Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scent Lust! Lookin' to Rock Rita - from Benefit

When something has my name on it...

I want, I want, I want, I want,

How does it smell?

Sweet & girly, the bottle is so damn cute...and I love it!

Should I get it?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Attack of Red Lipped Gals

Red Lipped Gals
@lapetitcreme and I had an agreement to wear our red red REDest lipstick last Friday. She showed up with red-ish lips but not quite red enough. I was fully prepared, I made the girls put on my super red lipstick and had our guy pal @jasonbonvivant take our pictures ;)

That was @lapetitcreme, me and @sporbo...we were supposed to pout ;) yo?!

OK, giving up pouting...we just put on our deadliest killer smiles.
Red Lipped Gals
The Lipstick = Max Factor #820 Intensely Red

Red Lipped Gals
What d'ya think? Did we pull it off?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Half Ponytail for Boys

La Parole0
I always had a thing for boys with long-ish hair.
Luckily, SC is in the mood for keeping longer hair, and you know how shameless adventurous he is with hair, fashion, or even make up ;)
Lucky me.
This time, it was his own idea...he always wanted to have a pony tail, but his hair isn't long enough yet...

So, half a pony tail.
I kinda like it.
Stylish and practical.
It also helps keeping annoying hair from poking his eyes.
La Parole
You likey?

Friday, June 25, 2010

SC's Soccer Snack

Soccer Snack
Originally uploaded by Mochachocolata-Rita
We're watching FIFA World Cup 2010, Brazil vs Portugal...and SC's snacking cup noodles. Slurp~! Yum!

Girly Romance - Another Preggo Chic?


My feeling last weekend, thus this outfit.

Flowy tunic, leggings and flats...kinda your another boring bump-friendly preggy combo, but I kinda like it!
It leaves me enough room to devour tonnes of food (it was a pal's bday celebration at Yakitoritei), yet still fits all of the above keywords I was going for :)

You like?
Plus, the tunic is new. From Kwai Chung Plaza, just HK$39!!! ^_*

Leggings = H&M mama, HK$99
bracelets = H&M and various no brands
Earrings = Forever 21
Faux pearl hair band = no brand
Shoes = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$89

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to My Messy Flat

Messy Flat
Some of my friends had been to my flat...most of them have seen my flat in its best behavior. Some of my blogging friends have seen my flat from some blog posts...
All cute, pristine and tidy.

But does my flat look like that every day?
Thank SC for stealing some shots of me doing an actual food photo shoot at home (he was in charge of holding a home made reflector, but he figured he could multi task).

Look at all that junk on my dining table!
Messy Flat
Piles of unopened mails and old magazines...used cups, candies, snacks, water jugs, a week worth of laundry on my dining chairs, and who knows what's underneath that pile of crap.


Just keeping it real, baby ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ibility Fashion Store Opening

So here's Benny and Rose's lovely fashion store...Ibility!
Very very pretty decor, lots of it handmade and designed by the boss and lady boss :)

I absolutely LOVE the pretty clothes hanger.
Now my wire hangers at home feel so shabby...

Boss Benny personally sourced some golden old goodies himself...

They're for sale! I really had to stop myself from wanting to get everything :)

And SC met his hairband twin...

He and boss Benny both were wearing pink, sporting some kinda goatie, sideburns and were using hairbands to keep hair off their face ;)
Comfort or fashion or both?

Here's lady boss Rose in action...

What she can make with her delicate hands? Amazing!

Soon, I couldn't stop myself!

Liking this dress...a lot!

Loving all the accessories which lady boss personally hand crocheted...

Gorgeous! these floral hair bands...

Too bad SC won't be able to share these with me :)

Lots of pretty belts to define your waist...

...and here are some of the dresses I adore the most!

Thanks goodness for the loose-comfort-fit least some of the dresses can still fit my bump :)

...and I adore these straw bags and luggages!

But the thing I couldn't resist buying was...this dress...

Love the floral pattern, the pretty colors, the lace top, the flared sleeves...

...and the delicate chiffon ribbon belt.

I was told that this was boss Benny's favorite piece!
It's their signature dress so to speak.
If you love everything pretty and romantic, you'd love Ibility.

Congrats to boss Benny and lady boss Rose!
Cheers to good business and success!

Lace Romance

One fine weekend, I went to SC's friend fashion store opening.
From the website and the invitation, I knew I was gonna love the shop, and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear to the opening.

My favorite romantic cotton lace dress, which is also bump-friendly :)

My favorite white and gold necklace...

A straw hairband, a pair of vintage inspired earrings, a pair of wedges and my H&M camel bag.

Did I love the shop? You betcha.
Did I buy anything? You betcha.
You'll know real soon...stay tuned! ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shopaholic's Paparazzi

SC has a new hobby...

...which is taking ugly snapshots of me...when I shop.

This was me "evaluating" a purse...

This was me complaining about seeing the same item being sold at a different shop twice the price...

...and saying how lucky I was not buying it twice the price (but I still didn't buy it after seeing the cheaper price ^_^')

SC also took shots of me looking into mirrors with my potential purchases...

I was kinda worried that the shop owner would scold him, but none did.
Lucky him.

...and I shopped for shoes...

How about this one? Nice?

But they were so uncomfy, so I didn't get them.

...and this was a shot of me leaving the shop empty handed.

SC named this picture "The Loser" and he was so pleased with himself.


PS. He said he took the shots for the sake of my blogging. Now that's kinda sweet ^_^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HK$20 Fake Lashes

Yesterday was a public holiday ^_^ and I went out for a bit of shopping.
Heck, not a was quite a lottt of shopping (half day walk in Dragon Centre, Sham Shui Po)...and the only thing I managed to buy, is this pack of fake lashes.

Kinda love them though...a huge pack for only HK$20, wow! Normally I spend HK$9.90-HK$20 for a pair...and reuse them again and again.

It wasn't a fruitful day of shopping, but at least now I can wear fake lashes more often ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Colorful Weekend

One fine weekend, I went with sc and a few pals to try out some HK style ghetto burger and I was in the mood for colors (since when was I not in the mood for colors?), thus...I wore this no brand bump-friendly colorful sundress from In&Out, with a no brand cardigan from Fa Yuen St Market, a "Cath Kidston" bag (I love how the red matches my cardi) and a comfy pair of Scholl sandals.

To minimise visible white hair before I can color, I put on a no brand floral scarf as head band. Obviously, it didn't help much ^_^'
Oh, I also blow out my hair, so you can't see the curls here. I kinda like the retro effect it created.

Was SC in colors?
Of course!

A pink tank from Uniqlo, and hope you don't get bored of that Zara floral harem pants and the torquoise chucks so soon. You'll be seeing much of them all over summer.

After lunch, the sun was we put on our cool shades...

All el-cheapo, but serves their purpose perfectly.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New iPhone Camera App Love - Classic Toy

Love vintage pictures?
Then you must loveeee this iPhone photo app.
It's called Classic Toy, Plastic camera toy, classic lens with vintage damaged film.
Download it, it's free :D

You see lots of my pics and sc's pics...but you hardly see pictures of us together...because, either one of us had to hold the camera.

This time, we asked sc's sis in law to snap a few pics of us...

...and my lil' bumpy bump too!

SC's parents place is the best background for vintage inspired photography.

My bump is now getting bigger by the second!


Dragon boat festival is near, which mama's homemade sticky rice dumplings!
...and guess who ate a whole piece?
This is the culprit...

Ah Yung, you naughty naughty boy!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Addiction: iPhone Phototaking & Photoshop CS5

I could spend hours and hours and hours fiddling with my photos...and I had so much fun playing with these iPhone snapshots ^_^

Every day after dinner, I'd spend my whole waking ass planted firmly on my computer chair, very reluctant to even take showers, not to mention doing houseworks or exercising. Only my fingers get a bit of a exercise...I should change this habit :(
Thanks for reading my meaningless entry.

PS. Doesn't Hong Kong skyline look gorgeous after the rain? Hmm, maybe not with my ugly, non experienced editing :( sorry for ruining nature. Opps