Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My New Name Cards - the Perks of Having A Graphic Designer Sister

I had an event tonight and a dumb ass that I am...I forgot my blogging name cards!
Desperate, I was so close to hand writing some name cards, until I finally thought of using a famous software...
Microsoft Excel :D
Look at my spectacular design!
Name Cards
Please laugh at me, I deserve it!

Luckily, my sis is a graphic designer and she had a bit of time between meetings, so I didn't have to embarrass myself with the above monstrosity.
She designed a super cute design for me in just a few minutes!
And I love love LOVE it!

During my lunch time, I bought a couple of colored paper, had them printed and cut.
Name Cards
Polka dots and bow...so pretty!
You like?
Do you have name cards for your blog? Show me yours!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

Through this picture, just to let you know...
Happy Monday - I Suck at Graphic Design & Typography
...that I suck at photography (I post process my pictures like there's no tomorrow), graphic design and typography.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Casual Friday - Plaid Shirt, Oversized Sweater & Floral Pants

I hardly post today's outfit real time.
Normally, there's at least one day lag.
Plaid Shirt, Oversized Sweater & Floral Pants - Casual Friday
Despite how "anyhow" and messy my posts look, I do put in a lot of efforts.
Taking the pictures, selecting the pictures, editing, blablabla.
But today, I just want to post this outfit real time. If you're reading this post 26 November 2010 from 6pm - 10 pm HKT, I'd still be wearing this exact outfit :D

As always, I love a mix of patterns. Again, it looks as if I don't care, messy and mismatched.
Plaid Shirt, Oversized Sweater & Floral Pants - Casual Friday
But believe me, I do care.
Some thoughts went into every piece of clothing, although not that much. Heheheh.
Except bags. I don't really think about bags.
That's why my bag doesn't seem to go with my outfits and is hardly included in my outfit pictures :D
I'll try to do better progressively ;)

Hmmm...what's inside that little Naraya bag that doesn't match my outfit? Ahem. Breast pump. Heheheh. TMI!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Mini Dress & On SC

Bored of the grey Uniqlo hoodies already?
Too bad...I still have one more.
Here we go...see it in action!
Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything + Red Minidress
One more thing I love about this hoodies.
The zipped part opens from the bottom, which is great to accomodate my giant hip and butt!
(Trust me, I am not as thin as what you see in pictures, especially when taken using iPhone from upper angle such as this one ^_^'. This hoodies is size L and it is still tight from the hip down)

Other than to accomodate my giant bottom, I've mentioned that I chose size L to be able to share with SC, right?
So I did.
SC wore it one casual Friday...
Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything - for Boys
A mix of patterns and colors.

Too bad the socks and shoes were just wrong.
He so needs some new shoes.
Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything - for Boys
Do you agree?

PS. The hoodie also looks good with..
A maxi dress
A mini skirt
A romantic floaty dress

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Striped Maxi Dress

This hoodies again.
Sorry to bore you.
This time, with a bowler's hat...
Uniqlo Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Maxi Dress

...vintage lens-less glasses...
Uniqlo Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Maxi Dress
...a striped cotton maxi dress...

...and these shoes!
Chinese Shoes

Do you like this combo?
Uniqlo Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Maxi Dress
...or the bitchy combo?
...or the romantic combo?

Hoodies = Uniqlo
Maxi dress = Lowry's farm
Bowler's hat = H&M
Lensless glasses = thrifted
Shoes = random Hong Kong souvenir shop

Sweet Surprise - Cartolina App

Sorry about the sweetness overload that's about to happen.
Get your puke bags ready.

I emailed SC this super cool app to create pretty greetings...
...and he replied me back with this.
Sweet SC - Cartolina
Damn. He's given me so much shit, I forgot that he could be kinda sweet ^_^

...and my reply?

What's up with the "Fu"?
That's just one of the 1,658,093 nicknames he created for me.

Like the app? Send something sweet and make someone's day.
Check it out here 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Mini Denim Skirt

Uniqlo Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Mini Denim
It's the hoodies again.

This time I tried to look kinda fierce and sexy.
Then I realized...
Uniqlo Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Mini Denim
Fierce and sexy =/= me.
I kinda looked like a bitchy cheap wh*re.
I am a bitchy cheap wh*re.

I decided to lose the hat.
Uniqlo Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Mini Denim
Ahhhh...much better now.
At least the bitchy part's gone ^_^'

Hoodies = Uniqlo
Skirt, shades & bangle = random no brand
Leg warmer = H&M
Heels = M&S

I did wore this hoodies in a less bitchy-cheapo-whorish way, it was even kinda sweet.
I also wore this hoodies with a maxi dress ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Floaty Pink Dress

Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey
Remember this Uniqlo hooded jacket?
Love love love it!

I wear it with everything, I'll try to post as many combos as I can.

I wore it with this pretty floaty pink dress...
Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey

...and airy pink headband.
Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey

I don't think the following pose is for me.
Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey
I look as if I was having a stomachache.

Stomachache pose aside, do you like this outfit?
How would you wear this hooded jacket?

I tried to wear this hoodies and make myself look fierce and sexy, but it didn't exactly work :D
I kinda like the hoodies on a maxi dress ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Dots & Grey Leopard - Me & My Baby Weight

Pink Dots & Grey Leopard
The first day I went back to work...I felt so nervous trying to put on my old skirt.
The last time I checked...I couldn't fit into it.
Well, I could, but wouldn't be able to sit, or walk, or stand...or breathe.
But on Monday...I found that the skirt fits!

Before I had Marcus, I weighed something like 133-135lbs? (!!!)
Yeah, I was heavy, I'm only 154cm tall for freak's sake.
During my last stage of pregnancy, I weighed about 151 lbs. Gosh, I was heavier than SC! Hehehe.
Now I've lost all my pregnancy weight, thanks to taking care of the baby and breastfeeding...but I am by no means slim. I am just back to where I was...chubby :p

So, I am back to wearing what I love to wear...vintage tops layered with small cardigans to give it a more fitted shape (because I hate bringing clothes to the tailor for adjustments), skirts which are fitted in the waist and puffy on the hips to hide the junk in my trunk :)

Oh...and knee length socks, since tights sometimes make me feel miserable.

Top = thrifted
Cardigan = Zara
Skirt = Cotton On
Belt = Orange, Jakarta
Socks = Uniqlo
Shoes = Marks & Spencer's

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Fever

No, I wasn't referring to the kind where everyone's wanting to have babies babies babies.
Marcus - Fever
Marcus had a fever last night.
It was the night after his 2-months vaccination.
Fever is a normal reaction.

He was pretty cool with it.
He still ate as normal.
He didn't fuss much.
He talked much.
He even smiled a lot.

But SC and I, we were panicking like a fish outta water.
Can't blame us, we're new parents.
New parents are crazy.
New parents are ridiculous.
We know.

When the fever hits 38.1C, we gave him acetaminophen and stuck a cooler pack on his forehead, and he's back on track.
And by that, I mean the unusual quietness, cooing and smiling were gone, back to his old bouts of crying.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Festive Grays

Festive Grays
Love these wintery, Christmassy patterns, and I love them more because they are neither red nor green, but in shades of gray!

I especially love the hooded jacket. Super comfy and it's in a soft shade of gray that makes my skin glow! I bought a larger size so that I can share this with SC as usual ;)
Festive Grays
Wait for the "his and hers" post ^_*

Hooded jacket HK$199
Knee high socks HK$79 for a pack of two pairs
All from Uniqlo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Once Upon A Sky

I love my place.
Once Upon A Sky

To see something this beautiful...
Once Upon A Sky

...all I had to do...
Once Upon A Sky

...was looking outside my window.
Once Upon A Sky

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marcus Smiles and Smises

Lil' Marcus just learnt how to smile.
Smile needs to be learnt???? What in the world did mama smoke?

Before this, Marcus only smiles unconsciously in his sleep, or when he's awake, he'd smile right before he cried, wailed and screamed with all his might.

So I don't think he understood the concept of smiling ^_^' until recently.

Here are a few of his smiles.
Sour smile...
Marcus Just Learnt How to Smile

Smiling with his eyes (smises ala Tyra?)
Marcus Just Learnt How to Smile

Sweet smile...
Marcus Just Learnt How to Smile

Cheeky googoo smile...
Marcus Just Learnt How to Smile

Full blown smile :D
Marcus Just Learnt How to Smile

Shoe Lust - Reebok Freestyle Polka Dot

You know how much I love polka dots...
Shoe Lust - Reebok Freestyle Polka Dot
I want.
I want.
I want.
I want!

iPhone App Love - Pictory Fun

I am currently in love with this app....
You can add cute icons and fun text to your pictures, adjust colors, sizes, opacity and more!
Check out this geektastic and dorkilicious picture of lil' Marcus...
Pictory  Fun!

...or this hilarious one, capturing Marcus' first encounter with SC's family pets, Ah Yi and Ah Yung...
Pictory  Fun!
The text says "Get lost!"

You like?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Lensless Glasses

Current favorite squeeze...
Vintage Lensless Glasses
A pair of vintage lensless glasses!

Stupid? Ridiculous? Silly? Crazy?
Vintage Lensless Glasses
Who cares!
They don't have cheap plastic lenses that make my head spin, they look good with my new bob, they make my face look smaller...

Whatever makes me cuter = good!
I need all the help I could get :p

Vintage lensless glasses = gift from my sis