Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Batik and Belt, or Lack there of

Easiest ways to play with batik dress and (no)belt.

My favorite batik frock, no belt, just a touch of yellow.

My favorite way of belting - on my real waist, this is a flattering look for me.

Belt it on the hips, and you get a totally different silhouette. It's less flattering for me due to my gigantic hips and it somehow made me "thicker". Nevertheless, it's an easy way to stay chic even after a huge lunch.

Everything's remixed, except for the yellow necklace, from Kwai Chung Shopping Centre, HK$20.

Which look do you like the most?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Workin' Auntie's Tee

How to de-auntie-fied an auntie's tee?

What the heck is an auntie's tee?
Those tees sold in dept stores of shops frequented by aunties.
By age, I can be categorized as an auntie's too, but I just refuse to accept it ^_^

- Normally in hideous, unflattering patterns and colors
- Loose, unflattering cutting
- Made of super comfy cottony fabric
- Instantly adds 20 yrs to your age

How do we work it?

- Select a pattern which can be paired with something cute from your wardrobe

- Accessorize
- Tuck it in or belt it to create shape
- If you're willing to go further, alter it, slash the neck cut deeper, shorten or remove sleeves, adds shape to the waist etc (I wish I could do all that).

Here's a sloppier look of the ensemble (free waist, perfect for buffet dinners ^_^)

I wore it to work, casual Friday
Top = Sincere department store, ladies clothing section
Skirt = Kwai Chung Shopping Center
Necklace = Argyle Center and H&M
Belt = Argyle Center
Sandals = Union

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pale Pink

Wow. This ensemble doesn't look like my usual self.
But sometimes, I guess I wanna try playing grown up, pairing a pale pink cardigan with a muted colored pencil skirt.
Very ladylike, don't you think?

Top = from Causeway Bay street market
Skirt = H&M sale
Shoes = Vincci Kuala Lumpur
Bag = Coach sale
Watch = Tag Heuer

Current Hot Topic - Boys over Flowers

OK. This is something I am not proud of, it took a lot of me to admit this in writing ^_^'

But, I am hooked on this cliche fairy-tale romance, Boys over Flowers.
It's a Korean version (yes it has been made into a few versions) of a Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango. I won't talk about the story, if you're from Asia, you probably know it from the ever so popular Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. If not, you can read all about it here.

(Remember these hotnesses?)

Yes, imagine me, an old hag, drooling, swooning, crying, laughing, gawking at a bunch of young boys. Arrrghhh. I didn't even wanna believe what I am saying.

But why?
A few reasons:
1. hot guys
2. fairy tale romance
3. eye candy set decor and costume
4. hot guys
5. entertainment value
6. hot guys
7. happy ending
8. hot guys

How hot exactly?

Sizzling. Don't you think?

But are we that shallow? Is physical beauty the only thing we're after?
Ehm, pretty much. Haha! Kidding. Maybe not the only thing, but it does play an important part in the commercial success of the series. Choose a bunch of ugly guys and let's see if they could earn a penny.

Sous chef could never understand why the heck girls (including old ladies) would fall for such a predictable story of a prince falling in love with a humble nobody.

I guess deep (deep deep DEEP) down inside, who doesn't dream of being loved by a prince-like character (tall, dark, handsome, smart, rich, and loving?). It's almost every little girl's dream (blame in on Disney)!

It's just like every little boy's dream to save the world with fantasy gadgets/robots, fighting enemies from galaxies far far away, with a hot love story with a sizzling hot girl on the side.

I guess we are all the same.

If sous chef loving the heroic character-gadgets-robots-world saving story-and-hot girl combo is considered normal, then so is my loving cheesy romance full of hot guys.

Now now now...we are not that shallow, we don't only love hotness. We love our hotnesses to come with certain characteristics.

I love below character the most, as he reminds me of the old sous chef.
Confident, straight to the point, knows exactly what he wants and willing to die going after it.
Don't we all love a character who's rough and mean to others, whose eyes only lights up when he sees the love of his life, whose sweet smiles and tenderness are only hers? Rough on the outside but tender on the inside, just like a piece of good steak ^_^
PS. Don't we love this character even more if they were played by actors who look like these guys?

(Jerry Yan - Taiwan's Daomingsi and Lee Min Ho - Korea's Gu Jun Pyo)

...and don't we all want a faithful admirer. A guy who will always stay by our side, who always helps, protects and comforts us when we're having a problem with the main star, who loves us no matter what, even if we don't love him back?
Wouldn't be even better if the guy plays various musical instruments and sometimes serenades us with his angelic-beautiful voice?
and ofcourse, it'd also be nice if the guy is drop dead gorgeous, like these guys...

Vic Zhou - Taiwan's Hua Ze Lei

Kim Hyun Joong - Korea's Yun Ji Hoo

Look at them! Young, chic and pretty. No wonder ladies go crazy about them.
How crazy exactly?
There are people who:
- want to get the exact phones they use in the series
- want to visit Korea (from countries far far away) just to watch their concert or get a glimpse of these guys
- are willing to pay for big bucks to attend a fan club meeting
The producers really know how to make money eh?

Am I one of them? Ehm, not yet.
I borrow the DVDs or watch the series from a FREE online streaming sites.
So much for a huge fan.

I spent my days chit chatting with my girlfriends about this current obsession (I consider those days well spent). Check out whom she drools at at her blog, Athena's Little C9 (the article is written in Chinese, but plenty of hot guys to gawk at).

First Thing

First thing I heard this morning at work:
"Michael Jackson 4 jor!" (Michael Jackson died!!)

I was rather surprised, considering how the locals can be so oblivious to the outside world (except for twilight, harry potter and transformers?) sometimes...I guess MJ was really a global superstar.

May he rest in peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Blues

Not so gloomy, but it reflected my mood yesterday.
Nothing's wrong but nothing felt right.

Classic mid week blues? Probably. Hope I'd feel better the next day.

I love the dress, I love the blue. Normally I'd pair such a dress with another color, such as cream or black from the lace, or something totally different like yellow or red. But yesterday, I was in full blue mood, so I paired the dress with a cardigan of the same color. Added my favorite cream and gold belt to accent my waist, and a faux pearl necklace for elegance. The punch of mustard on my feet hopefully added the bright cheerfulness this ensemble desperately needed.

Dress = Discreet, Sunway Lagoon Mall, Kuala Lumpur
Cardigan = Fa Yuen St Market, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Belt = Argyle Center, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Necklace = Argyle Center, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Messy dressing room = my residence

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bright Purple

It's time to work my bright new purple skirt. I love how it is super full but yet flattering on the hips. Love the huge elastic waistband, which works well with my belts. This time I paired the bright purple with muted colors instead of going for my usual rainbow bright color combo.

Let's face it. Tuesday isn't really a happy day ^_^

Top = vintage thrifted
Belt = Orange, Jakarta
Skirt = H&M
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boys Purse - Yes or No?

No. You won't find no make up in there.
What's in there?
Probably video game magazines, Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone, DSLR camera/lenses, a couple of video game DVDs (or porn? hehe) to be sold later and a packet of tissue (yes, Hong Kong boys always magically have tissues on hand, maybe in case a girl cries in need).

Yes or No?

It's a yes for me. I hate it when boys asked me to carry their gadgets. Bring your own purse, boys! I think they're tres chic.

Polka Dot Top and Tiered Skirt

Another vintage and modern combo for work, added touches of red and silver here and there.
Top = thrifted vintage
Skirt = H&M sale
Shoes = Union
Bag = H&M
Necklace = from Seminyak, Bali

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheeful Blues

Before my monday blues started, I put together a very cheerful blue ensemble. Wore it for a day of shopping in Sham Shui Po's bead, lace and buttons street. The summer dress is casual, comfy, flattering and I have just the right shade of little cotton cardigan for it ^_^

I can't stand the 30something degree heat, plus the humidity, so I pulled my hair up into a tiny side bun, held it with a plain yellow hair pin.

I am always a big kid at heart. I fell in love with this kiddie necklace instantly when I saw it back in Jakarta. It just puts a smile on my face, hopefully I can still pull this necklace off without looking ridiculous.

A pair of comfy sneakers is essential for a day of shopping. Nothing is worst than disrupting my shopping spree with painful feet. The girliness of the polka dot and ruffles? Always a plus.

Dress = H&M, HK$149
Cardigan = Fa Yuen St Market
Necklace = Jakarta
Shoes = IT, HK$199
Hair pin = Argyle Center, $10 for 3

Friday, June 19, 2009

Print and Solid Colors

Another great catch from In Fashion!
I love how the elastic top of the dress fits me perfectly, giving enough room for the bust and sits nicely under the bust. Normally Hong Kong little summer dresses don't do that.
They normally stop somewhere in the middle of my chest, leaving me looking waistless. Eeck!
Plus, I love the print and the color combo of this comfy cotton fabric.
When I bought it, I knew I had tons of stuff in the colors of the print.

Too colorful for work? Maybe, but a depressing mid week needs a little cheering up, and as long as I didn't get a complaint from HR, I think we're good. ^_^

Dress = In Fashion/In&Out
Cardigan = Factory Outlet, Sunway Pyramid, KL
Necklace = Argyle Centre, Mongkok
Shoes = Vincci, KL

Here's a closer look of the print.

I feel so cheerful already!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mini Skirt is Skirt, Mini Bond is No Bond

My favorite mini bond protest tagline so far!

Hong Kong is so fashion conscious!

Colorful Weekend Idea

As if weekends need brightening up.

But one can never be too happy or too rich, right?

This brightly colored ensemble put a smile on my face, even on a rainy, gloomy weekend, hope it will brighten up yours too!

Primary colors combo: reddest red, brightest yellow and blue. All in sweet and cute cut/pattern.

A flower in my hair...too much cliche? or just right?

Top = auntie's clothing shop in Citi Landmark II, Tsuen Wan
Belt = from Orange, Jakarta
Shorts = H&M
Shoes = IT sale
Frangipani hair clip = from Sanur, Bali

PS. I wore this bright outfit for a gloomy rainy day in Ocean Park

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boys Fashion

A little preview for autumn/winter? A comfy cowl neck tee with a suspender attached. Effortlessly chic.

Flattering, fitted without being too clingy. Get this from any no name boys boutique across Hong Kong. This particular piece is from a no name boutique in Citi Landmark II, Tsuen Wan.

paired with:
Black jeans = from Choocolate
Belt = from Bauhaus
Earrings = from Gala Shopping Mall

Fashion Sighting - Hong Kong Ocean Park

Cocktail dress + heels + formal handbag + black plastic bag = a day of fun at a theme park
Do or don't?

How about uncle and his office attire?

Kudos on the face masks considering the swine flu season. Better be safe than sorry, right?

A Finger from A Star

From my last suckie trip to Ocean Park.
I can't believe it gave me the finger!
I guess it wasn't a good day for it too, it was pouring rain outside, so everyone crowded the aquarium.

Exotic Yellow

I knew this el cheapo top was gonna be versatile...it's comfy and it's pretty too. Plus, it's no secret that I am crazy about yellow.

For a weekday summer, I simply tucked the top into a black lace full skirt, added a flashy belt and dash off to work. I keep a spare black wool cardigan at work, because my office's air conditioning goes sub zero in the afternoon.

Check out the embroidery details on the top, just pretty. I topped it off with a simple gold locket.
Top = from Kuta beach, Bali
Skirt, Belt & Necklace = from H&M
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yellow and Green

During my stay in Hong Kong, I've learnt some funny phrases, such as "yellow and green doctors". These doctors don't cure your sickness, they are the kind of doctors covered by your company's insurance, the ones you go if you want a sickie, not exactly expecting them to cure anything other relieving you from a day of boredom/stress.

I've tried visiting one of these doctors when I was real sick, and gosh, it took me more than 3 visits to realize that he was giving me the same medicine again and again! I turned desperate, visited a paediatrician (!!!) who practices just beside this yellow and green doctor, was given the right medication and was cured shortly after.

So, I guess yellow and green isn't exactly a good color combo.

But I went for it anyway.

The dress is green chiffon with ruffle details on the chest, encircling the top of the dress all the way to the back. It has an elastic that cinches a few inches under the bust, which is flattering for me. It's from my favorite shop in Sunway Pyramid Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Discreet.

I bought the necklace in Denpasar Bali, for IDR 10,000. They're tiny green shells and silver beads, connected with an orange thread.

The purple and yellow shoes are from Vincci, Kuala Lumpur, RM 19.50. Don't they look great with my red nails?

Yellow and green, as long as not related to a doctor the day we are really sick, not too bad after all ^_^

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Fragrance - Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

I was fresh outta fragrance. I only had a few drops of everything, I needed a bottle of something. Something new, something fresh, something that fits me.

Previously, I just purchased fragrance based on how they smell outta bottles. Nowadays, I can't afford that. I found that most fragrance turned sour on me a few seconds after spraying. Is it due to my high body temperature?

Anyway, nowadays I always try the potential ones on my skin. Finding something that doesnt turn sour on me proven challenging. All of the new releases, especially summery, citrusy scents...are hopeless on me.

Finally, I found this bottle. I tried not to try this one despite the popularity, because....well, I hate anything too popular and I hate the name "Pretty". It's just too obvious, it sounds like it's trying too hard and there's no subtlety at all.

However, out of desperation, I finally tried it on my skin, and I was pleasantly surprised. The scent remained pretty on me. Fresh, floral, and without a hint of vinegary scent on my skin. Score!

50 ml bottle = HK$292 from Sasa.

New Summer Dress

It's been a long time since my last visit to In Fashion. As always I found good stuff at great prices! I know I might be able to get them with better price in Fa Yuen St Market/Argyle Center (could be about HK$20 cheaper), but In Fashion/In&Out is a great alternative if you don't have that much time to spare roaming around a market/a shopping mall. It's a one stop of cheap n trendy fashion.

I always wanted a dress with those chest flaps/collar. I love the vintage feel it gives. In this particular dress, I also love the stripes, the robin's egg blue plain bottom and the gold buttons detail. Love everything about it.

For an afternoon of shopping, I paired the dress with a simple white cardi, when it gets chilly in restaurants/malls and my black and white peep toe shoes.

All remixed except the dress, from In&Out Tsuen Wan, HK$79.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rockin' Batik

I felt like rocking my batik top for the weekend. The top is originally a little girl's dress, but I love the silhouette, pattern and color so much, I insisted to buy it.
"Is that for your daughter/little sister, Miss?" ...errr sure!

You know I like sweet and sour, soft and hard combo, so naturally, I combined pretty batik top, feminine cardi and sweet silver heels with rock hard borrowed-from-sous-chef accessories.

I love combining stud earrings with rounded rings. The uneven finish of the silver rings gave em an instant rustic feel.

The top was indeed too short for me to be a dress, so I threw on a pair of dark blue shorts (I wish I have black).

Top = little girl's batik dress from Batik Keris, Jakarta
Cardi = Fa Yuen St Market
Belt = Zara
Shorts = Padini, Kuala Lumpur
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Accessories = borrowed from sc