Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer 2008 (1 of my many) Shopping Spree(s)

Get jealous, girlfriendsssss.

I was in a mood for shopping today (uh-oh!). I was sooo glad to find this little shop in Mong Kok's Argyle Centre, it is full of comfort-fit (i.e. you can totally move your whole extended family under the dress and throw a couple of pets in) cotton dresses with pretty embroidery in vibrant explosions of colors. My favorite. Good for my emotional state (made me ecstatic..hmm, no, euphoric). Not so good for my bank account and my already over-stuffed wardrobe.

Love the silhouette of this dress. Love the huge puffy sleeves, they hid my giant arms and balance the proportion of my shoulder vs my gigantic hips.

They have this dress in turqoise and latte color too. I wanted all three but the sales assistant recommended this shocking pink. I am now still thinking about the latte colored one. If I can't sleep tonight because of it, I'll go and get it tomorrow. LOL. Who's with me?

Most of the dresses come with pretty embroidery. I was totally sold. SOLD!

I love the polka dots and the pretty chiffon fabric, they have this in off white or pink with black dots, embroidery and trims...I wanted them all but glad I only bought one...the chest didn't fit me well

Yes. I have a thing for buying all available colors of just 1 style. Lucky they aren't expensive.

Chiffon with lace...I love the vintage feel and I am always partial to off the shoulder tops ^_^ they also have this in black, off white and white

I just gotta get something white. It compliments my slightly tanned skin perfectly

Pretty teal and mustard yellow embroidery

and I love the tiny little sweet details at the back

Damn...why most of the items I like aren't on sale? T_T

Cotton sun dress again with embroidery...I almost got all colors of the rainbow and even more

I love the details of the top...and the buttons

New little black dress completed today's spree

Total bank account damage: absolutely less than USD100
I LOVE Hong Kong!


Anonymous said...

hi,your dresses are very pretty...i love embroiderry too...didnt know Argyle Centre got this shop when i was there ...alamak! haha

sefa firdaus said...

Rit... itu atasannya cantik

canDIshhh said...

I love the dresses you bought!

Likey likey your style!! :)