Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bday Buffet Dinner Outfit

What to wear when...
- going to a buffet dinner full of yummy food = something with elastic band for maximum capacity, yet slimming enough to survive the buffet aftermath
- there will be a photo opportunity = gotta be cute
- it is in a hip district = gotta be different from the whole crowd of hip hop inspired minidresses/microminis/shorts with knee high boots and baseball caps.

So I ended up with this outfit.
Dress = navy blue polka dot summer dress with elastic band, from This Fashion, Singapore, SGD19.90
Turtle neck tee = cotton fuchsia, remixed
Cardigan = grey with floral pattern from H&M
Belt = stretchy with jewelled buckle, from H&M, remixed
Necklace = vintage inspired from H&M, HK$59
Tights = purple from Ladies Market, Mongkok, HK$29
Bag = light brown sling from H&M, remixed
Shoes = light brown pumps from Union, remixed

This outfit pretty much accomplished all its missions.
PS. I can't wear high heels, I kept a spare flip flops in my bag, just in case, but I survived these shoes and looked fantastically taller the whole night. Yay!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bday Outfit

Should I dress my own age? I'll be damned! Not that I plan to be 18 forever. Hmm, maybe throw a couple of years to that. Haha!

What should my bday outfit be? Something fancy? A night gown? A ball gown? A cocktail dress? Nope. I kept it casual this year, I wore my hair down, no hair product, no curling iron. Just my big, frizzy hair.

I wish I were one of those girls who look fantastic without a single touch of make up...naturally rosy cheeks, lusciously long, dark lashes, and sweet ruby red lips. No, Siree. I look like crap without make up, and I am old and wise enough to realise this (check out my beauty routine
here). At my age (ehm!), I need all the help I could get looking all cute. This year, I was determined to indulge the lil' kid in me (again?!!)

I went to Whampoa Garden's Jusco and took quite a number of pictures with shameless poses, fighting for great spots in front of the colorful teddy bears against lil' kids and ehm, crying babies. Needless to say, this auntie scared most of the kids away.

I didn't stop there. I went to the game arcade and feasted my eyes on these colorful cuties in a hole. I looked like the grumpy doraemon on the 2nd row.

Maybe a game or two? Bah! I am crap at these games. It would be like throwing my hard earned money into the toilet bowl.

Couldn't stand to indulge the auntie in me and posed in front of this sparkly bling bling wall.
Top = cotton embroidered puffy top, from In Fashion, Mong Kok, remix
under shirt = fuchsia cotton turtle neck tee, from Fa Yuen St Market, remix
Jeans mini = from Body and Shop Jakarta, remix
Batik scarf = from Batik Keris, Jakarta, Rp.16.000
Bracelet = golden snow, Christmas gift from Amy
Bag = from H&M, Christmas gift from Annie
Boots = from Argyle Center, remix

Check out where I dined that day.

Sigh. Another year younger, none the wiser.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Casual Christmas

I wanted to go casual this Christmas...we're not going to anywhere fancy...just had a walk around Soho...enjoyed humble, every day food....and found some thrift treasures.

I still wanted a bit of festive red...so it is the base to start from.
Top = Short sleeved cotton red tee, In Fashion, Mong Kok, HK$39
Shirt = mustard polka dot vintage shirt - remixed
necklaces = remixed
Scarf = borrowed (again)

Loving this xmas stocking earrings (from a shopping mall in Kwai Fong, HK$20 for 3 pairs)

Paired the outfit with skinny jeans (remixed), white shoes from Fa Yuen St Market (HK$49), and white and gold quilted bag (from Argyle Center, remixed)

...and it's a glitzy Christmas at Hong Kong station...Swarovsky dressed the whole place with crystal snowflakes! Talk about bling bling!

They're gorgeous!

Spotted this couple at Central station. How adorable! Loving everything about her outfit.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have terrible legs. They are short, stumpy, and elephant-esque. An ex used to tell me that one of my legs could stop a bus...and both legs together could probably stop Hong Kong's MTR. So, they are not the perfect legs for this season's festive, colorful, horizontal patterned tights. In fact they are the worst type for tights. But the heck with them, and I'd be damned if I missed wearing these super cute snowflake tights. Who cares if they made me look short n fat? Short + fat + confidence = FAB!

Hooded plaid cotton top = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$59
Snowflake patterned tights = Ladies Market, HK$49
Cute lil' purse = H&M, HK$39
Shoes = Vincci, remixed

Necklaces = H&M, HK$59 each (remixed)

These are snug and warm...

Perfect for Xmas parties...don't you think?
To those who are blessed with slim, long long long legs....please grab these asap!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Feeling Floral

It was quite a warm Saturday...so I could wear one of my favorite floral vintage dress.
Dress = vintage chiffon dress
Belt, bag, boots and cotton turtle neck tee = all remixed from my previous posts

I went overboard playing with my hardly used curling iron...and curled the top of my hair...forming a pair of evilesque horns...so I had them tamed by this nature inspired weaved hairband (from Fa Yuen St Market)

Loving the colors of these really popular toy vending machines...are these popular in your location?

You might wonder what do people wear here in Hong Kong...and here....is picture of the super slim long legs I always wanted ^_^

Too bad I can't put it in my Christmas wish list :p

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Colorful Friday

How many block of bright colors I can put on myself?...and why?
Well, it was quite a happy Friday!
- The company announced a one month bonus. YAY!
- We just had our office Christmas party the other day, and I won a lucky draw (I hardly win!). YAY YAY!
- It's the week before Christmast! YAY YAY YAY!

Yellow turtle neck cotton tee = U2 (circa many years ago)
Plaid blue shirt = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$59
Skinny jeans = Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta
Orange belt = Ladies Market, HK$10
Red bag = H&M, HK$129
Necklace = H&M, HK$59

...and one of the cutest polka dot shoes ever! From IT, Causeway Bay, HK$200

Shall I blow my bonus and lucky draw win on a huge shopping spree?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost All Black & New Hair Cut

Getting my hair done in Hong Kong has always been quite a challenge for me.
- Most stylists in reasonably priced salons do not speak English enough to understand what I want
- My Cantonese is too crappy to describe what I want exactly
- The phrase "do whatever you want, just make me beautiful" always causes everlasting bad hair days
- Pointing at a magazine picture normally yields nothing like what's on the magazine

...that's until I found Johnny. He speaks perfect English and he is half Indonesian! His salon is very near to my place (like 5 minutes walk haha), the services at his salon are very reasonably priced, and he remembers how do I like my hair (big big BIG hair, and no styling needed, no cream, no mousse, no clay, no mud, since I will only go to bed afterwards). I went for a trim a few days ago, and he, again, got everything right. Puffy top (no straightening), lots of bang, trimmed ends. Done and done.

As for the outfit, I am never a girl who can pull off an all black look. While others look cool and sophisticated in black, I simply look dark and gloomy. Lots of stuff need to be added to make it work for me.
Top = black cotton turtle neck (my winter staple), In Fashion, Mongkok, HK$49
Jersey dress = body and soul, Taman Anggrek, Jakarta (I forgot how much). It is very very flattering
Black tights = another winter staple, Ladies Market, Mongkok, HK$39
Mustard Green shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Bling bling!
Precious = a gift from my sis, from Diva, Jakarta
Ivory and gold = H&M, HK$59
Faux Pearl = Argyle Center, Mongkok
Vintage inspired brooch = Tsing Yi, Greenfield shopping center, HK$20

The black outfit was a requirement for a wacky office Xmas party, in which I was assigned to be one of Santa's reindeers. Check out how I made a fool of myself later ^_^

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Indonesianize Me

There were moments when I added a batik scarf to anything I wear, especially to jazz up all black business suits. I probably own at least 10 cheap batik scarves in assorted colors, which are now mostly used for food photo taking for Mochachocolata-Rita :p

One fine day, I was in the mood for a dash of batik, instead of the whole head to toe, huge batik dress extravaganza...so I pulled this blue and white baby out of the food-photograhy-accessories bag, and tied it around my neck. Not too flight attendant-ish I hope. It's cool to be out and about in Hong Kong wearing batik...since nobody has it! HA!

Top = vintage chiffon shirt with details on shoulder
Black cotton cardigan = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39
Black skirt = In Fashion, HK$69
Black belt = H&M, HK$129
Scarf = Batik Keris, Jakarta, Rp.16.000
Bag = Coach (HK$2500)
Faux Pearl Necklace = Argyle centre
Black velvet boots = Tiffany, HK$199 (I love black velvet/faux suede cheap boots, as they look expensive-ish, as black as midnight. I hate black faux leather as they look like rubbish collector's boots on my elephant legs)

The scarf is now back to its food photography duties.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pretty Lacey

A comfy vintage inspired lace dress (Fa Yuen St Market HK$119) which never failed to make me feel pretty every season. Wear something under (black cotton turtle neck, In Fashion Mongkok HK$49) in autumn/winter, or wear it on its own in warmer/hotter days. Belt it to create an illusion of a smaller waist (H&M black stretchy belt with gold buckle HK$79).

Black opaque tights trimmed my elephant-like legs (Ladies Market HK$39). Mustard green jacket for a lil contrast, and it keeps me real warm (French Connection SALE, HK$699). Cute lil camel colored pumps to match my Louis Vuitton trouville tote (my sis bought me this from her Paris trip. I bet you want my sis even more now. hehe)

The cute lil shoes, they are so me! From Union HK$200

Still cute sideways.

The bling...vintage inspired gold necklaces with heart pendants, from Primark, London, 2 pounds.

Vintage looking n cheap. Just the way I love it. Shall I nominate this outfit for a friend's wedding end of this year? Is it glam enough?

I Don't Believe in Natural Beauty

I don't wake up every morning looking fabulous. I generally wake up looking like a zombie. It took a considerable amount of effort for me to look the way I try to look (hopefully rather fresh). Not that much, as I don't have that much time to spare in the morning :p
Anyway, here's my daily make up routine...


In summer, I use Olay white radiance (HK$59 for a big bottle). It makes a perfect base, it evens out skin tone, and gives UV protection. In winter, my skin needs something better or it will crack. I use Laneige's balancing emulsion (HK$139 for a big bottle) for combination skin. It's light yet moisturizing.

I use Nivea repair (approx HK$22/tube), it moisturizes without being too greasy.

PS. Did you notice that my mirror was super dusty?


In summer, I use Fasio's 2-in-1 powder/foundation (HK$99).

...and in winter, I use Fasio's liquid foundation (HK$69) . It provides enough coverage, yet it's light. Plus, it is very affordable.


I love using powder brow color, in brown. Just any generic brand (below HK$50) will do.

PS. Did you notice that my mirror has been cleaned?


I am naturally pale. The only time I get rosy cheeks would be the time I get kinda drunk. So when I am sober, I need some colors to bring my face to life.

I use VOV compact blush (can't remember the price). It's perfect to be left at home, as the packaging isn't exactly tiny. The rosy color is great on my skin, but I might wanna change to something with a lighter scent. This one is too perfumy.

I can't be bothered to play with eye shadow every day, so I just dab a bit of blush on my lids

My eyes. Not only they are single eyelid, they are practically non existent. They are probably the smallest set of eyes I've seen everywhere! This is how I deal with my non eyes.

Draw huge-HUGE lines on the lid! I use not so dark brown daily, as it smudges less than black. I love Cyber Color's gray brown or light brown retractable liner pencil (HK$39). It glides smoothly across my lid, and it doesn't get smudged so easily. I need a minimum of 6mm thick to make it visible when my eyes opened.

See the difference?

I can't be bothered with mascara every day...as they normally irritate my eyes, and with my non existent lashes...they don't help much. I just use them for special occasions, and I might put on fake lashes for very special occasions ;)


A good friend of mine, V, the owner of V Beauty Blog, sent me this fantastic NYX lipstick! The color I tried was Thalia, it's a mix of natural pinkish color with a touch of taupe and berry. It suits my yellow skin perfectly! It moisturizes and it stays put!

...the price is recession-proof (HK$39 including local shipping), and the packaging is super cute! I am thinking to get loads of these for Christmas gifts...but I guess I might end up keeping them for myself (as always) HAHA!
Visit V's Beauty blog and check out more fab products at great prices!

Here's how I look like after the 5-10 minutes make up routine. Hopefully zombie-like no more!