Friday, January 28, 2011

Hong Kong Fashion Sighting - Love Her Legwear

Hong Kong Street Fashion Sighting - Love her style
Saw this cutie just behind Times Square, Causeway Bay.
Love the shoes, the tights, and the leg warmers/socks.

Her Casual Batik - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

28 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
I often wear batik in Hong Kong, and I asked a few friends from #365fashionshuffle to wear batik together. This is mine.

It's still a bit cold, so I put on a comfy cotton striped turtleneck tee...
28 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
...with puffy vest on top...

...and wore knee high argyle socks.
28 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
I love this batik dress because it's fits me comfortably, not too fitted, hides my hips very well, it can be cinched at the waist and the puffy sleeves help balancing my huge lower body.

This moccasins had been unworn for quite a while.
28 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Today they get to go out and see Hong Kong ^_^

Tee = Muji
Batik dress = no brand from Mal Ambassador
Belt & Bag = H&M
Socks & shoes = no brand from Kwai Chung plaza
Vest = Giordano

His Casual Batik

Casual Batik Chic
I asked SC to join me and wear batik together today. This is what I put together for him. Mix and match of patterns and colors as always...and this is totally unplanned, but his color combo looks good with the color of the surrounding ;)

It's the tiny little details that make a difference...
Turquoise stud to echo the color of the sneakers.

...and just a little touch of silver to echo the hardware of his man purse.

I love this vintage inspired Mickey Mouse tee, and SC's great buy Zara Man puffy vest, it was on crazy sale!
Casual Batik Chic

Casual Batik Chic
Batik pants from my sis, I love the pockets on the side and its comfy yet flattering cut, and another touch of color, the chucks.

Shirt & Tee = Uniqlo
Vest = Zara
Earrings, batik pants = no brand
Sneakers = Converse
Bag = Bauhaus

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Dress & Men Cardigan - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

27 Jan 2011 - Jacketed - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Today’s outfit ;)
Another very bad hair day, I had to secure my fringe with a pin… 

I fancied wearing a vintage dress today despite the cold, so I put on SC’s men’s cardigan under the jacket to keep myself warm.
27 Jan 2011 - Jacketless  - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

The textures and patterns...
27 Jan 2011 - Textures & Patterns  - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Print of the vintage dress...very spring and summery...
Vintage Dress Pattern

Warm and cozy, yet sophisticated tweed jacket.
Tweed Jacket Texture

The pattern of the men's cardigan and I love how it's bordered, it gives it a vintage feel...
Cardigan Pattern

The dotted socks and furry suede shoes.
Dotted Socks and Brown Furry Shoes
Yawn. Is it Friday already?
Sadly, no.
Dress = thrifted
Jacket = Uniqlo
Cardigan = Men’s Cotton On
Socks = Muji
Shoes = Wanko
Scarf = no brand
Bag = H&M

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marcus' New Playmat

Marcus & New Playmat
We bought a playmat for Marcus.
It's made in Korea, it has double "face", alphabet on one side, and numbers on the other.
Adorable, comfy, durable, anti-scratch.
It's frigging not-cheap, HK$650 for small size, to fit Hong Kong tiny flat size.

Did he like it?
Marcus & New Playmat

Marcus & New Playmat

Maybe not so much.
Marcus & New Playmat

Marcus & New Playmat

Nostalgia - Vintage Photo of SC, Bro & Mom

Vintage Photo - Hong Kong - Baby SC

Herringbone Tights & Argyle Socks - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

26 Jan 2011
Another mixing and matching patterns day.
Floral, solids, herringbone, argyle, soft, muted gray browns, cream, softest palest pink with some touches of dark blue.
26 Jan 2011

My favorite part? The herringbone tights worn with argyle socks.
Herringbone tights & Argyle socks
Top & jacket = thrifted
Dress = Lady Story
Tights = Uniqlo
Socks = Bossini
Scarf = no brand
Shoes = Cotton On
Bag = H&M

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mostly Black & White - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Today, I wear mostly neutrals again.
Quite a change for my normally always-colorful-pattern-mix-maniac self.
Even so, I had to throw in a splash of color (the jacket) ^_*
One day, I'll do all black.
I promise.
One day.

What's underneath the jacket?
Different textures of black and some white, super frilly, super girly.

Spring and summer will soon be here and I won't be able to wear these furry leg warmers anymore...
25 Jan 2011 shoes & leg warmer - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

...and this scarf, hand knitted by @lapetitcreme's mom.
25 Jan 2011 Scarf - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Thanks so much, auntie! You're the best!

...and a poor hand bag that hasn't been out for the longest time...
25 Jan 2011 bag - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Top = thrifted
Dress, leg warmer = no brand
Leggings = Uniqlo
Shoes = Marks & Spencer's 
Jacket = FCUK
Scarf = gift
Bag = Coach

Monday, January 24, 2011

Marcus' New Kicks from Mothercare Sale

Marcus' New Kicks
What a gorgeous pair.
I know he's gonna grow out of it so fast, but I couldn't help it ;)
Love the herringbone pattern, love the red accents, love the HK$62.50 price tag too!

Super Bad Hair Day - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

It's Monday.
It's cold.
It's so hard to get out of bed!
24 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
...and my hair, especially the fringe, is driving me crazy!
It pissed me off so much, I decided to just put on a hair band to get rid of them.
Something red to cheer this gloomy Monday up.

What's under the mostly black boring work ensemble?
24 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Some blues and some reds.

The highlight of my outfit today?
24 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
This pair of Chinese shoes from some random souvenir shop in Central, I bought them for just HK$59 a pair!

You like?

Hope you Monday is better than mine! ;)
PS. I forgot to define my brows. I really should've! T_T

Top = thrifted
Pants = Maple
Jacket = Uniqlo
Bag = H&M
Belt, shoes, socks, hair band = no brand

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uniqlo Fleece Shirt & Furry Leg Warmer - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

22 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Wore this ensemble to lunch today...quite a mistake. Despite looking really warm, the leg warmer isn't exactly warm. Oppps.

The Uniqlo fleece shirt is borrowed from SC, it's really comfy and the pattern is really now ;)
22 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

22 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE
I don't think I'll be wearing these leg warmers a lot. They are so...not me?

Shirt & leggings = Uniqlo
Vest = Giordano
Leg warmer = no brand
Shoes = Citistore
Bag = H&M

Friday, January 21, 2011

SC's Military Jacket for Casual Friday

Military Jacket
Photoshoot FAIL.
Couldn't even see the face, not in artistic way.
I love the background's a lane somewhere in Admiralty.

Military Jacket
Now that's better.

Military Jacket
Thank God SC is not wearing one of his Monster Hunter Uniqlo tees again today.
He vowed to wear them the whole year, and trust me, he almost did, if it wasn't for work.

Today he wore his plaid shirt with this military inspired jacket we bought for only for HK$100something from  i.t. outlet, my skinny jeans (which is now has become more of his jeans than mine, as he's always wearing them) and his favorite black boots.
Military Jacket
Obviously, we don't iron our clothes.
Please excuse us.

Shirt = Uniqlo
Jacket = i.t. outlet
Skinny jeans = mine
Boots = Salem
Scarf = no brand

Uniqlo Boys Plaid Shirt Made Girly - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

21 Jan 2011 - 375FASHIONSHUFFLE
Told you I was gonna do more of this slimming pose ;)

21 Jan 2011 - 375FASHIONSHUFFLE
This white padded from Uright.
The company has closed down...does that make this jacket kinda...collectible? ^_^'

21 Jan 2011 - 375FASHIONSHUFFLE
I am wearing SC's plaid Uniqlo shirt, but it wasn't warm enough, so I threw an extra cardi...and some pops of yellow.

21 Jan 2011 - 375FASHIONSHUFFLE
A boy's shirt never looks more girly.

Happy Friday!

Shirt = SC's Uniqlo shirt
Cardi, belt, shoes = no brand 
Skirt = Cotton On
Tights & bag = H&M

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Repeat Jacket #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

20 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
My favorite jacket to wear if I need to go somewhere nice.

And although I still mix patterns and it's not as severe ;)
20 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
I wanna go thrift shopping for another jacket! Who wants to go with me?

Top and jacket = thrifted
Skirt = Cotton On
Scarf = no brand, Kwai Chung Plaza
Tights = no brand
Belt = H&M
Shoes = Wanko
Bag = you're so bored of this, Marc by Marc Jacobs (I'll carry a different bag tomorrow, I promise!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

H&M Baby Again

H&M Baby Again
Does H&M make this pair of pants for adults?

I want one!
H&M Baby Again

H&M Baby Again

H&M Baby Again

Mama wants your comfy cotton cardi, Marcus!
H&M Baby Again

So that we can do the matchy matchy baby and mama together...
H&M Baby Again
Everything's from H&M except undershirt (Uniqlo onesie) and socks (gift from uncle Jww).