Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pants Shopping

Pants Shopping
Look what I've bought...still from my pre-giving-birth shopping spree.
Mad, I know!

Left to right = black and white stars, auntie-floral, and geometric...around HK$59 per pair, from Kwai Chung plaza. Can't wait to wear them...and I'll probably give them to my sis to bring back to Indonesia ;)

Stay tuned, there're still a lot more from my recent loot :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopping Everywhere - Chinese Shoes

Chinese Shoes
Another "catch" from my before-birth shopping spree...
I could literally shop everywhere!
Including a cheesy Hong Kong souvenir shop in a small lane off Queen's Rd Central, on a rainy day, from which I got these two pairs of Chinese shoes.
One pair for me, one pair for my sis.

They are cheap and they look so lovely.
I'm still thinking what I will wear these with though.

Any ideas?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Peachy

Just Peachy
Girly fun = borrowing my sis' clothes :D

She thought this top she bought in Bangkok might look good on me...
Just Peachy
But it actually looks better on her, due to my just-gave-birth giant hips and tummy.
The black camisole and wide elastic band of my floral pants helped concealing the bulge a little...but still...not the best look for me.

I do love the messy stripes and the white-peach/coral pink color though...perfect match for my floral pants :)
Just Peachy
...and I love my new white gold ring from H&M.
It was from my shopping spree before giving birth ;)

Who said new moms should look frumpy and un-stylish?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lil' Marcus Lifts Up His Head & the Labour

Marcus Lifts Up His Head
We know, we know...
He's not supposed to be doing this yet, he was only 10 days old that day...

SC put him on his chest to rest...and he suddenly did this!
Marcus Lifts Up His Head
Hang on,'re supposed to do this when you're 3 months old...
We were worried if this was dangerous for him.

After a while, he rested...
Big SC & Little SC
It looks like he loves the camera, doesn't he?

I might be totally biased...
Big SC & Little SC
...but I think he's pretty cute.

Big SC & Little SC
Some of you may wonder about my labour.
It is certainly not a pretty story, but I'll write about it anyway.
After this, I'll try to keep the baby posting minimum. Trying is the operative word ;P

So, here we go~

I started to feel some contractions on Sep 11th late felt like period cramps but a bit more intense. Sep 12th early morning, the contractions were about 15 minutes apart, and it stopped for a few hours later in the afternoon. I thought about calling my doctor, but thinking that he might ask me to go to the hospital too early, I didn't call, anyway the contractions had stopped. I thought it could've been a false labour.

Later in the afternoon the contractions started again, they're about 20 minutes apart, we decided to call the doc. The doc told me to have a nice dinner and call him again by 9pm, and I did. Based on my contractions, he told me that I was in early stage of labour, he asked me to check into the hospital, so I did.

Oh, I planned to deliver my baby normally, c-section should be the last resort.

My doc visited my around 11pm, and the contractions were still around every 15 minutes apart, and the pain was gradually increasing, but so far, they were manageable. I asked my doc about epidural, and he told me that he could administer the epidural then and there...but he & the nurses thought I wouldn't need it, since I was not in that much pain. He did warn me that if I wanted epidural at 3 anesthetist might be there to give me the drug. Oh, and the epidural would cost me an extra HK$20,000 (whew!).

I was confused, but based on the recommendations of my doctor and the nurses, who told me that they do have other ways to help me manage the pain (painkiller injection & gas), so, it is not necessary for me to ask for epidural at that moment. I trusted them.

I shouldn't have. HAHAHA :D

I checked into my room and rested, they asked SC and my sis to go home and get some rest. We will call them when I'm nearer to delivery. I was wondering if I could stand the pain alone without SC by my side...but I thought I was strong and him getting more rest would serve everyone better.

So...the pain gradually intensified, and around 3 am, the pain became so intense, it woke me up every 6-8 minutes and made me sweat bullets. Even though I closed my eyes, I could see "light" every time the contractions came. I called the nurse asking for painkiller injection, and I was told to ask again when my contractions were 5 minutes apart.

Around 4 am, the contractions were still not 5 minutes apart, but the pain became less and less manageable for me. Before I called the nurse again, she came to check on me, and told my that I was doing very well and my progress was great. I was pretty happy with myself...and they wheeled me to the delivery room. Woohooo! How exciting!

In the delivery room, they gave me an IV drip to speed up the labour.


After they induction started, the pain intensified immediately...if there's a scale of 1-10...the pain quickly turned from scale 8 to...1,000,000!!! They told me to call SC, and by the time SC arrived, they've given me painkiller injection, and punctured my inside to break my water. The painkiller injection didn't freaking help at only made me sleepy and unable to scream. I tried to tolerate the pain by squeezing the sides of my bed and SC's hand...I couldn't say a word and I was too "drugged" to scream. When I told them that the pain was so great, they gave me the gas...which has similar effect to the injection...the pain remains super strong, and I just became too "drunk" to scream or manage myself.

My doctor came at around 6am, Sep 13th...after two hours of induction, super intense pain, and listening to a woman giving birth next door. Two hours felt like eternity.

My doctor said that my dilation has only reached 7 after all we've been through (we were aiming for 10), and he told me that it was still a long way from delivery.

I thought. WTF.

I heard what's going on next door, and there would still be around 3 hours before I could be in so much more pain? I wasn't sure if I could handle it.

I asked the doctor for epidural. 20k, 30k, 100k...I don't freaking care, give it to me NOW! Doc told me that he could give me epidural, but...there's still a chance that I won't be able to deliver my baby normally, and I might have to opt for c-section after all...he asked me if I wanted an emergency c-section right that moment.

I thought...anything but the pain. I asked SC and he agreed. The doctor and nurses arranged for an emergency c-section, which, again, felt like eternity...and they wheeled me to the operating room. On the way to the operating room, I started to scream a bit, tears were rolling down my face non stop, although I wasn't exactly crying. Once I was in the operating room, I saw the anesthetist...he looked like an angel to me :D

After a couple of more super duper crazy painful contractions, they put me under...and the next time I woke up...I was in the recovery room and I heard SC's voice telling me how handsome our baby is.

I never felt happier in my entire life.

I might have experienced double pain...from trying to deliver normally and the pain of recovering from the c-section (it was painful the moment I tried to get off the bed the next day, but trust me, ain't nothing compared to normal labour pain ^_^), but...this may sound like a cliche (it is a cliche), but it's all so worth it.

Look at lil' Marcus :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Must Be Mad - Hello Kitty iPhone Case

I've told you about my recent Hello Kitty madness.
Hello Kitty iPhone & Blackberry Case
It started with t-shirts...and now, despite swearing to keep my iPhone white naked, I've done the unforgivable thing, putting on a Hello Kitty "outfit" on my iPhone.

Funnily, at the same sis is having her own Hello Kitty moment too!
Check out her Blackberry case...
Hello Kitty iPhone & Blackberry Case
This drove SC mad...

...and here are his reactions...
Hello Kitty iPhone & Blackberry Case

Hello Kitty iPhone & Blackberry Case
The anti-Hello Kitty sign.

I've even bought Hello Kitty mooncakes to celebrate this year's mid autumn festival :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lil' Marcus, TV, XBOX & Hair Style

Papa said I'm not allowed to watch TV until I'm in college...
Lil' Marcus
Pfft! I say the heck with him! :p

Papa said I'm not allowed to play his XBOX...ever.
Lil' Marcus
We'll see about that. He's gonna need a game partner someday.

As for mama...
Lil' Marcus
She hand combed my hair into this side-swept style...
You like?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lil' Marcus Says Hi :)

Lil' Marcus - First Day at Home
He's finally here!

Lil' Marcus - First Day at Home
Showing off his fierce pose...

Lil' Marcus - First Day at Home
This is grandma...SC's mom, to whom we'll be forever grateful...what would we do without her?

Lil' Marcus - First Day at Home
...and this is big SC and lil' SC...

We'll be right back! ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chubby Chic - Earthy Brownage

Earthy Brownage
Another post featuring my sis, Ms. Chubby Chic.
See how she rocks earthy shades of brown...

Earthy Brownage
A new pair of delicious el cheapo boots from Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$150.

Earthy Brownage
Batik fabric necklace, accents the top but still shows off the its flattering neckline...

Earthy Brownage
...and a zebra print scarf to spice up my H&M sling bag.

Comfy top and comfy stretchy pants for a night of crazy eating at my favorite Korean BBQ joint ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stripey Maxi Dress

Stripey Maxi Dress
So happy to have found this dress (Lowry's Farm sale, HK$228).
The cotton tee material is super comfy, it has flattering slightly puffy sleeves, it fits my giant bump, skims my hips and cascades into a flowy flattering bottom.

Plus, I always have a thing for stripes.
I don't care even if the horizontal stripes highlight my bump :D

Stripey Maxi Dress
Wore the dress with gold accents, my black vintage purse and my sis' new cool white fedora (Lids, HK$143).

Stripey Maxi Dress
...and my favorite old mustard yellow shoes.

My due date is really near...and I've been feeling rather painful contractions 15 minutes apart.
Not sure if it's false alarm, of is this it?
Wish me luck! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yellow Accents

Yellow Accents
My easy way to spice up black and whites...
Red lips...

Yellow Accents
...and color accents.
Yellow this time ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chubby Chic - Black and White Lace Top

Black & White Lace Top
Meet my sis.
If she had a blog, she'd call it chubby chic. I like the name.

I envy her style although I can't always pull it off, and her ability to find great buys at amazing's amazing, really.
Black & White Lace Top
I love the top, love how it's heat friendly, the lace details and the quirky little black collar and pocket. Love how she adds touches of brown and gold to the mix. Perfect for a day of shopping and high tea-ing in hot and sticky Hong Kong summer.

A street fashion blogger asked to take a picture of her in front of Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. How cool!

Black & White Lace Top
Black and white lace top and navy pants = Chatuchak market, Bangkok
Belt = Orange, Jakarta
Watch = Casio calculator
Bangles/bracelets = Inacraft, Jakarta
Bag = my old LV trouville
Shoes = my old pansy shoes

Friday, September 3, 2010

One of My Favorite Weekend Outfits

Maybe super boring...but this is the type of outfits I like wearing on weekends, fighting the heat and summer, handling my huge bump, while trying so hard to still look somehow...decent, if not cute :D
Favorite Mickey Mouse Tee
This comfy and cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tee from Hong Kong Disneyland, leggings (or any bottom that could still fit my giant ass) and comfy sandals...

Hair up...make up on...(avoid outdoor places or my make up would melt...)
Favorite Mickey Mouse Tee
and a touch of earrings to make it less boring :p

Happy Friday, everyone!
PS. I can't wait for my maternity leave!
Having Braxton Hicks contractions now, with lower back pain and swollen pig feet.
Ouchhh! Cheers to all those!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My H&M Tee & My Zara Floral Harem Pants on Boys

I mentioned that we got stared at on the streets last weekend.
I was wondering if it was my huge ass floral headband...with my huge bump, or was it SC?
But SC was dressed rather normal-ish that day...
My Tee & My Floral Harem Pants on Boy
See? Normal.

Unless you know that it's my tee & those are my floral harem pants...
My Tee & My Floral Harem Pants on Boy
I guess Hong Kong isn't ready to see floral pants on boys yet :p

So, your guesses were probably right. People were probably staring at his pants, not my headband ;)

On SC:
- Tee = H&M (mine)
- Pants = Zara (mine)
- Shoes = These are Not Shoes (his)
- Hat = Uniqlo (his)
- Bag = Bauhaus (his)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Matchy Matchy Tulle Flower Headband

Guess what?
Turns out...I have a matchy-matchy top to match my tulle flower headband...and wore this to a dinner date last weekend :D

So many people were staring at...either me and my ridiculous giant headband...or SC, who was clad head to toe in my clothes...hmmm~
Tulle Flower Headband
I don't think I looked that ridiculous?...
Or did I?