Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Marcus Loves TV

Look at my naughty boy...
Baby Marcus Wants to Watch TV
What was he trying to do?

??? Grandma tried to make him sit on her lap and play with her while grandpa was watching TV...
Baby Marcus Wants to Watch TV
...but due to babies natural abilities to bend their bodies backward...

He still managed to watch TV.
Baby Marcus Wants to Watch TV

PS. He scratched his own nose when he had a bout of stuffy nose and his nails were too long...

Big Dots, Small Dots

31 Mar 2011
Smaller polka dots on bigger polka dots, with a touch of red. I love all of my little cardigans. They help making all of my thrifted vintage tops look fitted and flatters my body shape. I'm going to get more colors soon.

Thrifted shirt, unbranded dress from This Fashion (Singapore), unbranded cardi from Fa Yuen St Market, Bossini socks, M&S shoes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Leopard Print Crocs

Look what I got!
Leopard Print Crocs

Uh huh, uh huh! Something leopard print I always wanted!
Leopard Print Crocs

...and they're really comfy! Love the shade of browns and the ever so slightly sheen of golden tinge.
Leopard Print Crocs
Can't wait to wear these babies out.

Seems like...
Leopard Print Crocs Marcus couldn't wait too.
Leopard Print Crocs
HK$498 from Crocs.
The pain of new arrivals T_T

Stripes & Birds

20 March 2011
I really need help with scarves. I don't know how to wear them gracefully, I am definitely not one of those people who can just casually drape a huge scarf on and look effortlessly chic. Miss Chubby Chic, who always looks fabulous in her 1001 scarves taught me a few tricks when she was in town, all of which were instantly forgotten. Oppps.

20 March 2011
But I had to put on a scarf today, I need my neck to stay warm. Pardon my less than perfect draping please. The oversized sweater was purchased when I still had a bun in the oven. Today, it was pulled put from the depth of my wardrobe, almost forgotten. So glad I've found it. It's so roomy and comfy!

20 March 2011
A touch of belt to let people know that I am not expecting another baby...yet.

H&M sweater and scarf, Uniqlo tights, Oxbridge Town ankle boots, unbranded belt from Maple

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Navy & Reds

29 March 2011
Very matchy matchy today. I put on mostly navy and reds in various patterns and textures.

29 March 2011
Thrifted shirt and jacket, Zara dress, Uniqlo belt, unbranded tights, Marks & Spencer's shoes

Baby Marcus' New Hong Kong Designed Feeder

Papa loves gadgets.
Tell me something I don't know.
Baby Marcus' New Feeder
Including baby related gadgets.
What the heck is that?
It's an easy feeder to let Marcus learn how to munch and hold on to his own food. Simply put food chunks, such as strawberries, apples, etc into the feeder and let him chew, suck out all the juices and bits of food that can go through the holes.

Did Marcus like it?
Baby Marcus' New Feeder

He sure did.
Baby Marcus' New Feeder
He creeps and rolls around chasing the feeder.

Well, who doesn't like to chew on something that squirts out sweet juices?
Baby Marcus' New Feeder
Mama might wanna try it too.

Is it possible to do a "chok" face with this feeder?
Baby Marcus' New Feeder
Sure is.

PS. This feeder is Hong Kong designed, we bought it from CitiStore for HK$128. Support Hong Kong design :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

3D Nail Stickers - Pretty & Easy!

Nail Stickers
El-cheapo, easy to put on & super cool 3D nail decor stickers. Excellent for last minute nail embellishment. Just stick them on colored nails with the help of a humble ol' tweezer and finish with top coat. Ideal for girls' night out/outings, because SC told me that most boys hate embellished nails. Oppps. Really?

Nail Stickers
They don't last so long, but it's fun to have something dainty and pretty for a couple of days. I take them off immediately after a day, since I have to prepare baby Marcus' food and I don't want him chewing on pieces of jewels with his congee ^_^'

If you like this and you're based in Hong Kong, these stickers can be purchased easily from Sasa etc. This one cost HK$25 per set.
My nail color and top coat are from Revlon.


28 March 2011
Wearing mostly neutrals today. A change from my normally super colorful, patternful self.
I am suffering from 80s fringe today. Oppps, I quickly fixed it when I reached work.

My helper complained that I have so many jewelries but never wear them. Thanks to her "reminder", I managed to accessorize today ;)
28 March 2011

My unbranded necklaces, both has a tiny little bunny.
28 March 2011
Zara top, H&M belt, unbranded everything else

Friday, March 25, 2011

Casual Friday

Unbranded everything except Uniqlo shirt and Monki bag

Chubby Chic - H&M Leopards

Miss Chubby Chic is back!
Chubby Chic - H&M Leopard Tee

Chubby Chic - H&M Leopard Tee

Chubby Chic - H&M Leopard Tee
Love the H&M leopard tee, I'm gonna snatch one in my size as well. Love the flattering stripey skirt, leopard tights, fierce boots, the touch of orange, but most importantly, the cool specs! I need to get her to buy me a pair...or more ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Berry Earthy

24 March 2011
A combo of berries and earthy tones today. Wearing this to work and a girl friend's bday dinner after. Zero hair product, but curls are still well defined. Loving the work of my stylist!
Thrifted top, Cotton On skirt, Monki bag, unbranded tights, Wanko shoes, H&M belt (not visible)

M-A-C Cosmetics Spring 2011: Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman
Love M-A-C Cosmetics brilliant Wonder Woman idea!
How cool! How fierce!

And super duper cute packaging...
MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman

Cute! Cute! Cute!
MAC Wonder Woman

There was also a demo on how to transform ourselves to Wonder women...
MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman

Very nice...
MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman

Sharp! Gorgeous!
MAC Wonder Woman
But I'm not sure if I can pull it off...
You like?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purple & Mustard

23 March 2011
I'm not a big fan of purple, but these days I find more and more shades of purple/berry that flatters my skin color, including this recently thrifted dress. Love how it fits, love the bow detail on the neck, love the gold buttons and love the pretty roses pattern.

23 March 2011
And it looks good with my mustard jacket.

Thrifted dress, uniqlo belt, fcuk jacket, uniqlo tights, unbranded shoes, monki bag

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Marcus Doesn't Like His Bottle

My super naughty 6 months old boy doesn't like his bottle.
He'd be crying and screaming bloody murder because he's hungry, but once we'd taken a few suckling out of his milk bottle (normally not even 1 oz), he'd be crying, kicking his legs in the air, throwing his head back, arms flailing everywhere, screaming bloody murder, refusing to drink his milk.
Some less than 6 months old babies, even some newborns with super healthy appetite can drink more than 5 oz (150ml) of milk already. But baby Marcus, unlike his parents (who has giant appetite), struggles to finish 5 oz. He drinks less and less. These days, it's a huge struggle to get him to drink even a mere 2 oz T_T
Mama and papa were at their wit's end.
Papa suggested that he might hate his new formula (which is 6 months up formula, baby Marcus is not a newborn anymore ^_^), I decided to test spoon feeding him his milk to see if the milk was the problem.

Clearly, it was not.
He happily "ate" his milk, my silly son...
He's started eating some solids, like congee + carrot + chicken or congee + hairy melon + cat fish which is then pureed to oblivion.
He might be bored of his milk and bottle. I could always add his formula and mix it into his congee, but he needs to liquid, especially right after his 6 months vaccination.
What else can I do, mommies?

PS. That's my Zara floral pants in the video. I learnt this "feeding pose" from SC's mom. My legs are on stand by in case baby Marcus plans to grab the bowl and pour congee all over the place.

Geometric Coral Thrifted Dress

22 March 2011
Another recent thrift find.
Love the color, the pattern and the cute little vintage buttons. Too bad I forgot to take detail shots. Opps.

22 March 2011
The dress is easy to deal with for weekdays, just slap on a suit jacket, belt and tights, and I'm done.

thrifted dress, G2000 suit jacket, H&M jacket, unbranded tights, wanko shoes, monki bag

Monday, March 21, 2011

Comfy Sunday #365FASHION SHUFFLE

20 March 2011
Love this top and I am sure that I'll wear it a lot this coming summer ^_^
Love the comfy fit, love how cotton it is, love the navy and white uneven dots pattern, and I think the cut is flattering on me.
Wore this outfit taking Marcus out from one mall to another, it was a sticky cold Sunday, no fun!
Don't get bored of this so soon :D
Unbranded top, striped Muji turtle neck tee, Zara floral pants, Pansy shoes, Monki bag

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Grayscale Friday

I hardly wear anything grayscale. I didn't realize it but I didn't have anything bright colored today! Oh, it feels special! I still slap on different patterns tho ;)
Giordano vest, H&M tee, Cotton On skirt, Uniqlo belt, Muji socks, Union shoes 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Marcus' Dreadlocks

What made us think that our helper put baby Marcus so much in his chair?
These dreadlocks that formed at the back of his dead as a result of sitting on his chair, rubbing the back of his head against the chair for so long...


We can't blame her. She has loads to do. Taking care of baby Marcus, dealing with household shit...This is why we asked SC's mom to visit baby Marcus often (she does at least twice a day) so that he gets enough play time during the day when SC and I are both at work. 

Help! There are Birds on My Top!

17 March 2011
Heheheh, sorry for being too much of a drama queen. My sister, miss chubby chic, who normally is supportive of me buying anything I liked, tried to stop me from getting this top from the thrift store. It's too surreal. She was not convinced that I could pull it off. She is right. I can't give this top an edge. I can only wear it the same way I always wear my outfits. Belted with skirt. Boohoo. Opps. Sorry for not being so creative.

Oh, and this is my hair without any hair product whatsoever. It is still huge and it is still curly. I love how low maintenance it is so far ^_^

Thrifted top, Cotton On skirt, H&M belt, Uniqlo tights and Vincci shoes

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Outfits

Today's outfit I wear to work, another thrifted find!
15 March 2011
I love how it fits, it's roomy but still flattering when cinched at the waist, and I don't know what's with me and berry shades, I paired this with berry shades again (the shoes and the bag - ouch, the bag isn't in the picture, but it's the monki bag I've been wearing these last few days)
thrifted dress, H&M belt, baleno socks, M&S shoes

And here are some outfits that I've not been posting (lazy me)...
14 March 2011
Maybe a bit too matchy matchy?
unbranded top, unbranded belt, G2000 suit jacket, H&M maternity pants, wanko shoes, baleno socks 

13 March 2011
A trip to the park when baby Marcus turned 6 months last Sunday. He was being a Mr. Cranky pants, he just wanted his nap.

On me: H&M men’s tee, unbranded cardi, unbranded pants from maple outlet, baleno socks, pansy shoes, monki bag and shades
On baby Marcus: H&M shirt and pants, unbranded elmo tee from grandma, jazzy toes socks

12 March 2011
What I wore to have my hair done last Saturday.

H&M tee, Unbranded top, monki skirt & bag, Unbranded belt, muji socks, pansy shoes