Monday, November 30, 2009

Post early for Christmas - I Heart Snail Mail

Simple things such as this Hong Kong post's stamp with a mistletoe reminding me to post early for Christmas is the reason why I still love good ol' fashioned paper Christmas cards.

I gotta get crankin' if I wanna make some handmade cards. I know I won't be able to make that "post early" thing, but will try to get some cards out before Valentine's :D

Chinese Face Powder Box or Jewelry Box

My current favorite jewelry box.
I am sure some of you are familiar with this box.
I used to think the girl on the box looks creepy.
But now I love her, love the colors, love the pretty pattern on the sides....

Love the inside part of the box, and the content too :D

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thrift Mix

I just whacked this thrifted dress short. I was so ecstatic when I retrieved the dress back from the tailor, and also worried...I haven't had many clothes tailored in Hong Kong, I was worried that I might have just ruined a nice thrift find :(

Yes I did. The tailor shortened the dress just fine, but he whacked the inner lining too short, it barely covers...anything. Sob sob.

Luckily I could still wear this with a super opaque tights.. T_T

shirt = thrifted
mini dress = thrifted, altered
belt = orange, jakarta
tights = no name
shoes = vincci, kuala lumpur

Check out how the dress looked like before it was altered.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Cardi Love

Another piece I couldn't wait to wear....finally it is warm enough to wear this.
My old self would totally dismiss this blue , but my new grey-accepting self lovessss it.
It matches my new heels!

Love the sleeves, love the zipper! Not another button down cardi.
Wore this ensemble to work, may have to change the cardi to suit jacket in the office...and I'll have to wear my black commute-friendly shoes and change to heels at work, or I might never get to work T_T

cardi = no name, fa yuen st market, HK$69
turtleneck = in fashion, HK$39
skirt = cotton on, HK$99
tights = no name, HK$39
shoes = M&S, HK$350

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Favorite Thrift Find

Love this thrifted shirt to bits.
Its flowery pattern, muted colors, pretty buttons, the cutting, the shoulder pads, the big sleeves, like it's custom made for me!
I have been waiting for the weather to get warm enough to wear this....because this baby should not be hidden under any coat! :)

Wore it with a flowy skirt, tights and my super uncomfy heels.


top = thrifted
skirt = zara, HK$259
tights = random no name
shoes = M&S, HK$350

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Skirt Love

I went out last weekend to purchase a pair of comfy shoes. Bought myself a pair, and an extra pair of torturous high heels...and naturally, I couldn't help but bought something else.

Look at this skirt..

Love love love it!
Love the cuts and ruffles here at there, the tiers, the grey, the little sheen on the fabric...
...and the price tag. Just HK$100!
A must buy!

turtle neck tee & jacket = from in fashion (HK$39 and HK$109)
skirt = cotton on, HK$100
tights = no name, HK$29
shoes = M&S, HK$595

Monday, November 23, 2009

Horizontal Stripes

Although I am not tiny, but I never shy away from horizontal stripes.
Always love a black and white classic combo, and with that beret, painter wannabe!

As always, I added a dash of color, yellow this time. I needed comfy kicks, so no heels this time.
Sorry for wearing this jacket again. I can't get enough of it!
Wore this for a morning photo hunting around Temple St last weekend.

hat = H&M, HK$69
cotton turtle neck = U2, circa long time ago
striped tee = no name from kwai chung plaza, HK$39
jeans = from jakarta
sneakers = nike
bag = H&M
faux leather jacket = H&M, HK$499

Hong Kong Celebrity Sighting - Wayne Lai from Rosy Business

Every time we went for sous chef's Saturday morning check up in Jordan, we always bump into something good.

This time, we literally walked straight into a morning shooting...involving...Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)!
He looks really handsome and suave in person :)

He was the kind of actor that appears in most TVB soap shows and some movies...someone that looks familiar but I never really knew his name.

Until I watched Rosy Business (巾幗梟雄).
Loved the series, and absolutely loved Wayne's role (柴九哥) in it.

Hope you had a smooth morning shooting, Wayne.

Finally Something I Can Commute In

I want the perfect heels (albeit low), something that I can commute in, other than sneakers, flats (I find most flats are painful too), boots, and chunky sandals. I've found just the one.
The heels are just the perfect height for me (in terms of comfort, not appearance), the front isn't too narrow (those deform my feet), and the detailing made it look sweet but not diabetic sweet.
These are from Marks and Spencer's foot glove, HK$595 (pricey but I need them!)

What a girl to do when exposed to many pairs of shoes?

Buy more than 1 pair of course.
I was wondering if there's such thing as a pair of comfy heels, and when I tried these on, I was so convinced that these are the ones!
I walked almost the entire upper floor of M&S, for a few rounds and I was still standing. So I bought these suede number (HK$350), in prettiest shade of blue (that I don't have), despite every reason not to.

I wanted them to immediately run on a test drive, so I walked out in them.

Guess what?
They deformed my feet within 5 seconds walking in the real world.
Sigh. I will be wearing these when all I need to do is jump in and out of taxi, with a pair of emergency flip flops in my handbag.

I showed sous chef the black pair. He doesn't need to know about these blue ones, now, does he? ^_*

Friday, November 20, 2009

So Not in the Mood

Wot? Not in the mood?
Perhaps...I've forgotten that today is FRIDAY???!!!
As in...Thank God It's FRIDAY?
As in...tonight you can play all you want and go crazy?
As in...tomorrow no work?
As in...hello weekend?

I dunno.

Maybe it's the bright blue sky...
Maybe it's the air...
Maybe it's in my antihistamines.

Love winter, hate allergies.

I am wearing a boring crap today, so I am posting an outfit I wore recently, which somehow went unposted.

top = thrifted
jacket = lady story
belt = orange, jakarta
skirt = cotton on
tights = random no name
bag and shoes = H&M

I was initially excited about going shoe shopping, but not anymore. (WOTTT???!!!)

Don't listen to my. I am absurd.
Go ahead and enjoy your weekend, then tell me all about it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter Fuchsia

My favorite winter look is back.
El cheapo dress, rocker chick faux leather jacket and shoes, with a touch of thrifted vintage.
...oh, and I am so freaking happy to be having a good hair day today.

I just realised that...I look cockeyed in most of my outfit pictures. LOLs!

shirt = thrifted
minidress/top = fa yuen st market, HK$49
black tights = argyle center, HK$39
shoes = fa yuen st market
brooch = free from another top
faux leather jacket = H&M

Every good hair day deserve a celebration. Dark chocolate ice cream tonight!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before Winter

I gotta post this outfit before the winter coats swallowed it...

Sheer, flowy and puffy, accessorized with whites and greys.
Expect a winter version of this outfit soon.

top = thrifted
cami = giordano
skirt = zara, HK$259
shoes and bag = argyle center
necklace = kwai chung plaza, HK$20
bangles = gift from a friend

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lace and Embroidery

Lace and friends or enemy?
Well...everyone's best friends in my book ^_^
I even slapped on a lil grey leopard somewhere, and they all got along.

Don't you just loveeeeeeee the embroidered details on this red lil cotton jacket? and the double collar! I couldn't believe I thrifted this. Such a catch!

red embroidered top = thrifted in jakarta
white lacy shirt = thrifted in hong kong
grey leopard skirt = cotton on, HK$99
jewelled belt = H&M
tights = random no brand
pumps = argyle center, mongkok, HK$59

Wore in to work yesterday.
Everyone needs a little brightness on Mondays.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M Madness in Hong Kong

Last Saturday, H&M started selling Jimmy Choo for H&M in Hong Kong.
I expected a major madness, pull-her-hair-elbow-her-outta-the-way madness.

The above picture was taken at 10:54 AM, in front of H&M Central.
It didn't look so mad, right?
Hong Kongers aren't early risers after all.

Once the queueing crowd was let in, the police (yeah! the police!) removed the metal barriers.

I took a shot's a mad mad MAD world inside.
I was promptly told not to take photographs. Naturally. :p

The remnants from the early morning queue.

Soon, more fashionistas flocked in front of the window, gauging their chances inside...boyfriends cursing H&M/designers/fashion in general, and random uncles wondering what was all the fuss about.

Hop over to H&M's site to view the collection.
Did I get any? All I got were these shots. :p

Sloppy Comfy Photohunting Weekend

Cool weather, muted soft sunlight means....a busy weekend!

We went to Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological Garden in Central to photograph some animals. A mini version of a zoo...there are...lots of birds and plants, an alligator, a giant snake, a bunch of monkeys and raccoon. Should we still call it a zoo? I wish we had a proper zoo in Hong Kong. I love zoos (I love seeing cute animals without having to take care of them heheh...).

The animals were caged. It made photographing them super challenging!!! Photographing is one thing, but living the experience is another thing. Despite the cage, I found myself enjoying my stroll in the park, checking out the amusing antics of the monkeys, admiring rare animals and flowers...and being equally amused by other patrons of the park.

Here are some shots from the trip, click on the pics to view the whole set.
Reminds me of snowflakes and Christmas...and I love love LOVE the muted colors.

The golden lil monkeys from Brazil. Looking out thinking....freedom?

Check out the parks website here:
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden

sweat shirt = kwai chung plaza, HK$45
shorts = Padini, Kuala Lumpur
belt = Ladies market, Mongkok, HK$10
scarf = Tsuen Wan, HK$20
tights = H&M
shoes = H&M (grey striped) and i.t (polka dot)
hat = black H&M, or blue from i.t (borrowed from sous chef)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Matchy Matchy

Recently, i love putting lots of patterns and colors together...this outfit felt wayyy too matchy matchy for me. Black denim + black denim? eeecckk!

But I love the thrifted shirt, it has a very subtle embossed checkered pattern with some shiny dots, and it has two adorable little pockets on the chest. will wear it differently to show them off next time.

Wore this ensemble to work. Yay to casual Fridays ^_^

jacket = in fashion, HK$109
shirt = thrifteddd
skirt = zara, HK$299 (ouch!)
necklace = kwai chung plaza, HK$49
earrings = sous chef's
socks = bossini, probably more expensive than my thrifted shirts (sigh)
shoes = H&M, HK$399 (ouch ouch ouch!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grey Brown Gold

My latest favorite thrift catch!
A full dress that fits me, in perfect condition, and it's dirt cheap!
It's probably too big for the mostly svelte locals to wear :p
Sometimes it's good to be chubby ^_*

I paired it with brown and gold bits to give it a different feel from the black tights, black shoes and black accessories combo. I'll do that look next time when it's cooler.

I am thinking to chop off the dress and turn it into a mini dress...what do you think, guys?

dress = thrifted
belt & necklace = H&M
shoes = kwai chung plaza

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Dots and Stripes

The moment I saw this vintage's love.
(These are the same songs playing in a thriftaholic's play list...on perpetual repeat)

It's the palest shade of purple...with big white dots, and the shape! Love the collar!
Paired it with a plain ol simple cotton on stripy skirt.
Dots and stripes are so best friends!

top = thriftedddd
skirt = cotton on, HK$49
shoes = nose, kuala lumpur
necklace = kwai chung plaza, HK$20

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet Vintage for Work

Loveee the color combo on this shirt...I gotta echo it on the skirt and tights...the belt with jewelled buckle gave a nice accent. Quite a weird combo, but still office friendly. I prefer no boring blacks office combos on Mondays, except when I have important presentations ^_^

See the sleeves and the shoulders? Love!

shirt = thrifted
skirt = cotton on
belt and tights = H&M
shoes = kwai chung plaza

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Chic Grandma at Fashion Bomb

You've seen her...she's all about beauty and style.
Beautiful things are meant to be shared.
I shared my grandma's old pictures with Fashion Bomb.
Check out the post here.

She must be so happy and proud :)

Photo Hunting at Lan Kwai Fong Carnival

Dolled myself up last Saturday night...
I needed something that allows me to bend head over heels, walk long hours, something heat friendly (it's autumn, but with a few hundred people around me, it's bound to be hot and sticky)...but still not too shabby.

The red plastic bow hair clip was only meant to keep my bangs out of the way when I put on my make up :p

Where did I go?

I went photo hunting at Lan Kwai Fong Carnival.
I wasn't there for the drinks
I was there for the chicks :)

I never hesitate to sit on the ground, it's one of the Indonesian habit I can't shake off ;)
But thanks to that, I got quite a collection of pictures from the night.

Hot chicks, beautiful smiles, killer bodies, extravagant costumes...they got them all!
Click on below picture to view the whole set of photographs.

I said I wasn't there to drink...but I bloody drank some anyway. My mojito came in a super tall tacky-but-fun souvenir plastic bottle.

Here's to cute butts!

Where do we find out about such events?
Discover Hong Kong.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Heart Union Jack Pattern

Time for some comfy weekend outfit inspiration...

Whenever I visit sous chef's parents...I need to wear long legwear...jeans (no matter how much I hate wearing jeans), pajama bottoms (yes, I wear sleepwear out), or leggings.

Why? They have two very cute and super active dogs, who get super excited whenever they see you, and scratch the heck outta your legs.

I put together something and white cotton ensemble..with a touch of blue, white and red from the union jack pattern.

I couldn't help but purchase these heels the moment I saw them.

hat = sous chef's from i.t
tee = kwai chung plaza, HK$39
necklace = fa yuen st market, HK$10
tights = argyle center, HK$39
shoes = argyle center, HK$129
bag = coach, circa 2003?
wore this last weekend to dinner with sous chef's family

Butterfly Gang Bang at Hong Kong Park - Photography Murphy's Law

I hardly post about my photography experiences....
But today I really felt it.
My photographic murphy's law.
- When I point my camera at a flower/bug...the wind would blow or the bug would fly away
- When I see an object/a scene that needs a certain lens, it is almost certain that I don't have the needed lens with me
- When I spotted a cute moving object, it would be gone by the time I picked up my camera from my bag
- When there's a beautiful landscape with absolutely no human being, as soon as I pointed my camera at it...people came swarming

Is it just me? or do I hear amen?

Naturally, when there's a butterfly gang bang/mass orgy in Hong Kong park...I don't have my macro lens with me...

Granted that my macro lens is not meant to shoot bugs (Canon 60mm), but still...

Pretty purplish pink ones, dainty light blue ones...dark chocolate ones...or...

This gang bang of orange ones...
It was a butterfly madness, my friends. Madness, I tell ya.