Thursday, April 30, 2009

Batik Chic

I am so glad I got all these red bits and pieces. Throw em onto anything and they'd instantly brighten up any outfits.

This time I paired them with my favorite batik dress.

Now if only I could find a nice & reasonably priced red shoes....

Dress = batik dress from Mall Ambassador, Jakarta
Bag = H&M
Necklace and belt = Argyle Center, Mongkok
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Glimpse of Beige

All glimpse of these beige walls...they are gonna get painted tomorrow. Wish me luck! ^_^


I got sick of my normal 1 color + neutrals, plaid, floral, ethnic, plain solid you go!

Wore this for work, the weather was kinda cool...20-23C
Top = thrifted vintage
Dress = plaid dress from Fa Yuen St market
Belt = where else? H&M! Haha
Shoes = Vincci, KL, Malaysia
Bag = Suan Lum night market, Bangkok

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work Vintage Combo

Here's one of my favorite thrifted vintage has a nice tweed-like pattern, buttons at the back, and the cut fits me perfectly.

Pair it with my super overused black lace full skirt from H&M, and added light brown accessories to brighten the whole thing up.

Here's a closer look at the pattern, and the vintage inspired necklace-pendant combo from H&M.

Top = thrifted
Skirt = H&M
Necklace = H&M
Bag = H&M
Belt = H&M (wow!)
Shoes = Union
Watch = Patrick Cox

Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I Love My Boss Sometimes

In a meeting with a potential supplier.
Supplier showing how high his company ranks in Hong Kong, along with an array of impressive clients.
My boss' response to that: "Hope that doesn't make you expensive"
Our clever supplier replied: "That makes us good"

I am so stealing those lines.

Quick and Easy Solution - Hanging Dry Laundry Indoor

Remember my problem of not having a space to hang dry laundry indoors?
Why do I even want that? Isn't there an outdoor hanger right in front of my kitchen window?
Ehm. I hate such hangers...
1. I think they're dirty
2. There's no way I will clean them
3. My laundry could be gone with the wind
4. Or worse, hit someone on the head and cause legal problems
5. What if it rains?
6. Vertigo? It's a high floor flat

So, I want an indoor hanger. I've consulted a renovation uncle, and there are so many problems which prevent him to come up with a solution (couldn't find metal bar, no walls to install metal bar, the ceiling is covered, can't install metal bar, etc etc etc). Finally found this quick and easy solution. I haven't tested if this detachable hanger is strong enough. Wish me luck!

It's from Price Rite, HK$105/set. The frame is made of plastic, which are just supposed to slip in between window frames, no drilling necessary, removable, extendable, foldable to save space when not being used, and good enough for 1 batch of laundry (mine is around 5 kg/batch). Sounds good to me...hope it works ^_^

A Girl Always Needs Bathroom Storage. Loads of it

Remember my bathroom with no storage whatsoever? Say goodbye!

Hello...installation mess!

Off the shelf sink + attached cabinet.

Handsome and practical.! Tissue rolls, cleaning agents...home sweet home! More fixtures and storage units coming. All steel and sleek.

A Mess to Gorgeousness? Home Makeover

Oh gosh, what a mess. But I noticed some nice things...the mold framing my ceiling. It sweetens everything up!

This jiggly gel protects my walls.

Tubs of paint and varnish....which colors did I choose? You'll see 'em later.

But I kinda like it like white with speckles of raw cement grey...very "Initial" (a clothing shop in Hong Kong. Their shop decor is all broken, old, scraped off whites)

Will uncle be pissed if I told him that I want the walls this way? I bet he will be...and although this looks unusually looks kinda dirty, don't you think?


Stripped. Oh, I can't watch this.

I Don't Want A Beige Life - Home Makeover

I know life isn't just black and white....but does it have to be all beige? For once, I wanna live a colorful life.

I was talking about my flat. I chose this flat because of the space. I may look tiny, but for Hong Kong standard, it's pretty huge. The above picture shows the hallway where I can keep my oh-so-many-pairs-but-hardly-ever-worn shoes, and that's the estate agent who waited patiently as I measured the flat.

Right by the entrance is a spacious (again, by HK standard) kitchen, with a spectacular sea view. Gosh, I've never had a kitchen with a view. Hope it's gonna inspire me to cook even more. There are problems with this kitchen though. No space indoor to hang dry clothes, no exchaust fan to suck up all the grease above the stove (and impossible to install), and the biggest of all, NO HOT WATER pipe in the sink. Arrrgghghhhhh. I just found out about this when testing the gas activation. Dammit, gotta think of something.

The hallway leads to a living and dining, again, the view is great! You can't see it here, I'll post other pictures later. There will be a sofa bed here for guests.

The dining space can fit a rectangular 4 seater table. Yay! Finally I don't have to use a folding table anymore...and I don't have to remove my laptop/photography lighting every time I need to have dinner, I can have a separate desk! Woohoo!

The bathroom is a standard fare...all new and clean...with a hideous mirror! Yyyyikes! By the way, this is the only room that doesn't have a sea view (sorry for bragging about this all the time, guys. I just never had any view apart from a parking lot/an industrial building before!)

The biggest problem storage whatsoever...where do I keep things? Something has to be done.

Opposite the bathroom there's a smaller bedroom. Normally, if it isn't used as a bedroom, it gets turned into a study. Since I plan to put my computer desk in the living/dining area, this will be a room for my mess. There will be a giant wall to wall, floor to ceiling wardrobe here, and a desk for me to take pictures, and the remaining space is for me to throw my dirty laundry all over.

The bedroom. It fits a queen size bed. Yay! I love huge beds...and I am thinking of owning something old...maybe an antique bedside table?

Now, you noticed that everything's nicely done (if not for the hideous veneered MDF frames and the lightings) in BEIGE. I want some colors, but my ever so thrifty character told me not to waste all these beige, beige, BEIGE wallpapers. However, when else do I get to live in a home which I'd love? Now that I still have the chance and enough fund, let me tear this place down and turn it into something I can call home.

What will I change? Stay tuned!

Smart Casual Friday - Dark Jeans & Off Whites

Easy smart casual Friday mix. I love contrasting off whites with flattering dark jeans, plus dashes of gold here and there.

Take off the little cardie if you have to partee the Friday night away, add a scarf if you feel too chilly.

Top = Lacy off white with gold dots empire waisted tank from JDC
Cardigan = cotton off white, from Fa Yuen St market HK$39
Necklace = H&M
Pants = dark boot cut Marks & Spencer, HK$250
Shoes = Argyle Centre

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pale Robin Egg Satin Cheap Dress

Another easy combo for work, although I am sure you are sick sick sick of my black cardigan, scarf and purse. Hehe. Suck it up.
Dress = pale robin egg satin dress with lace, HK$59 from Argyle Centre
Cardigan = fa yuen st market, HK$39
Shoes = Union, HK$200
Bag = H&M, HK$49
Scarf = Ladies market, HK$39
Super small eyes = thanks to mum and dad ^_^

Homeless' Creative Madness

This shop just drives me crazy! Ridiculous! Ridiculous! How could these people think of these ideas, it's just beyond me. I especially love this paper cup lookalike dust bin (I am not sure if the same paper cups are used in other countries, but those from/have been to Hong Kong might recognize this). I don't use dust bin, but if I did, I must definitely purchase this. This will also make a nice lamp shade, no?

Brilliant concept. Saving money for emergency....chocolate bars?

Freak your visitors out with IV lookalike shampoo/soap holder, wow em with invisible towel holder and listen to music out of giant earphone shaped speakers.

It was amazing how I stopped myself from buying EVERYTHING, including the super cute designer-esque shop keeper.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mismatched Shoespidity

You know how committed I am to commuting. So, I kept a couple pairs of shoes at work, while I wear comfy sandals. This shoespidity happens to me ALL THE TIME.

On hectic days at work, I try not to go to bathroom too often, and many times when I really really really have to go, I'd quickly slip my feet into a pair of shoes, and dash to the bathroom, feeling slightly weird, but I couldn't point my finger on what....until I got to the bathroom, looked down and found that I was wearing mismatched shoes. No wonder I walked weird. Thank God for cubicles and people trying to look busy by staring intently into their computer monitors. My shoespidity always went unnoticed (although I normally go to visit my friends to show it off. Boy, I AM shameless).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Navy Red and White Weekend

So in love with navy blue these days...and navy, red and white? I always love this combo. This comfy cotton summer dress is another great steal from Bali (only Rp.35.000 ~ around USD3). I love the plain-ness of makes it really flexible to style. I regret not buying more (as always).

Summer is coming but it isn't that hot yet, so I can still wear a little cardie. The dress is a bit loose, so I belted it to define my waist. Comfy footwear is essential to survive a day of furniture shopping. I also love gold accents here and there. I tried putting on a necklace, but it was too much, so I didn't go for it.

How to survive a bad hair day? I twirled my between washing hair into a simple bun and slapped a frangipani clip (again from Bali). This made the whole ensemble perfect for weekend.

Dress = cotton navy summer dress, from Kuta, Bali, Rp.35.000
Cardie = Fa Yuen St market, HK$39
Belt = Argyle Center, HK$69
Bag = IT outlet, Tung Chung (I think it was HK$200?)
Sandals = Uniqlo
Hair clip = Sanur, Bali (so cheap, I can't remember how much, it comes in pairs, perfect to share with a girl friend)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Committed to Commute

I know we all look good in heels, and I look especially crappy in flats. But I have no choice, my feet can't stand high heeled shoes and I don't practice a "beauty is pain" way of life. Plus, Hong Kong pavement bricked pedestrian walkways aren't made for high heeled shoes. So the above picture shows how I commute to work every day, namely in a pair of super comfy footwear. This particular pair are "Croc" inspired chunky white plastic sandals from Uni Qlo (I forgot how much, I think HK$69), available in a few pastel colors and black.

In the office, I'd put on my pretty heels and shashay my way to success. Hehe.

Shirt = vintage thrifted polka dot shirt (remixed)
Cardigan = blue cotton cardie from Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39
Skirt = H&M cotton floral full skirt, HK$199
Belt = H&M, HK$69
Shoes = Argyle center, HK$79
Bag = H&M, HK$199

Friday, April 17, 2009

Zebra from Bali

Today is smart casual day, and I am wearing my favorite purchase from Bali. A zebra print tube top /dress. It's made of thin cotton, super comfy, and the elastic part of the top sits on and fits my chest perfectly (I hate too small ones). Today I am wearing it with my jeans cos I'll have to be a performing monkey in an office party later, wearing our company's tee. Uh oh! A small cotton cardie is essential to combat the frigid cold air of the office, and the long minimalist gold necklace completed the outfit.

Everything else's remixed, except for the zebra print cotton tube top/dress, from Bali, Rp.35.000,- (it could've been cheaper, but we couldn't stand haggling in the heat and quickly gave up. I just HAD to have it, thanks to my sis who let me keep this hehe)

Favorite Bali Holiday Outfits

Here's one of them...white cotton tunic, cinched at the waist, with pretty embroidery. Too bad the material was so thin, the left sleeve was ripped when I was bending over backwards taking pictures. Sob sob...good thing it wasn't expensive. I got it from Sukowati Market for Rp.40.000,-

I paired it with denim shorts from H&M, and threw a couple of gold vintage inspired necklaces I borrowed from my sis. But I reckon, the frangipani on my hair and the exotic Balinese dancer were the things that made the outfit. ^_^

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cellotaped Vehicles - Should I worry?

Cellotape seems to be the popular vehicle fixing choice in Indonesia. Look at that bitchin' van I captured in Bali....and...

Noticing the side walls of the aircraft being stuck together by 3M tape....should I start to worry?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flight Friendly Outfit

What did I wear flying from Hong Kong to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bali?
Something that can survive the flight without severely wrinkled, the heat of tropical island, and the cold of thousand of miles above the sea level ...and still cute.
- My chiffon plaid ruffled top - wrinkle free, brightly colored, super cute
- My comfy jeans - no minis or shorts on a flight for me, I find aircraft seat fabric upholstery super itchy
- Comfy sandals - so that I can kick them off easily in flight, I always bring a pair of socks for long flights to keep my toes from freezing
- A short cotton hoodie to wear during flight, yest it gets really cold up there
- A chic batik fan to survive Indonesia's heat
- Minimum or no make up, I wanna be able to rub my eyes when I woke up from my flight nap
- and keep hair off the back of my neck. I don't mind looking rather silly in pig tails, hope I could still pull them off
Everything I wore were remixed, except for the batik fan, Rp.15.000 from Batik Keris, Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta.

See you on the other side!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Holiday Outfits - Red Jersey Tube Dress

Wrinkle free jersey tube dress with the prettiest pattern ever (from Sunway Pyramid Mall, Kuala Lumpur)! I love the little stripe running down the chest with cute little buttons on it.

Let's see what other things I could slap on to perfect this outfit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Girly Lace & Macho Waistcoat

Mixing things up is really my thing. This time I am mixing girly lacey satiny vintage top with a masculine and sleek pinstriped waist coat.

I love the lace details of the collar, the chest and the top of the sleeves. Added some pearls and beads to add textures.

- Lacy satin white top, thrifted
Everything else are remixed :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grey, Lace & Red - The Perfect Jeans for Me

I've done this top with creamy shades and skinny jeans before, now I mix it with
reds. Which combo you like better?

...and bootleg cut jeans instead of skinny ;)
This is the new pair I bought from Marks and Spencer (HK$250 - sale!), it sits just below my belly button, no more fat pinching low riders! It fits my giant butt, the slightly flared bottom flatters my shape and the super dark, solid blue slims people down. Perfect!

Everything else are remixed

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blue and White (Again?)

Yes, I am still obsessed with blue and whites, that's why I bought this H&M vintage inspired, blue and white full cotton skirt.

It matches my blue vintage top perfectly, and I slapped on my favorite dash of bright yellow to avoid looking too granny-ish. :)

Everything's remixed, except for the new H&M skirt, HK$199