Monday, April 26, 2010

Joystick for XBOX & Super Street Fighter IV

SC's latest babies.
A Joystick for XBOX.... play Super Street Fighter IV.
He sucks at this game, but he'd be damned if he didn't buy it.

This means, until he lost to every single friend he plays with, I'd need to say goodbye to my TV.

Cute Stuff You Find in Hong Kong's 7-11 - Hershey's Chocolates

Look what I've found during a random evening walk up the hill near my place...
Stopped by 7-11 and spotted this cuteness!
Probably some leftovers from Valentine's day, but who cares! I gotta have it!
Not a big fan of the chocolates, but love love LOVE this packaging.
Cutey cutenesses!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where Were My Colors?

I was in the mood for neutrals that day.
The weather was kinda nice, I didn't need a jacket.
A thin cotton cardi kept me warm just fine, and it helped giving the loose thrifted top a more fitted shape.
I still couldn't help but throwing on a dash of red, though ;P

top = thrifted
cardi = fa yuen st market
skirt = H&M
socks = kwai chung plaza
shoes = marks n spencer's

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uniqlo Vintage Inspired Mickey Mouse Tee, His and Hers

I absolutely love this vintage inspired Mickey Mouse tees from Uniqlo.
I wish I could buy all of them, all of them, all of them.
I guess I could, but SC was there, so I didn't ^_^'
I think by now you probably know that SC and I love sharing clothes.
So, I decided to buy boys tees instead of girls tiny version, so that we can share! Hurray!

How did we wear them?

...and bigger boys tee = more room for my growing tummy ^_^

White Mickey Mouse tee with grey piping...

The super bright yellow one...

... and the muted pink.

All in super comfy fabric, very summer friendly, I can layer 'em for spring/autumn/winter...
...and only HK$79 each!

On SC...

Left to right:
- Uniqlo yellow mickey tee + purple IDC polo tee + H&M denim shorts + my no brand Mongkok belt + my bossini socks + these are not shoes loafers
- Uniqlo white mickey tee + hanes striped shirt + H&M checkered shorts + my no brand Mongkok belt + my no brand scarf + Salem boots
- Uniqlo pink tee + batik cotton shirt from Batik Keris, Jakarta + my skinny jeans + these are not shoes loafers + my no brand Mongkok aviator shades

On me:

Left to right:
- Uniqlo yellow mickey tee + thrifted top + No brand skirt, scarf and shoes from Kwai Chung Plaza
- Uniqlo white mickey tee + pink cardi from Kuala Lumpur + H&M belt + Cotton On skirt + Batik Keris scarf + Vincci shoes from KL
- Uniqlo pink tee + scarf, a gift + Zara denim skirt + Muji socks + Marks & Spencer's heels

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weird Photo-taking Poses

You know I like taking pictures...a lot.
You might wonder sometimes...what does SC do on photo-taking trips when I'm busy taking pictures (other than making out with his iPhone)?

He does THIS.
He takes pictures of me taking pictures.

Sometimes the pictures turn out kinda nice...

...kinda cool.

Oh heck, I think I looked super cool in below picture!

Until...I saw this...

...brr, that was probably too much for my abs.

And then the weird expression on my face when I was scouting for a different point of view...

...scout scout scout...

I couldn't look more idiotic.

...and this!

Do not do this without proper stretching!

...or you'd end up with sore legs and butt like me.
...and please, do not do that with any other human beings (or animals) in the vicinity.

Did the pictures I take worth all these acrobatic moves?
Probably not :p

Earthy Tones & Blues

As always, I wear all kinds of patterns together, polka dotted vintage shirt under floral dress, checkered vintage jacket, & diamond patterned socks :D

jacket & undershirt = thrifted
dress = lady story, yaumatei MTR
socks = kwai chung plaza
shoes = marks & spencer

Happy Monday, y'all~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bun-In-the-Oven Glow

In Hong Kong, people believe that if you are carrying a girl, you'd look prettier, extra radiant, pregnancy glow all over.
People also told me that if you're carrying a boy...ehm, good luck to you. Say hello to bad skin, swollen face and giant nose.

I don't think I look that bad, you probably won't see it from the angle of this photo and my two-way-cake powder foundation coverage, but SC has been teasing me with regards to my swollen and red nose endlessly.

I have lots of gray hair and always have to color my hair regularly. But since I don't believe it's good for lil' SC, I won't be coloring my hair during pregnancy. I'll just photoshop 'em out :D
Don't forget to say hello to my two break-outs too, otherwise they'd feel left out.

Gray hair, giant red nose and break-outs.
I'll just celebrate them as parts of the"glow". Yeehaaw~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tummy Shots - Week 17

Did pregnancy stop me from shopping?
Hmmm...a little bit.
It puts me off buying stuff I knew I won't be able to wear for quite a while.

I didn't start off skinny, and I love buying loose fitting clothes, so actually most of my current clothes could still fit. However, I do feel my body chest grows, my waist slowly disappears, my bottom grows even more gigantic. I am growing into a hippo, and it makes my underwired bras, my favorite fitted-at-the-waist skirts and my belts become too uncomfortable for me to wear.

My chest and my already not-too-svelte figure normally makes my tummy less obvious, but I do have quite a bit of tummy...

...where lil' SC grows bigger.

I haven't started buying any mom-to-be outfits yet, but I did purchase some empire waisted tops I can grow in, and I will blog about them soon~

Monday, April 12, 2010

SC's Haul of New Summer Shorts

Sorry for posting so much about SC, guys~
Since I've been wearing pretty much the same outfit (simply rotate Monday to Friday), plus the getting-bigger belly, the enlarged and red nose, gray hair...I was in no mood for outfit photo taking. I'll post my own outfits soon after I get my girly mojo back. I don't plan to stay too ugly throughout this whole bun-in-the-oven period for too long :D

SC has two branded, pricey and hideous looking baggy cargo shorts with lots of pockets which made his ass look...unappetizing and his thighs look swollen and stocky. He loved these two shorts to pieces.

Now he knows better. These shorts are made of lightweight cotton, the cut's slimming, and he could dress it up or dress it down. He even got a pair of lightweight denim shorts with nice cutting, all from his most hated shop of heaven....H&M ^_^

I bet he won't be buying any clothes until a few summers later :D

The cotton shorts (white checkered, tan, and grey) = HK$149 each
The denim shorts = HK$199
All from H&M, remixed with his old tops and jackets.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SC, the Good Housekeeper

Some people find cleaning therapeutic.
Some people are even cleanoholics.
I am not some people, and neither is SC.

We're messy pigs.
The floor is being cleaned once a week, and prior to cleaning, it's covered with 10000000001 of hair and dust.

SC thinks I don't clean the floor well enough, so he insisted in taking charge of floor cleaning.
I'm not gonna argue with that :D
Best deal ever!

SC cleans the floor wearing my hair band, sometimes it's the sparkly silver, or the polka dotted pink, and this time, it's the lacy white one.

He enjoys listening to his favorite music (Ekin Cheng - I don't think he's proud of this) while cleaning.

...and sometimes he sings along, out loud, and out of tune ;)

God bless SC.