Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mixed Patterns, Boys Boots, Happy New Year!

Happy with what you wore throughout 2009?
I am.
2009's the year where I mixed and match everything to the max!
Colors, patterns, style, boys, girls, old, new, cheap, lux...everything!

Plus, this is the year where sous chef has actually been interested in fashion.
He initiated quite a bit of fashion related purchases this year, including fedora hats, harem pants, skinny jeans, cowl necked tees, and these fabulous lookin' boots!
He even wore eyeliner out once.

Thus, I love 2009, but I'm gonna make 2010 even more fashionably satisfying for sc and me.

Happy new year, everybody!
Have a great one!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In Winter, I Live in Turtlenecks

I feel most vulnerable to cold when my neck is exposed.
Hello sore throat, endless sneezes, eventually...major cold spell.

So, I literally live in turtlenecks.
Don't be surprised if every outfit post includes a comfy cotton turtleneck tee :)

comfy turtleneck = muji, HK$165
skirt = cotton on
belt, tights & shoes = H&M
necklace = metroplaza, kwaifong

Stay warm, people.
Never fall sick during the holidays, it ain't no fun :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decor the Holidays

Is it weird that I only started really decorating on Boxing day?

It's because the Christmas & Bday bash I was hosting happened only on 27th :P
You've seen the tree.
I needed something for my walls, so here we go again...

Gift wrapping papers~

...a santa that I cut off from free newspaper :D

and some magazine/newspaper cut outs on framed plain paper.

Please please please get better wrapping paper than the one I used.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boy pants? Girl pants?

I am still brain dead from the holidays, but this is too funny to keep to myself too long.

These days, in fashion, gender turns more and more irrelevant.
The boyfriend jeans for girls, cowl's neck tees for boys...that line gets thinner and thinner, as proven by what happened in our last Christmas party.

My lovely pregnant friend, Athena and sous chef wore same style of pants. :D

As I get to borrow more of SC's clothes, I am liking this gender ambiguous trend :p

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My new black hair, my fake sparkly lashes, my black gel eyeliner, my 3D stickered nails and I wish you...
To me, tis the season where tacky = festive!

Christmas Eve

I forgot to wear anything Christmassy :S
I thought today's the 23rd!!!!!
I may need to purchase emergency santa hat later :D
Has this ever happened to anyone?

dress = in fashion
cardigan = fa yuen st market
boots = argyle center
socks = muji
bag = H&M

3D Nail Stickers

Because it's the holidays....

Because I felt like it...

Because I just colored my hair black....

Because I saw my colleagues had these on and they look so damn pretty...

Because they are inexpensive and easy to do....
I decided to have this red, silver, roses and crystal nails done.
DIY at home.
Did I take "festive" a little too far? :D

I'll show you how it's done and where to get them next time.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Thrifted Jacket

Another recent thrifted find.
Love the blue, the pattern, the trimming, and I love that sc can wear it too!

It's great paired with anything and everything.
So I slapped on stripes, polka dots, satiny sheen, jewels, some solids, and headed to work :)

jacket = thrifted
striped turtle neck = muji
skirt = cotton on
tights = random no name
shoes = vincci, kuala lumpur
belt and necklace = H&M

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gold Navy - Thrift Love

This is my best thrift catch ever!
Love love LOVE this navy jacket with gold buttons and trimmings.
Love at first sight.
I'd be crying on the thrifted shop's floor if this jacket didn't fit.
But it did!
I could've been jumping shamelessly with joy.
But I had company (hi, sis!), so I didn't :D

Fits me perfectly.
Navy is a good color on me.
Chanelesque cut.
Super warm for winter.
A few missing buttons but we could swap the buttons around.
Excellent thrift pricing.
It glams up my cheap combos instantly!

jacket = thrifted
turtleneck = in fashion
skirt = cotton on
belt = H&M
tights = random no brand
shoes = H&M

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hilarious HK$100 Christmas Gift Exchange

We were told to buy a gift that's worth HK$100 or more (not a cent less).
What did I buy? Check it out here.

What did my crazy coworkers buy?

First crazy gift = HK$100 worth of Chung Hwa pencils
Gosh, I wish the recipient loves to...write? sketch?

Here's another...HK$100 worth of vaseline.
She's gonna get really really moist (that sounds so wrong!).

This one's too sick!

A hair dryer...for HIM!
Someone said, maybe use the dryer for other parts of his legs? :D

and....the creme de la creme...

HOT Leng Mo Calendar...featuring Chrissie Chow!

...of cos, accompanied by the essential, packs of tissue!

That even says..."Marry Chrissie Max"

Black & White

Wore this ensemble thrift hunting and hanging out in a cafe with a girl friend :)
I've been dying to wear this school inspired cardi, and finally got to wear it when it was warmer the week before last.
I think I can also wear this for work, no?

cardi = fa yuen st market, HK$59
striped long tee = kwai chung plaza, HK$39
tights = random no brand
boots = citistore, HK$250
hat = H&M, HK$69
shades = cyber optic, argyle center, HK$1xx (forgot)

Christmas Party Games

We had our work Christmas party last week.
If you are the lucky person who needs party games ideas, here are some games we played.
We had too much fun playing em!

First game: Bring Me.
Nothing new and too stressful for me, but I've always been amazed by my colleagues' creativity.
We had to bring things to make up the word SNOWMAN, and there's a certain quantity requirement for each item making up each alphabet.
My team passed with flying colors. What did we bring?

S = 8 x scarves and shoes
N = 9 x necklaces and napkins
O = 10 x orange juice and octopus cards
W = 8 x watches
M = 9 x mobile phones
A = 10 x our team tag (we're team A, thank god! other teams snatched all the almonds from the snack bar)
N = 8 x napkins
The fastest team wins.

Second game, we played "Name That Tune".
We asked our non English speakers to spontaneously sing old Cantonese songs (HAH!)

Did each team have a hard time guessing the tunes?

The fastest team to name the tune wins. You bet your ass they did, but some people have been living in karaoke rooms long enough to succeed. Our team? Sucked big time. We didn't guess any single song right.

Third game was "Pass the Christmas Stick"
Team members were lined, boy, girl alternate.
Team members had to hold a straw with their lips and nose, and pass it to the next person, who's a member of opposite sex.

Like this...

The team with most straws within a specified amount of time, wins. We did pretty well because I wasn't in the game :D

The last game we played? The Drunken Santa game.
You're blindfolded, you're decked in ridiculous santa outfit, you have to hold your ear and turn 10 times, get completely dizzy...and you need to find your way to a chair with a ballon on its seat on the other side, sit on it and pop the balloon.

Team members can only help you into your santa gear and direct you verbally. No touching of any kind is allowed.

Drunken santa indeed.

Our team ends up winning the HK$9000 grand prize, solely because of this game.
Again, because I was not playing it :p
I am such a blessing for my team, I know :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Ornaments Self Portraiture

I know why I love my reflection on Christmas ornaments.
Those balls made me look thinner!

Or I can blame the distortion if I looked big (like my actual size ^_^. It's huge by Hong Kong standard)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thrifted Tiered Polka Dotted Dress

A dress from my latest thrift haul.
Tiered bottom conceals my giant bum.
Puffy sleeves balances my proportion.
Polka dots?
I just love em dots.

Turtle neck, tights & faux leather jacket (not pictured) to keep me warm.
It's 12-13C out there today.

turtleneck tee = random brandless from in fashion
dress = thrifted
belt = H&M
necklaces = H&M and random brandless
tights = brandless
shoes = H&M

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Softies - The Outfit that Made Me Sick

The news said it was gonna be around 20C that day.
Never trust the news?
It was so damn cold, I fell sick.
I went home with a terrible sore throat, pounding headache and a fever.
Grrrr....luckily, I think I was sick in style.
I love the soft shades on this outfit, it was just for the wrong weather.

turtleneck tee = old U2
cardi = fa yuen st market
skirt = cotton on
belt = H&M
shoes = fa yuen st market
necklace = metroplaza, kwai fong

Monday, December 14, 2009

SS501 Persona Concert Hong Kong 2009

What did I do last weekend?
I went to watch SS501 Hong Kong concert in Asia World Arena.
It's the most expensive concert I've ever been to (HK$980 standing area), beating Black Eyed Peas (HK$580) and Pussycat Dolls (HK$680).

Was it worth it?

I am not a fanatic fan of the group, or the leader, but since some of my really good friends are huge fans, I was totally curious to see the group in person.
Boy, how expensive my curiosity is.
Plus, I wanted to practice taking pictures in a concert.
Plus plus, I know and enjoy most of their songs.

I used my humble ol' Canon EOS400D and el cheapo zoom lens (55-250mm f/4-5.6), and I am pretty pleased with the results. I got some decent portraits, action shots and some cool bokeh too! Click the above pictures to view more from my flickr photostream of the concert.

Which are my favorite moments from the concert:
- When they turned off the lights and I saw an ocean of twinkling green lights from the group's fans. Awesome!
- When bubbles were blown onto the stage during some performances, magical!
- When Park Jung Min sang Leslie Cheung's song, Chase, and the audience sang along with him, I got goosebumps.
- Seeing Park Jung Min took a rabbit hat and a huge carrot soft toy from fans, and proceeded to wear them. How sweet~!
- When Kim Hyun Joong stared into my lens, I felt so caught in the act, it scared the shit outta me, the pics ended up blurry :D despite not being a big fan, I must admit that he is much more good looking in person than in Boys over Flowers drama.
- At the end of the show, dancers, fans and the singers threw water at each other, and a world of party confetti cascaded down from was...HIGH.

Loved it.

What did I wear?

Comfy tee from Disney (HK$160), the day was too hot to wear winter clothes.
I needed the freedom of pants, so I put on a black legging and since I'd have to stand for a long time, low heeled boots and I threw on some rocker chic accessories and a feather/rock hair band. A thin jacket in my bag just in case it gets colder.

It was one heck of a night.

SC's Xmas Gift Has Arrived!

Yay! Goodies from threadless have arrived!
He's being a good boy, didn't even try to open the package, and when I asked him "do you wanna see?", he said no, he wanted a surprise.
See what I bought after boxing day! :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmassy Nail Job - Yay or Nay?

My friend's Christmassy nail job.
Santa bear and frosty the snowman, on.....interesting choice of fingers :)
You likey?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mixed Patterns

Continuing my hobby of mixing patterns and colors.
Floral, abstract, gingham, plain.
Hope it doesn't look like I didn't care...

Cos I do.

The magenta of the shirt is echoed in the skirt somewhere...the skirt has a bit of blacks from the jacket and the tights and the shoes, and the white from the gingham as well...see! Everything made sense in my weird lil twisted world :D

shirt = thrifted
jacket = lady story, HK$89
skirt = cotton on, HK$99
tights = random no name
shoes = citistore, HK$250

Curls Curls Curls

Check out our new synchronized curls.





and more curls...

As for me, what happened to me?

Even more curls.

If you want my stylist's contacts, email me la~