Saturday, January 18, 2014

Easy & Pretty Storage Necklace

I have a confession to make. I buy necklaces, I buy lots and lots of necklaces.
But I almost NEVER wear them.
One of the reasons is because they are all tangled together into a huge pile of monstrous mess and I hardly can see all of the necklaces that I have.

I saw this necklace storage solution a few times on Pinterest and thought that it is pretty cool, it works, and it's totally doable! So went ahead and did it.

This way, each necklace will have its own hook, the possibility of them getting tangled together is dramatically reduced, and I can look at all of them - it does NOT make choosing easier though :p

Plus, it makes use of my corridor and it looks pretty.

All I had to do was to purchase cheap kitchen railings and hooks from IKEA and get them installed.
This works like magic for me... maybe until I bought many more necklaces I don't need :)

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