Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My 5 Tips to Photograph Kids - aka My Naughty Boy

Marcus OB 2 years 9 months
OB doesn't follow any photographic instructions such as "smile", "make V sign", "don't move", "look into the lens, baby".

So here are some tips to photograph naughty kids like him :D
Marcus OB 2 years 9 months
1. Be Patient & Be Quick
Wait patiently for golden moments, and when the moment arrives, be ready to fire that shot.
This moment when he looks into my lens happen only in a split second. I had to point my lens waiting for the moment for a bit. Arm starting to ache, nose starting to sweat, but it was worth it :)
Big aperture (f/ 1.4 here), plenty of natural light, fast shutter speed (1/80 here)

Marcus OB 2 years 9 months
2. Get over blurry/out-of-focus pictures
Sometimes you get beautiful smiles like this but you don't get the perfect focus. Get over it, make it work, and frame that photo anyway :D

Marcus OB 2 years 9 months
3. Very close up objects make beautiful foreground
That white flare is actually a pillow placed very close to my lens. It gives the shot a heavenly effect.

Marcus OB 2 years 9 months
4. Get them to do things they love
Most of the time, I've made my peace for never having my son posing against a beautiful background that I wanted. So, I often photograph him when he's watching his favorite shows on iPad (Thomas the tank engine, Chip & Dale...) or listening to dad reading him a story book. His eyes sparkles when he does things that he loves.

Marcus OB 2 years 9 months
5. Place the point of interest behind you
Not the case of this picture. The iPad was on my left, that's why he made that funny face when Chip & Dale tricked Donald Duck yet again. I should've placed the iPad behind me :)
Oh gosh, I need an assistant.

Have fun & take lots of pics. Every moment is precious!

What I used to take these pics:
Canon EOS 7D & 50mm f/1.4 lens
iPad with his favorite shows 


moJanG said...

i think baby m is an adorable naughty boy.. i've been following your blog since you're pregnant.. and also I've always been baby M's fans since he was newborn :D :D

Sue said...

i have the same problem with my cheeky niece...thanks for the tips...super cute baby M

LyddieGal said...

You got some gorgeous photos Rita! Love the 4th one so much. And I can't believe how big he's gotten!
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