Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's halloween again...
Marcus - Little Tiger

...what did you wear?
Marcus - Little Tiger

Marcus - Little Tiger


Marcus - Little Tiger
Meow~ roar~

Happy Halloween from little Marcus.

What was my costume? I dressed up as a nerdy fat woman who recently gave birth ^_^'

Friday, October 29, 2010

Round Rimmed Specs

Round Rimmed Specs
I love hiding behind large pair of glasses.
They make my face looks smaller.
They make my eye bags less noticeable.
They make my lousy eye make up not as obvious.
They make me look cooler (at least that's what I hope).

This pair is the latest one I got from Kwai Chung Plaza for HK$38.
You like?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chubby Chic - Travel in Style

I prioritize comfort when I travel, and generally, I don't care about looking stylish in flight.
I admire those who can look super polished, wearing shorts, mini skirts and heels.
My sis doesn't belong to the heels and polished traveler category, but she'd be damned if she's caught traveling anything but in style.
Travel in Style

...and for her, it's not only about the outfit.
Travel in Style
The bag, the luggage, the hat...everything's gotta be cool.

How about you? How do you travel?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Messy Bob - Classic Hair Cut for New Moms

I love my old hair style...
Hair Cut
It's the remnants of the curly short bob I had...

The bit of curls at the end made styling very easy.
Hair Cut
Bundle everything into a low bun and I'd get pretty bottom curls.
The fringe is a problem though...the expert stylist knew I cut my own messy fringe the moment he saw it.

I had to let the medium length hair go as lil' Marcus can now grab my hair...
Plus, my hair always gets in the way and I have to live with an ugly pony tail most of the time...
So, it's time to do something about it.
The stylist recommended the most popular style for new moms...
...the messy bob.
Hair Cut
I know I look better with longer, curlier hair...but this has to do for now :)

Please excuse the grays...I won't be able to do any chemicals until at least 6 months later.
Hair Cut
The stylist taught me how to easily replicate what he did...let's see if I could do it ^_^'

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Indonesian Baby Carrier - Selendang Batik

Indonesian Selendang Batik Baby Carrier
If you're Indonesian, chances've spent quite a bit of your childhood being carried in this Indonesian baby carrier, selendang batik.
I think I spent most of my childhood being carried in fact, my old nanny carried me on her back using this selendang while cooking and had my toe burnt by the stove while doing it.
Ah...what fun!

My helper brought one selendang batik with her when she came to work for us...and it has work its magic. Its convenient, it helps us manage the baby's weight on our body, it gives us one free arm, and most importantly...little Marcus loves it! Being carried in selendang batik, he sleeps like...a baby ;)

Ah wells, he's half Indonesian after all :D

...and the batik looks good on papa SC too, eh?
You like?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dots & Stripes - I Look Better Blurred

Dots & Stripes
My current favorite top...coral-ish pink polka dot...super comfy, roomy, low maintenance and flattering ;)

Dots & Stripes
PS. Don't you kinda love your blurry pics compared to the clear ones sometimes?
I do :D
That's why I posted these blurry iPhone shots ;)

Top, Earrings & Shoes = Kwai Chung Plaza
Skirt = Cotton On
Bag = Celine

Friday, October 15, 2010

Style Envy - Little Miss Tepi

Stephanie at Agalico
Have you ever seen someone and thought...gosh, I wish I had her style/body/hair/etc?

That's exactly how I felt when I saw pictures of Tepi, I just had to ask her to guest star in my humble lil' blog.
I love love LOVE her effortlessly chic, quirky sense of style, and her fantabulous curly hair (I'd have to sit for at least 5 hours in a salon to get my hair done that way, and for her, it's au naturel!).

On Tepi:
Top: Chaktucak market 150 bht
Pants & belt: zara IDR490k
Deck shoes: zara IDR690k

Photography by Rudolf Parma
Location: Agalico, Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marcus Is One Month Old Today!

Lil' Marcus is one month old today.
Marcus One Month Old
Whew! That's a big thing in Chinese culture...

He gets to wear some jewelries handed down from big SC...
Marcus One Month Old
These are real vintage...papa used to wear these!

...and he received new jewelries from grandma too!
Marcus One Month Old
...and he's wearing a cool overall from his godfather :)

Marcus is so blessed and so loved :)
Marcus One Month Old

The gold and jade bangle from grandma, full of best wishes
Marcus One Month Old

But...being a baby...
Marcus One Month Old
He does what babies do best, crying. Despite the nice clothes and gifts :D a token of appreciation for all the best wishes and love...
Marcus One Month Old
Here's a weird pose for y'all~

Let's compare lil' Marcus to SC when he's one month old...
Baby SC
They have the same double chin :D

Tonight there will be a family dinner celebration...hope Marcus won't be projectile peeing on anyone ;)
Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Bagcessory

Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Accent
Miss Chubby Chic is back!...and she's sporting a trend which I found adorable...faux fur bagcessory!

It's cheap (we never do real fur), it's light (I find metal/crystal/hardware bagcessories too heavy!)...
Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Accent
...and it's super cool! can "accidentally" attach it on someone's ass and have a good laugh
Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Accent
You like?

The faux fur bagcessory's from H&M, HK$39

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Pink Porcelain & Glass Containers
I am a sucker for pretty glass and porcelain containers...and look what I've bought!
The two glass containers are from Franc Franc, they were on sale!...and the heart shaped porcelain container with roses is from a random Hong Kong souvenir shop in one of those lanes of Central.
All cheap, they prettify my home (that's not even a word?) and they keep my rubbish... disorganized (as I forgot what I put in them) ^_^'

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Father? A Gamer? Why Not Both?

If your father is an avid gamer...
You're bound to be photographed in silly gears like this...
Like Father, Like Son - When Your Father is A Gamer

...or this...
Like Father, Like Son - When Your Father is A Gamer

...or this...
Like Father, Like Son - When Your Father is A Gamer

...and when you thought crying could get his undivided attention?
Like Father, Like Son - When Your Father is A Gamer
Think again!
SC, putting the M in Multitasking.
Capital M.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Current Shoe Lust - Arnold Palmer Red Metallic Kicks

Red Metallic High Arnold Palmer Kicks
The kicks I am currently lusting over...although I know these aren't so "me".
Love the red, and love them more against my gray wall and my sis' leopard luggage.
How should I wear these to make them "me"? Any ideas?

Arnold Palmer, HK$350, from Sportshouse, also available in silver, gold and purple.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Polo Boys - Big & Lil' SC

My Polo Boys
I tried to keep the baby posts minimum...

...but if he's this fierce...
My Polo Boys

It became a little difficult not to post :D
My Polo Boys
Lil' Marcus worked his polo tee & the camera.

Now...what is he gonna wear for his one month birthday celebration...mama needs to shop!

As for his papa...
My Polo Boys

Big SC wanted to wear a blue polo tee to match lil' SC.
Being a father doesn't change a thing, eh?
My Polo Boys

Both my boys love the camera.
My Polo Boys
Mama stays behind the camera most of the time...aiya~!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Finally! I've always wanted to wear something sequined...
and I love love LOVE this black vest...I was too excited to go out (went to attend a friend's birthday buffet lunch - I am a huge sucker for buffet), I forgot to photograph the back of the's lace!

Kept everything black and gold, with a touch of red.

I know this look is more of a night look than day...but I just couldn't wait to wear something sparkly...
What a girl to do?

Top = UNO, HK$20
Vest = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$99
Leggings, shoes = H&M
Bangles = Argyle Center, Mongkok
Bag = i.t

Friday, October 1, 2010

Recent Loot from Before Birth

Some for me, some will be given to my sis, some are intended as gifts to be brought to Indonesia ;)
Recent Loot
If I had the heart to part with them of course...

One for you...
Recent Loot
One for me, one for me, one for me, one for me :D
Recent Loot
They're from H&M, Bershka and Kwai Chung Plaza.
All el-cheapo (mostly around HK$39-59)

Which ones you wouldn't be able to give to others?