Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monki "Leather" Skirt - Recent Addiction

Monki Leather Skirt, Vintage Top
I am so damn glad I've bought this "leather" skirt from Monki. It is really flattering for me and super comfy and goes with anything! Wore it with a vintage top this week to work.

Monki Leather Skirt, Vintage Top
It's a bit too cold for just a layer of top, so I added vintage jacket.

Vintage jacket & top, Monki skirt, Steve Madden boots

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Outfits

Just sharing some random weirdo outfits I wore but failed to photograph properly and post on time...
Random Outfits
One casual Friday...on the way to a meeting upstairs.
Denim shirt from Maple, Giordano vest, Uniqlo pant leggings, no brand shoes

Random Outfits
Just another weekday, I know my corporate-wear is not the black black type...on my way to have a walk around the office after lunch..
Vintage dress, Uniqlo coat, Bossini socks, Bershka boots

Random Outfits
Work & Swarovski event after that.
Vintage top, unbranded furry top, Uniqlo coat & pant leggings, Steve Madden boots

Random Outfits
A weekend of floor tiles shopping.
Uniqlo top & hoodie, Cotton On pants, H&M bag, vintage glasses, Converse sneakers
I looked so faaaaa....

Random Outfits
I took smart casual Friday a little too far.
Uniqlo tribal pattern shirt, vintage sweater, Zara floral pants, unbranded shoes, H&M bag
I looked so short and faaaaa...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Flat Renovation Progress

We want our flat to be old skool and classic, and we want to achieve that with least possible amount of money ^_^
On the contrary to my previous flat, which was super colorful, this time I want it in more neutral colors.

Here are some details that I look forward to in the new flat. 
Bathroom hardware

Ceiling fan + light

Main door handle. I can't stand the rose gold "antique" finish, so we painted them black.

Open kitchen. Too bad there's no bar. There's going to be a TV resting against that half a wall. Too bad, but no choice :(

Bathroom floor. I've always wanted this since... forever!

Hong Kong old skool cafe floor tiles.

Faux exposed brick wall. We're gonna have this hand painted in white because the flat is gonna be too dark if we kept this color. Sad but no choice T_T

I'll post more updates later (remind me?), and here's more pics of the reno progress and the "before" pics.

New Flat - Before & Reno Progress

I am officially the worst life blogger ever.  I haven't been blogging much about my life despite so many things that had happened. One major one that has been taking a lot of our time and resources is the purchase of our new flat. We purchased it quite a while ago and we are currently in the process of renovating it. We pretty much had to remove everything and redo everything from scratch as it is quite an old flat. We are using SC's secondary school friend's design firm. They are super pro and have saved us a lot of headaches in terms of project management.

Here are some of the "before" pics:

SC's mom has also done a Chinese four-corner ceremony for us.
If you wanna check out more "before" pics, I've posted them on my facebook page
I'll post more renovation progress later ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sick Friday Look - Rilakkuma X Bossini Tee

Do you like my sick sick look? Ughhhh
I am blowing my brain outta my nose, blowing my nose off my face. Cough syrup & pain killers are my best friends.

Feeling super sick, but I still chose to go to work instead of staying at home. Baby M naughtiness grows exponentially when I am at home and it's exhausting for my helper as well.

Anyway, I'm glad that it is 18-22C today, and I could get away with wearing a vintage shirt, rilakkuma x bossini tee, and a thin vintage jacket. The huge glasses are to distract people from my huge runny red nose.

Imma go home & rest after werk.
Hope you're all having a fab Friday tho :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2PM Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong 2012

WARNING! Some major eye candy and jealousy moments.
2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong
Who is/are your bias?
Taecyeon? Nichkhun? Wooyoung? Junsu? Chansung? Junho?
2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong
They're all so hawt!
It was the hottest time of the day indeed!
2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong
Oh've never looked hotter!

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong  Khun
Nichkhun as cute as ever.

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong WooyoungWooyoung doin the sexy dance.

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong  Junsu
Junsu and his beautiful voice...

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Chansung topless
Chansung radiating heat!

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Chansung Nichkhun
Khun, no eye see?

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Taecyeon topless
How could Taec not take off his shirt?

Now some mayjah jealousy moments for me...
2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Taec
Taec took of his first layer of shirt and...

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Taec
...threw it!
I wonder who's the lucky gal/guy?

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong TaecT
Who wouldn't wanna high five Taec?

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong
...or being given (well, thrown) roses by cutie Khun?

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong
Khun, Y NO roses for noona?

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Taec Selca with Fans
Fuji instax selca with Taec? WTH!!! JEALOUS!!!

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Wooyoung Taec Nichkhun
Being serenaded by these three hawtness.

2PM - 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour - Hong Kong Wooyoung Taec Nichkhun

The boys sounded and looked every bit as beautiful as they are on MVs.

All pictures were taken by me using Canon EOS 7D + 55-250mm zoom lens.
Please do not use without permission.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lazy Weekend Outfit

Recent favorite lazy weekend outfit.

SC's stripey Uniqlo tee, Uniqlo hoodie & Uniqlo pant leggings. No brand shoes.
Frizzy hair.
But at least I did my eye makeup? ^_^

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pink Navy

Pink Navy
So in love with this vintage top.
Not so much with my frizzy hair.
I hate my frizzy hair.

Pink Navy
Such a sweet bow! Such a soft shade of pink! I loveee!

Pink Navy
More pinks :D

Pink Navy
Wore it with my navy socks and dark blue heels.

Vintage top, Uniqlo dark denim pant-leggings, H&M socks, M&S shoes

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wildlife & Landscape

Wildlife Dress & Landscape Shirt - Vintage
First of all. SC loves catching me off guard.
Result = weird (not artsy) photos

Wildlife Dress & Landscape Shirt - Vintage
OMG my bad hair days... I hate this extreme humidity!

Wildlife Dress & Landscape Shirt - Vintage
Please help the sartorially challenged. How do I tailor this dress to make it less frumpy? T_T

Vintage dress and shirt, H&M socks, Bershka boots, Uniqlo glasses

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sequined Collar, Vintage Jacket

Sequined Collar, Vintage Jacket
I don't like how my sweater pops out of the sequined collar.

Sequined Collar, Vintage Jacket
But I wore it anyway, because I was in the mood for something sequinned!

And here's what happens when I ask SC to take pictures for me :D
What happens when I ask sc to take my photo... 185468 shots.
I got so many multiple shots of the same thing. Heheheh.