Monday, March 19, 2012

Flat Renovation Progress

We want our flat to be old skool and classic, and we want to achieve that with least possible amount of money ^_^
On the contrary to my previous flat, which was super colorful, this time I want it in more neutral colors.

Here are some details that I look forward to in the new flat. 
Bathroom hardware

Ceiling fan + light

Main door handle. I can't stand the rose gold "antique" finish, so we painted them black.

Open kitchen. Too bad there's no bar. There's going to be a TV resting against that half a wall. Too bad, but no choice :(

Bathroom floor. I've always wanted this since... forever!

Hong Kong old skool cafe floor tiles.

Faux exposed brick wall. We're gonna have this hand painted in white because the flat is gonna be too dark if we kept this color. Sad but no choice T_T

I'll post more updates later (remind me?), and here's more pics of the reno progress and the "before" pics.


I'm Yuen Ling said...

Looking forward to see the whole new flat !

I'm Yuen Ling said...

Looking forward to see the whole new flat !

mochaccinoland said...

i like your door handle and bathroom floor! looking good already! u must be super excited abt your new flat!!

Ashley said...

New flat, yay!! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Kelly said...

Wow I haven't visited for so long so much going on! Love what I'm seeing at your new flat so far! Xx

Anonymous said...

The Faux exposed brick wall was it already there when you bought the place? I always dreamt of exposed brick walls like a kid of New York style apartment loft!!
I am curious to see the end results!
my renovation diary: