Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Chinese New Year Outfit

Event: Chinese New Year Eve Family Dinner
Venue: Seribu Rasa, Jakarta, Indonesia. A chic family-style Indonesian-Chinese restaurant
Outfit planning:
- Something with some reds, the auspicious color for Chinese New Year (the top, the headband and the shoes)
- Something not too hardcore Chinese (plaid cotton top instead of embroidered silk with Chinese pattern)
- Not too glam, not too casual (dressing down with cotton top, dressing up with chiffon skirt = balance)
- Comfy, there should be room for lotsa food (stretchy belt)
- Shoes I could maneuver myself in from the parking lot up the stairs of the dining hall (shoes borrowed from my sis)

On me:
- Chinese plaid cotton top from Ladies Market, HK$69
- Black stretchy belt with gold buckle, H&M, remixed
- Black chiffon tiered skirt, Zara, remixed
- Red peep toe shoes, borrowed from my sis
- Red cotton bow headband, borrowed from my sis
- Black vintage Cartier bag (not shown, maybe later hehe), borrowed from my sis
- Gold ring, H&M, remixed

Kung Hey Fat Choi. May the ox bring you more fabulousnesses!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarkets are my wonderland, my sanctuary, my heaven. I could spend hours browsing snacks, ingredients, products. How domestic!!! But. Whenever possible, I try to avoid buying stuff from Hong Kong's major supermarkets. Things are generally more expensive there. I prefer buying food supplies from the wet market near me, and toiletries from Bonjour.

PS. I was just posing with the cup noodles, I don't buy a lot of those (what a blatant lie)

Here's what I wore after work, before dinner, cruising Wellcome supermarket to buy a sack of rice:
- Top = White cotton top, from In Fashion, Mongkok, remixed
- Undershirt = grey cotton turtleneck tee, from Fa Yuen St Market, remixed
- Belt = Stretchy belt with jewelled buckle, from H&M, remixed
- Skirt = White brown striped cotton full skirt, from Cotton On, remixed
- Tights = fuchsia tights from Argyle Center, remixed
- Shoes = Chinese inspired ballet flats, a gift from my sis, remixed
- Necklace = Ethnic inspired necklace + pendant, from H&M, HK$59, remixed

What was in my supermarket trolley?
- 5 kg vacuum packed Japanese pearl rice
- a pack of tri color ferrero roche chocolates

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rockin' Leopard

Me and Xbox 360? Not the best of friends, just like what I've mentioned previously. I succkkkkkk!!!

Losing game after game got me hot.

Soon I'd be gnawing on my rock chick (borrowed) accessories and my sparkly silver, grey, gold polished nails.

I don't only borrow clothes from my sous chef. I borrow accessories too!!! HAHA!

Losing at lousy games. Not my idea of fun. Bah! Enough of this Xbox bullshit.

Top = leopard chiffon mini dress from H&M (HK$199)
Undershirt = Black cotton turtle neck tee, remixed (you should be bored of this by now)
Vest = padded vest from Argyle Center, HK$59
Belt = Metal studded black leather from Zara, HK$159
Jeans = my only pair of jeans, remixed
Necklace = red beads from Argyle Center, HK$20, so remixed
Shoes = silver peep toe shoes from Union, remixed

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Converse and Batik

I love my old and tattered gold converse sneakers. They go with everything.

I could even pair them with these super sweet and girly batik ensemble, wore them for a night of intense shopping around Mongkok.

- Dress: pastel batik dress from Mall Ambassador, Jakarta, Rp.80.000,-
- Necklaces: faux pearl and beige gold beaded necklace, remixed
- Belt: Magenta stretchy belt with jewelled buckle, from H&M, remixed
- Tights: magenta tights from Argyle center, remixed
- Bag: multicolor beaded and sequined quilt bag from Bangkok

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bargain Boots

Grey mocassins...aren't they cuteeee???? These are for my sis. Imagine wearing these with skinny jeans, tights...vintage dresses or mini skirts for warmer days.

Beige ones. They make my legs look like elephant's. I don't care. I'll think of something and I'm gonna wear these babies. They are for my sis too. They are both from a HK$99/any pair shop in Argyle Center, Mongkok. I wanted to buy the whole shop!!!!

"For my sis" is one of my overused tag lines when it comes to shopping. I buy them early (wayyy before going back to Indonesia), and wear them before forgetting to pack them into my luggage. Hahah! So, essentially, the phrase is just my lame excuse for more shopping! It fooled sous chef nicely, though. Try!

A Versatile Hanger - A Great IKEA Catch

Initially intended to be an xmas tree alternative, but imagine wat you can hang on this baby (NOT your in laws). I am thinking pictures, accessories, trinkets, oh my! It's the ultimate empty canvas for your creativity! at just HK$49, it's a steal! Go go go!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boys Sweater - Embracing Girliness

My sis told me that I make anything look girly. A frilly lacey frock, a harley davidson tee, an oversized sweatpants, you name it! It doesn't have to be pink, it doesn't have to be floral. Even if it is something studded with heavy metal chains, it will still look girly on me, and I dunno why. I wasn't happy about this and I used to be in a hugee state of denial, tried my best to look as "non girly" as possible...without success. No matter what I did, I still look they way I do. Girly.

Nowadays, I've come to terms with the way I look, embrace my being girly and exploited it to the highest potential. What the heck. There's nothing wrong with turning everything girly, right? I am just a girl after all.

I turned this oversized boy's sweater to something that's so me. Added layers of feminine necklaces (I learnt this from my sis), tiered chiffon skirt, pretty tights, cute and sweet heels, and there you go. The girliest of girls!

top = vintage polka dot shirt, remixed
sweater = Orange thick cotton, borrowed
necklaces = multicolor wooden necklace, Rp.10.000,- from a small stand in front of Roti Bakar Edi, Jakarta. The faux pearl is from Argyle Center and the cream beaded necklace is from H&M, remixed
Skirt = Tiered black chiffon from Zara, remixed
Tights = houndstooth patterned tights from Ladies Market, remixed
Shoes = Brown heels from Union, remixed
Bag = LV monogram canvas trouville, remixed. with a gold heart ornament, free from a Japanese magazine

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something New, Something Blue, Something Borrowed

No, I wasn't talking about a wedding.

Something new and blue = the skirt (blue white striped cotton skirt, from Cotton On, HK$50)
Something borrowed = the sweater (purple argyle patterned cotton sweater)

7C without tights? I am so gonna be cold.

Slapped on a pair of purple tights (from Argyle Centre, HK$29)...all warm, ready to blast off to dinner!

Scarf = off white "pashmina" from Tsuen Wan, Nam Fung Center, HK$20
Headband = dark sparkly silver, remixed
Shoes = silver peep toe shoes from Union, remixed

Necklace = from Primark, London, 2 pounds
Nail color = black base + sparkly grey gold + top coat, all from Bonjour

With these silver heels, I won't be able to walk too far. So I guess dinner has to be around here or I'll need a piggy back ride.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vintage Green

Not all of my snapshots are taken using DSLR camera. Some pictures are taken using my humble yet trustworthy pocket digital camera.

1. The person who helped me taking the pictures absolutely HATE my DSLR when it is used with 50mm f1.8 lens, due to its really really tiny coverage
2. Although I am practically shameless, the various people who helped me taking pictures might feel self conscious taking this shameless girl posing all over Hong Kong's public places
3. My brain power has been reduced to a microscopic size, I forgot to bring my good camera

So these pictures were taken using my pocket DC, somewhere near Legco building, Central, at lunch time (I spent 15 minutes inhaling my lunch in the office, and breezed off to do some shameless posing). Hope you won't notice that I ate too much.

I fell in love with this vintage green polka dot satin top the moment I saw it. It has puffy sleeves and pleated at the front, in my favorite shade of green.

I paired it with a full lace skirt, leaving so much room for snacks after lunch ^_^

I didn't feel like pairing elegance with more elegance. So I threw on my padded white jacket to stay warm.

So many shots were taken to get this picture right, and yet it is still not right. My smile turned sour when after the 1 gadzillion shot, I could still see the rubbish bin behind me (not visible in this picture), and the horizon was all kinds of tilted (bless Adobe photoshop the powerful photo fixer).

Top - Vintage green polka dot satin
Undershirt - black cotton turtle neck, Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39, remixed
Skirt - full black lace skirt from H&M, HK$199
Tights - black with butterfly bow pattern, remixed
Shoes - Black Scholl pumps, remixed
Belt - Black stretchy belt with gold buckle, remixed
Necklace - from H&M, remixed
Bag - from H&M, remixed
Jacket - white padded jacket from U right, HK$99

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Touches of Red

Hmmmm...what's for dinner?

Cup noodles? won't satisfy me. Maybe for midnight snack later.

Loving my new white brown striped cotton skirt. It's comfy, flatters me, hide the parts I needed to hide, and it has two cute invisible little pockets! As usual, I love colors. You'll see a sea of blacks and greys all over Hong Kong in winter, and you'll see me in an explosion of colors still. I added touches of reds here and there.

Turtleneck tee = U2, circa 3 winters ago
Skirt = Brown and white striped cotton full skirt, from Cotton On, HK$50
Tights = grey tights, Ladies Market HK$29
Shoes = mustard green from Vincci, KL
Clutch = from H&M, HK$29
Necklaces = orange and red, from Argyle Center, HK$20 each
Earrings = from Argyle Center, HK$5 each

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Recent Loot

Sale, sale, sale everywhere...what a girl to do?

A recent trip to H&M yielded the above blings:
- Chunky ring, gold frame surrounded by "diamond" studs = HK$39 - 70% off = HK$11.7
- Chunky ring, silver frame, black "stone" = HK$39 - 70% off = HK$11.7
- Chunky bangle, gold frame, white jewels = HK$39 - 70% off = HK$11.7
- Chain cream + gold necklace = HK$59
- Gold chain with floral locket = HK$39

and a trip to Bonjour cosmetics yielded the following nail color:

- Solid black nail polish = HK$8
- Transparent black and glitter polish = HK$8
- Revlon top coat = HK$15

Dark nails in Hong Kong are so now. Even I was tempted enough to go through all of the troubles and did my nails.

Too bad pretty nails and cooking don't exactly mix. Now they are all chipped from all the chopping. Sigh. With pretty nails, I should only "cook" this (if you could call that cooking).

Friday, January 9, 2009

My LBVD - Little Black Vintage Dress

Ok. It is not exactly "little". It's huge and comfy. Simply add a belt and it looks as if it fits! I love the ruffles on the sleeves and the chest. It's great for work!

Slap a nice coat and put on a colored tights. They added the badly needed accents and they keep me warm ^_^
The pictures were taken in Yaumatei train station in a peak between train arrivals. People were shooting us dirty looks. Bah! If I had a dollar for every dirty look thrown at me when taking shameless pictures in public places....I'd be able to buy those ankle boots I always wanted.

I wanna explain the jacket. It's probably my most expensive piece of clothing in these few years. It's from French Connection, it costs HK$699 (around USD89). Although I find it super expensive, I bought it because I knew I would get a good use out of a classic piece like this. The shape flatters me, I love the uniquely striking color (as always), and it is light but super warm. I just have to be careful and try not to spill on it or I will be totally broken hearted.

I commuted in my favorite black flats and change to heels in the office (I kept a few high heeled shoes at work, hope I could write about them later).

I just bought a bunch of pins from Lace, Beads and Buttons St, Sham Shui Po. They are inexpensive (around HK$12-20 each) great to jazz up my rather plain selection of clothings.

Dress = Black vintage chiffon dress, a fantastic thrift find
Belt = faux crocodile skin belt, from H&M, HK$79
Pin = Nam Cheong St, Sham Shui Po, HK$20
Tights = purple tights from Ladies Market, HK$29
Shoes = Black velvet flats from Fa Yuen St Market, HK$49
Coat = Mustard Green coat from French Connection sale, HK$699
Bag = Black tote from H&M, on sale for HK$49

My hair was shitty though...thanks to rushing to work, and I looked kinda cranky cos it took forever to get a decent shot that night. Sob.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Color Coordinated

Although it seems like you've seen so much colors in my previous posts, it is actually challenging for me not to be too matchy-matchy. It is always the easiest to wear everything from the same tone and match them with neutrals. Just like what I did on this lazy, no-brainer day.

I received a comment that I should stop wearing turtle necks under my vintage chiffon tops. It makes me look boring. Come to think of it, I probably have to stop wearing cardigans over my tops too haha! I can't help me. They are so me, and they help keeping me warmer in these winter days.

I added a pin to jazz up my plain cardi...and I like how the cardigan gave the sleeves a different puffy effect.

This vintage top is one of my favorite finds. Other than being incredibly cheap, it is in fantastic condition, the shoulder width fits me perfectly, the floral pattern is oh-so-sweet! and the silhouette doesn't look too awkward.

Damn! Even my nails are maroon'ed with greenish silver sparkle. Talk about lazy!

Top = chiffon vintage floral top with puffy sleeves
Cardigan = Black sparkly cardigan from Causeway Bay Market, HKD49, remixed
Skirt = Tiered chiffon skirt from Zara, HK$259 (I wear this all the time!)
Belt = Black stretchy belt with gold buckle, from H&M, HK$79 circa last winter
Tights = Maroon tights from Ladies Market, Mongkok, HK$29
Shoes = Black velvet flats with gold laces, from Fa Yuen St Market, HK$59
Pin = from Nam Cheong St, Sham Shui Po, HK$20

Note to myself = please think outside the same tones next time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adorably Indonesian

Is there a way to dress Indonesian, which does not involve batik?
Apparently there is. My sis bought me this super adorable sweater from a shop in Alun Alun at Grand Indonesia. They specialise in incorporating Indonesian design elements into modern apparels. Kinda pricey, but affordable when on sale.

What's so Indonesian about this sweater?

It has rabbit's ears on its hood. OK, rabbits = adorable. I get it.

It's borderline cheesy and corny, don't you think? But that's me. Corny is my middle name and my sis knows it exactly! I AM shameless enough to wear this sweater!

OK, here goes. It has a rabbit print on the a pixelized high tech kinda way. The word "terwelu", which is Javanese for rabbit is cleverly printed underneath the rabbit. Genius!!!!!

Tied a piece of lace on my hair. The lace color matches the border color of the sweater's print. I added a small plastic earring in the shape of "female" toilet sign in pink, the color duplicates that of the rabbit's inner ear.

...and I am a sucker for initials. Thus the R white plastic earring.

Top = "terwelu" rabbit sweater from Alun-alun, Grand Indonesia, a bday gift from my sis, last year
Skirt = Tiered denim skirt bought in Singapore, SGD29
Tights = Grey tights from Argyle Center, HK$29
Shoes = White "patent leather" heels from Argyle Center, HK$69
Lace ribbon = from Ki Lung St, Sham Shui Po, HK$2.5
Plastic earrings = pink female toilet sign and initial R, from Argyle Center, HK$5 for two
Bag = white quilted bag with gold chain from Argyle Center, remixed

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aubergine Mustard

What to wear for a casual dinner at my favorite fastfood joint after work? Comfy, effortless, adorable.

My two favorite colors, aubergine and mustard, a dress you could move into, and a comfy yet glamorous loafers.

Dress = plaid winter dress, from Fa Yuen St Market, remixed

Shirt = chiffon navy with cream floral pattern vintage shirt
Scarf = mustard pashmina, from Ladies Market, Mongkok. HK$39
Tights = aubergine tights from Ladies Market, remixed
Shoes = mustard with gold buckle, from Union, Mongkok, HK$250
Bag = brown sling bag, from H&M, remixed

Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYE 2008-2009 Outfit: Ending 2008 in Style

We ended 2008 with love by celebrating Alex & Idy's wedding. Hong Kong weddings are normally unpredictable, as usually there's no dress code printed on the invitation. If the wedding happens on a weekday, people normally go to the reception straight after work, and you can expect to see officewear all over the party. Other than that, people could show up either in a party dress or jeans and sweatshirts. However, ending a year is not a casual affair for me. Thus, I opted for glamour.

It's all about satiny, shiny, sparkling, and shimmering of deep red, darkest black, silver and old gold.

I love the tiny lace trim detail on top, and two little velvet ribbons just below the chest. The floaty black tulle on satin red polka dots added the extra glamour.

The pin accented the whole look and stopped it from looking too matchy-matchy, and nothing screams out "winter glam" more than (faux) fur. I had my hair all big and curled, lined my eyes with deepest black, put on my fake lashes and red lips, sprayed a little Hugo Deep red, and I was ready to end 2008 and take on 2009 in style and fabulousnesses!!!

Dark grey sparkly headband from Fa Yuen St Market, HKD19.90
Dress from This Fashion Singapore, SGD19.90
Black sparkly cardigan from Causeway Bay Market, HKD49
Black faux fur stole from In Fashion, Mongkok, HKD69.90
Black tights from Ladies Market, Mongkok, HKD39, remixed
Silver shoes from Union, Mongkok, remixed
Black patent leather tote from Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, a gift
Pin, HKD20, remixed

Check out the wedding reception at Mochachocolata-Rita's Foodbuzz 24,24,24: Ending 2008 with Love - A Classic Hong Kong Wedding.