorable Japanese girls match their handbags and their carrier/shopping bags. I never thought of that and generally went ahead and grab the most practical shopping bags.

Today, I've seen one in action. The lady in the picture was dressed in a conservative black and white office wear, which was lovely...and she was carrying an adorable robin's egg blue handbag, with a matching shopping bag! Looks kinda cute. Loving it!

I should try matching my handbags with my shopping bags too.

I'm expecting a big hole in my pocket soon ^_^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fashion Transformation at Work

Commuting to and from work (as well as big lunch and big dinner)...flat sandals, belt free!

At work...heels + belt.

Dress = Lady Story
Belt = Argyle Center, Mongkok
Heels and Sandals = Union
Bag = H&M

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blinding Ourselves Watching Solar Eclipse July 2009

When we heard that we'd be able to see partial solar eclipse from Hong Kong, we were cool.
None of us prepared and purchased the special "glasses" to view the eclipse.

But, when we heard that the next one will only happen after 300 years?
We all went nuts!

These bizzarre things happened at work this morning, around 9.30am.

We were trying to see the eclipse.
We heard that we should not look at the sun directly, it will blind us.
A colleague cleverly brought a video recorder, thinking that we could view the eclipse through it. Na ah, we were wrong. All we could see was the summer sun, as bright as always.

Another brave colleague tried to take pictures of the eclipse using his DSLR, even bravely risking blindness viewing the sun through the viewfinder...aiyaaa!
Finally he utilized the live view function of the DSLR, and yet...we couldn't see or capture the eclipse....

When I was young, there was moment where we could see a total solar eclipse in Indonesia, and we were told to see it from the reflection on a bucket of water. Luckily, before I tried to gather some water in my coffee cup to view the eclipse, another colleague saved the day.

It works! We could see it! We could see it! and we aren't blind!

What the heck was that? What were they using to view the eclipse?

Chips/snack wrapper.
It's simple, easy to get, and effective.
But above smells delicious. ^_^

Ever so creative, M tried to record the eclipse using the foil as a filter for his DVD recorder.

It was a good fun. See you again in 300 yrs! ^_^

More info on the solar eclipse here and find out a better way to view it here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Favorite Combos

I bet you have several favorite go-to combos. Something flattering, something that makes you instantly confident, something you'd wear if you need to look your best. Here's one mine, the polka dot top and black cardi combo.

What so special? Today I'll need to meet a client at work, and after work, there's a dinner with SC's relatives. Pressure pressure pressure.

This combo makes me look (a little) slimmer, professional (when paired with work skirt and heels), and the ribbon at the neck with the puffy sleeves of the cardigan still give out "young and sweet" vibe.

Top = From Galeri Keris, Jakarta
Cardi = Fa Yuen St Market, Prince Edward
Skirt = G2000
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Needs Cheering Up - New Dress

I used to feel super stressed every Sunday after 5 PM....dreading having to go to work the next day. Now it isn't that bad, I will only start feeling miserable after Beautiful Cooking ends (at 10.30 pm), but still, misery is misery, it ain't good for my soul.

I went crazy last Friday, I've bought 4 dresses from one my favorite shops, Lady Story, and I've decided to cheer myself up today by wearing one of my new cheap frocks (at 1xx per piece, I think it's ok to go a little crazy?). Please excuse the blurry shot of the dress' lace and ribbon details. Taking pictures in the morning hurrying to go to work isn't exactly our forte ^_^

The dress is super roomy, just the way I love it, made of chiffon with stretchy cotton lining, and it looks good with my black rose belt.

I feel all better now.

Find (some of) Lady Story outlets at Yaumatei MTR Station, Tung Chung MTR Station or Kwai Fong Metroplaza.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Surviving Sub Zero Office AC in Style

Is it really THAT cold? Yes!
The only item missing from my outfit to make it look as of this isn't summer is a pair of tights.

How do my workmate survive this localized winter?
- Wool cardigans
- Suit jackets
- Extra thick pashminas/scarves

How about me? Normally I wrap my woolen cardigan around my neck...or put on this vintage top and wear it as a jacket.

Love the "hairy" texture of the fabric, the ruffle details on the front, the gold buttons, the puffy sleeves, and how it is roomy enough to wear over any top.

Shirt = white cotton shirt from G2000
Jacket = vintage top, thrifted
Skirt = "snakeskin" cotton pencil skirt from H&M
Shoes = black pumps from Scholl

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Navy - Out to Lunch

I usually take my narcissistic pictures after work, when I got home.
I wouldn't be able to do that yesterday, as I'd change into one of my embarrassing workout outfit once the clock strikes 6:00 PM (a new deadline for cinderella).

So I did the photo taking during lunch time. A few shots in the elevator (luckily nobody else was there or they'd think I was nuts) and a few shots by Legco building, Central.

Top = Striped navy and cream cardigan with navy inspired buttons (too bad not visible here, will try to take detailed pics next time), from Kwai Chung Plaza
Dress = Cotton navy dress from Kuta, Bali
Necklace = from Kwai Chung Plaza
Wrist watch = Tag Heuer
Bag = H&M
Dangly bits for the bag = Primark, London
Shoes = Union, Mongkok
PS. Walking around central in heels = such a pain! I should've carried my commute-friendly flats

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yellow and Purple, Again

Yesterday, I remembered that I would have to brave the 3x Celcius heat to queue for a sushi lunch. So I put on my comfiest, heat-friendly cotton top, which happen to be yellow and paired it with a roomy, comfy skirt.

Top = from Tsim Sha Tsui
Skirt = H&M
Belt = Orange, Jakarta, but this is also available in Mongkok/Kwai Fong/Bangkok
Earrings = Forever 21
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stripes on Stripes - Boys in Pastel Colors? Yes or No?

I love boys wearing girly colors. It doesn't make me any less of a man, in my opinion.
It's summer, for freak's sake! Bring on the pinks and the yellows!

Here's a sample of pastel stripes underneath white and light grey tiny stripes.
Loving it!
Shirt = Hang Ten Sale, HK$39
Light trench = Stage of playlord, HK$699 (wow, kinda pricey eh?)

So, boys in pastel colors, yes or no?

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Love Filler Flowers

Why do I love filler flowers?
They're cheaper than the normal "main star" flowers, and can still be as beautiful.

How I use them?
Simply arranged in a glass vase, tall enough for my dining room.
In pretty shades of whites and purples.

A couple of tall stalks in a used water bottle...

Shorter stalks from the bottom, arranged in a drinking glass....

A cheap batch of mixed filler flowers made my rooms livelier, ready for a Athena's birthday partee!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Not A Plastic Bag?

Being charged 50cents or HK$1 per plastic bag is no fun.
There are so many cute "reusable shopping bags" being produced and sold in the market...but why should I buy one if I could always get cute ones for free?

I love this cute black white red shopping bag from Ice Fire. One of my favorite color combos ever, not too big, not too small, comfy to carry around...perfect!

I used it to carry a huge and heavy recipe book from work and now it is nicely tucked inside my handbag...just in case I need to buy my head of cabbage, I won't have to pay 50 cents extra ^_^

Top = from Lady Story, Yaumatei MTR or Kwai Fong Metroplaza
Skirt = G2000
Sandals = Kwai Chung Plaza
Shopping bag = Ice Fire, free with purchases, summer sale 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exercise Outfit - Embarrassing?

What do Hong Kongers wear to group exercise classes, generally?
Mostly brand named outfits...adidas, nike, younameit, theywearit.

What do I wear to group exercise classes?
Same outfits I'd wear to sleep.
- comfy, roomy, old cotton tee
- comfy, roomy, old cotton pants
- generally in bold colors & embarrassing patterns (people openly laugh at my "I LOVE ME" pants a lot)
- cheapest nike kicks possible (I started loving nike after joining Nike Rockstar Workout)

Most people change before and after exercise, I don't.
I wear whatever embarrassing, hideous outfit I wore in public and go home to shower.
How could I?
Well, I hate lugging around clothes to change and toiletries. Sorry for those who had to see and sniff me after work out...too bad! :p

Anyway, did you notice that no make up beats after workout glow?

Top = Pumpkin tee from Bossini, HK
Bottom = I LOVE ME cotton lounge pants from Nevada, Jakarta
Shoes = Nike
Gym bag = Nike
Work bag = H&M

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home Decor Ideas - Framed Favorite Sayings/Quotes

I had an idea of framing my and SC's favorite sayings/phrases/quotes...ideally from Chinese and Indonesian background.

I asked SC to select his favorite phrases from a Chinese book, and he selected "Genuine gold fears no fire", which perfectly reflects one of his admirable traits. He is the kind of person who doesn't fear anything or anyone, when he fights for what he believes in. As for me, I have to learn to be more fearless. I wrote it with a gold pen, with a simple border that looks somewhat like fire on a plain black A4 paper and framed it.

I tried to search for some popular Indonesian sayings to post. Maybe it was me, but I was kind of surprised to see that relatively, there aren't as many positive ones as I expected. It was rather challenging to find a favorite.

Worst one:
Hidup segan, mati tak mau = very badddd

I was considering:
- Hemat pangkal kaya = being thrifty makes you rich
- Sekali tepuk, dua lalat = one hit, two mosquitoes
but they aren't quite right...

Finally, I temporarily settled with...
Pucuk dicinta, ulam tiba = wanting something (good), but getting more than expected. Sweet, eh?

Simply printed and glued on A4 paper, framed with cheap IKEA wood frames, rested on a shelf right above my TV.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blue Black - Bad Hair Day

It's been a while since I put on anything black, despite how slimming, flexible and sophisticated it is. I just feel like black is not my color, it washes me out and made me look pale and unhealthy. I tried to add some colors (reds and yellows - earrings and sandals), but I still think black doesn't look quite right for me.

What do you think?

This is my other quick answer to bad hair days. Low side ponytail. It's not as heavy on my head as my shoulder helped bearing the weight, and it still frames my chubby face, at least on one side.

Tank = Giordano, circa 2001
Other than that, everything's remixed

Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Stock

It's time to bring out my old dress...
This is not a color I normally have in my wardrobe, but I always have a weakness for polka dots and embroidery.

Paired the dress with silvers, wore the ensemble to fall asleep watch Transformer 2 last weekend with some friends. Despite my 5 minutes nap, there were some good moments in the movie, especially Megan Fox's lips ^_^

Everything's remixed

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bedroom Update

Nonono, not that "bedroom" update. It's been a while since I've post about my home makeover. Truthfully, it got dragged due to other business and I lost passion. Luckily, somehow I managed to get some of the passion back to work on the flat. So, here's a progress....something to post on my bedroom wall...what are they? What do they say?....

Good Night. Sleep tight. Sweet Dreams.

Simply printed on A4 paper (ehm, I did it at work. Opps), layered on colored A4 paper, placed in cheap photo frames I bought from Jusco $10 plaza.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Purple and Orange

It was one of those days when many people coincidentally wear the same colored clothing at the same time...

There must be something about purple last Tuesday, there were so many people wearing some kind of purple outfit at work, it almost looked as if purple was our corporate color. I was one of them too!

I love how great purple goes with orange shades, added brown accessories and grey cardi as the unexpected neutral. Grey is kinda my new black.

Dress = H&M Sale HK$70
Belt = H&M
Cardigan = Fa Yuen St Market
Shoes = Nose, Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur
Necklace = Argyle Center