Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Batik Shirt + H&M Cardigan

Baby Batik + H&M Cardigan
One of mama's favorite look for baby M.
Very Indonesian and very handsome!
(Mama's obviously very biased. Heheheh)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Herringbone & Floral

hair up today
Wearing my hair up today.

I get headaches wearing my hair high up...but for a short while, it's ok.

This pose was so awkward and unnatural, I had to post it.
my weird unnatural pose
Who cradles their arm like that?

rings and glasses
Sniffing my hand lotion pose.

necklace and thrifted blouse
Wearing SC's new necklace...and I always love the pattern of this thrifted vintage top.

blue gold shoes
These el cheapo heels are so unexpectedly comfy!
OMG, I didn't even try to "connect" the captions in this post together.
I'm lazy like that...

thrifted vintage top, zara pants, unbranded everything else, except blue ring (it's H&M)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby M's Sleeping Buddy

Baby M's Sleeping Buddy
Yep. Baby M has a sleeping buddy.

We actually didn't want him to have a "security blanket" which he clings to until adulthood...but since our helper made him sleep with this little kitten..he's grown attached to it.
Baby M's Sleeping Buddy
He smiles at the sight of it, chew on the kitten's ears, nose and tail, and sleeps better with it.

Oh well...
Baby M's Sleeping Buddy
I guess we might have to bring this kitten everywhere on our future holidays...

Leopard & Braid

Leopard & Braid
Bought this dress from Zara (the biggest size they have), when I was hugely pregnant. It looked cute then.

I guess the giant belly made everything else looked smaller...
Leopard and Creams
But now, I think I need to belt this to avoid being offered a seat on the train...

Muted Colors
Zara dress, unbranded cardi, shoes, "ivory" bangles from Aldo, faux pearl & diamante ones from Accessorize, and unbranded ones too. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Purple Flowers from Hong Kong Park

Purple Flowers
Just some purple flowers I spotted at Hong Kong park.
I've never seen them before...they're so pretty!

Canon 7D
1/1000 sec
ISO 100

Anyway, sorry for being so random.
Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Black & White, Red & Yellow

Black White Red Yellow
An easy and lazy combo today.

Black White Red Yellow
One of my favorite thrifted dress, the bright yellow belt I am sure you're bored of....

Black White Red Yellow
..but at least today I am wearing my new black and white brogues!
Loving them so much :)

Black White Red Yellow
My skin's still peeling from my recent sun burn...I must remind myself not peeling them even more!

Vintage thrifted dress, H&M belt and socks, unbranded brogues and rings.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby M Making A Big Mess

Baby M made this "please don't be mad at me, mama" face because...
Baby M Making A Mess

Baby M Making A Mess
He was playing at his new favorite spot, under the red table in my bedroom.

Doing his new favorite activities...
Baby M Making A Mess
Overturning the green plastic stool, shredding magazines....

Baby M Making A Mess
And trying to eat his diaper bag.

Mama yelled "NO!"
...and he made the face you saw in the first picture...
...and mama's heart melted.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Purple and Black Thrifted Dress

Purple black thrifted dress
Another vintage thrift finds which I must tailor...what should I do with the sleeves?

Gray, silver, black & white Rings
The rings I wore that day. I love the cute balls, the tough-chick chain and studs, and the sweet little bow...

Purple black thrifted dress
...and the buttons of this vintage dress. Love them!

Birds socks
...and little birds on my socks to brighten up my day.

Thrifted vintage dress, Zara belt, H&M socks and bag, unbranded shoes, unbranded rings

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, SC!

Happy birthday to SC!
Today is SC's birthday.

Searching for the perfect gift for him sometimes can be a pain in the ass, but not this year. His work shoes have literally been falling apart, there's even a hole at the bottom. His birthday gift came in right on time.

The search for the perfect shoes.
The qualities that I am looking for:
1. Not black
2. Non leather soles (they're very slippery when wet)
3. Young and cute, but still work appropriate
4. With a bit of an edge
5. Can't be too expensive

I finally found something that met all the above requirements at Aldo. They're the right shade of brown; they have rubber, non slip soles but not too obvious and not ugly; still work appropriate, not too grunge, still cute; the shoe laces are dark purple (yay! the edge!); and it's not too expensive (I can't disclose the price in case SC reads this) ^_^

Hope he loves them.

Happy birthday to SC.
Wishing you health and happiness above all.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thrifted Top & Boyfriend Pants

Thrifted top & boyfriend pants
I love the pattern & the colors of this thrifted top, also the flared sleeves and bottom. Sadly my shoulders need to be a lot smaller for it to have the best effect and the comfort...oh wells.

Thrifted shirt, bangles and boyfriend pants
Thrifted vintage top, SC's pants, various bangles, unbranded glasses

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Black & White Bitchy Missy

Black White
Lazy auntie look. The bitchiness is from my expression. I'm not digging it.

thrifted vintage top, cotton on pants, unbranded glasses and bracelet, oxbridgetown sandals

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gloomy Leafs Thrifted Vintage Dress

Leaves Thrifted Dress
Comfy thrifted vintage dress for a hard day at work.
And the gloomy colors are to celebrate...Monday!

Leaves Thrifted Dress
Touches of brightness.

But still...
Leaves Thrifted Dress
Meetings and follow ups day.

thrifted vintage dress, H&M belt, the rest are unbranded

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost Always in Polka Dot?

My On9 Face
Am I in polka dot again today?
Oh yes, you bet your ass I am!

Another favorite thrift finds, I just realize why haven't I been wearing it?
Rings, Necklaces, Belt

The orange/coral of my glasses matches the tiny bits in my socks.
Cream Bow Shoes with H&M Floral Socks
I'm dorky like that.

This pair of shoes are one of the three pairs I bought when I was supposed to go out to just buy milk and fruits. I'm shopaholic like that ^_^'

thrifted vintage top, monki skirt, zara belt, h&m socks, unbranded glasses, jewelries and shoes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vintage Lensless Glasses

lace cardi
I like this roomy cream lace cardi. It hides my chunky upper arms well :D

vintage lensless glasses
I know many people hate lensless glasses, but I don't care. It gives me the look without giving me a headache.

Here's a stupid pose, just for you :)
vintage lensless glasses

My jewelries...all in muted colors.
Silver, black and white jewelries
How very un-me!
This photo reminds me. I should really put a couple of tiny pictures inside that heart shaped locket pendant...

It's hard for me to keep everything black and white...
Floral Socks, Polka Dot Shoes
...thus the little splashes of baby blues and dusty rose.
A little disconnected, I know.

Unbranded cardi from Jardine's crescent, H&M dress, unbranded jewelries from Kwai Chung plaza, Indian bangles, black stone pendant from a Nepalese vendor on Temple St, Cotton On shoes, H&M socks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby M Nostalgia

In the mood for a little nostalgia.
Nostalgia - 4 mths old chubby baby M
Here's a picture of 4 mth old baby M playing with my kindle. He's so chubby back then. Babies grow so fast! At that moment, it was pretty harmless to let him play with some gadgets, but now? He can break it in a sec. No sweat :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Colorful Maxi

Colorful Maxi
I know. Sometimes I wear too many colors at the same time. Too busy and not in a good way.

Colorful Maxi
But I just can't help it! T_T

Colorful Maxi
Not to mention that everything's too matchy matchy and predictable.
Sigh...I need to try a new silhouette.
Hmm, but at least I love how flattering this maxi dress cut is on me. It doesn't make me look like a giant tent!

colorful maxi
I wore this for a weekend family lunch. Baby M loves playing with mama's rings :)

Unbranded maxi dress, cardigan and white ring. Forever 21 pink ring. H&M bag. Vincci sandals. Shades from Chic on the Cheap.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hong Kong Photography Spot for Night Shots

Photogs Uphill
I never realized there are sooo many photogs visiting this humble little hill, taking pictures of Hong Kong skyline. But, when I checked out what pictures they took, it all made sense.

I didn't know we can see IFC and BOC Tower from up here!
I never freaking know I could see IFC and Bank of China tower from here! I am sooo parking here to photograph the next fireworks. HAHAHA! No need to go to Central/TST no more!

Johnson's Naturally White Series and Deary Whitening Sun Protector Spray

Ready? Get set? Sun!
I can't wait to bring this naughty chubby little monkey to the beach this summer (can't believe I haven't done so!)
Baby Marcus Swimming Gear
He has his shorts, hat, baby flip flops, sun block, and heat rash powder.

Now, mama needs to protect her skin too, you know!
Deary - Whitening Sun Protector Spray SPF 50 PA+++
I know I kept forgetting to put on some sun protection on myself, too busy slathering some on baby M. In fact, I think I am fresh outta sun block. So, I was glad to have received a sample of this Deary Whitening Sun Protector Spray. It's SPF50+++, it's lightweight, it has vitamin C, organic peppermint, it's convenient, and most importantly for me, it doesn't have that classic sun block smell that gives me a headache. This one has a really pleasant sweet and coconut-ish scent. Yum! You can get this from Watson's.

Johnson's body care's Naturally White Series
Now, personally, I don't mind getting a bit tanned. I am not obsessed with keeping my skin fair. But I surely don't want sun damage, and that's why sometimes I'd go for whitening products. Just to prevent and/or repair sun damage, much more than trying so hard to stay fair. 

I use a lot of Johnson's products, love the lotions and I use their baby bath for both baby M and myself too. It was nice to learn that they've launched naturally white series and I was glad to try the samples.

The body wash is infused with natural fruit acids, micro exfoliating beads and natural milk extract, it gently washes away dull & dead surface skin cells, and also nourishes and replenishes skin's moisture. Gosh, I normally don't really pay attention to all these things. All I care about were if it felt like it cleanses, moisturizes, and does it smell good? Yes, yes, and yes. Case closed. 

The daily UV lotion is lightweight as always, smells pleasant, it has SPF8, with active vitamin C, and its micro-pigment technology works like a screen to help reflect away harmful sunlight and prevent sun damage. Excellent! I could use this for my daily protection. 

They're available in Watson's, Mannings, and major supermarkets.

Now, which beach I should visit this weekend?