Friday, September 30, 2011

SC's Men's Plaid Shirt & Bow Tie

Checkered shirt and bow tie
I love wearing SC's men's shirts.
Because girly shirts don't fit me no more these days :( and because I love the pattern and colors.
I borrowed his bow tie too...


I don't know if I could technically call it "borrowing" since I choose and bought both items under the excuse of "for him". So far...he has worn the shirt and the tie a total
I should probably stop fooling myself and just say that I buy them for myself instead ^_^

Union wedges
Unbranded shirt, bow tie, rings, bernhard mayer watch, opi nail polish, monki skirt, cotton on belt, union wedges

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby M & A Mirror - An I-Love-Me Moment

Hey you!
Baby M - I LOVE ME
You're cute!

Baby M - I LOVE ME
I kinda like you...

Baby M - I LOVE ME
You like me too?

What? You're me?
Baby M - I LOVE ME
Awesome! Mmmmmwah!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY - Turning Baby Onesies Into Tops

H&M baby onesies
Babies grow fasttttt.
And this mama never learn her lessons.
She bought these cute onesies from H&M knowing that they won't fit in no time!
But look at how cute they look! You wouldn't blame me for giving in, would you?

Baby M has outgrown all of the above cute onesies...but I think he can still wear them as tops. So I did a bit of a lame DIY ;)

I simply marked where I wanna cut with a ruler and marker, whack the bottom off, double folded the edge and stitched them. I meant to expose the stitches, so I used contrasting colors.
H&M DIY baby modified top

H&M DIY baby modified top

H&M DIY baby modified top
Done! Now baby M can wear them again! (Not that he cares... T_T)
But anyway...mama's happy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby M Caught In the Act

It's been a while since my last baby M post huh?
Baby M Caught in the Act
Baby M's favorite activity is...stuffing everything he can get his hands on into his mouth.

Including Pluto...
Baby M Caught in the Act

His bibs...
Baby M Caught in the Act

He knows that he's not allowed, but he did it anyway.
Baby M Caught in the Act
Look at his defiant stare.

Papa's magazines are no exception.
Baby M Caught in the Act

Tissue boxes too!
Baby M Caught in the Act
He's better now, when we said "NO!" he'd hand us the offending item...but of course he will totally do it again.

And phone calls....
Baby M Caught in the Act
Baby, you're doing it wrong!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Creamy Floral

Cream floral thrifted vintage dress
I love this dress.

It's kinda snug around the bust, I hope I could shrink a bit to fit into this perfectly.
Cream floral thrifted vintage dress
But other than that, I love it. Especially the collar.

I wore it belted, only to realize that it looks better without belt (I discovered that when I had to unbelt it after lunch. Hohoho. Typical!)
Cream floral thrifted vintage dress
Had a creamy thing going and wore el-cheapo creamy shoes and socks.
The round big glasses made me look a bit cock-eyed and dorky, but I don't mind that :p

Thrifted dress, H&M belt and socks, unbranded shoes and glasses.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moussy Rock Star Party Hong Kong

Here are some pictures from Moussy Rock Star party :)
Moussy Party Hong Kong
A mini presentation of the Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong

Moussy Party Hong Kong


And what did I wear?
Jeweled Collar Necklace

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Landscape Shirt & Blue Bag - "New" Thrift Finds!

Sharing another favorite thrift find!
This landscape shirt!
Landscape thrifted shirt

I know...I know...I don't iron my clothes.
Landscape thrifted shirt
I don't sweat the small see (lame excuse).

Feeling matchy matchy and put on this pair of green glasses.
Green glasses
I also need a perm...a hair cut...and desperate for a color.
But can't stand being on my butt for five hours...

Thrifted bag + veiny hand
I have no excuse for my veiny hands...I've had 'em since when I was a lot younger.
Sadly I never grew to like them. Sobs.

Ah...forgot to mention another favorite thrift finds.
This bag!
Thrifted bag
I know I promised that I wouldn't get any more bags that can't house my huge ass DSLR camera...but look at that bag! I just had to make an exception!
Don't you agree?

Thrifted shirt, unbranded jeans from Jakarta, thrifted bag, unbranded glasses and rings from Kwai Chung plaza, Crocs sandals.

SC's Fancy Neckties

SC's LV tie
When I was going through his tie rack...I found that he has so many fancy schmancy neck ties that he hardly ever wears! This was just one of them. I'll find a day to photograph them all...

And I need to make him wear his fancy ties more often. What a waste!

Baby M Post Bath Chok Face

Naughty Baby M after Bath
Look at that expression...
Too naughty! Too cheeky!

Monday, September 19, 2011

No, She Didn't??!

What did I do?
H&M tee
I just went out wearing guy's boxer shorts. Heheheh.

H&M tee and giordano boxer shorts and aldo bangles
That's right!
I borrowed one of SC's giordano boxer shorts and wore them to go out last weekend.
He asked me to change before we stepped out, but I didn't.
I kinda like the pattern, and I wore 'em under my long tee anyway...
and they're SUPER COMFY!

Union black wedges
Plus I wore the ensemble with this pair of dressy but comfy wedges...and piled on some accessories.

H&M tee and giordano boxer shorts
Was it that bad?

H&M tee, giordano men's boxer shorts, unbranded necklace, unbranded glasses, mostly Aldo bangles, Union wedges.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Masquerade Party

Here are some pictures from work Masquerade party last week.

First, SC's outfit.
Cheapest mask (HK$18) worked best for SC's top hat (HK$39).

My thrifted vintage top and a random brooch.

HK$38 toy sword, my ring.

His earrings.

His old jacket, my pants, his old Salem boots.
SC was one of the 10 best dressed finalists.

And what did I wear?
I was so crazy excited, I didn't even take a proper shot of my whole outfit.
Oh well...

Mask (HK$49), wanko cardi (HK$2xx?), unbranded black dress (HK$59), unbranded necklace (HK$39), H&M studs, various bangles, union wedges (HK$280).
I almost bought the mask on the left...which would've been cool! I'd love to have a mask-twin!
My outfit was pretty...normal. But guess what? I was the first runner up for the best dressed award! What a pleasant surprise!

The #1 best dressed winner's mask. WOW!

She wore comfy footwear under that glamorous outfit. Smart girl.

I love her earrings! Adore!

Check out their wiggly tails..

Gorgeous silver and black masks!

From taobao, less than HK$10 each!!! WAAAAT?

More gorgeous masks...



So much fun!