Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olympic Banknote Madness

There was a sheer madness happening at my office building. It is one of the places where people can buy the limited edition, albeit soon to be released to public HK$20 Olympic banknotes. People queued for days in the heat of summer...under the rain, the thunderstorm...inhaling offensive body odor of others...and a few days worth of bad breath. Yikes! What for?

Some wanted the notes as a remembrance of this significant event (which might be unsignificant for some others ^_^'), others wanted the notes purely for commercial purposes, as in selling 'em via eBay (so much for sacrificing for sentimental reasons eh?)

The TVB guy must've been feeling so amused by all this madness...but he too had to stand in this freaking weather to cover the story. Well, at least he did it happily ;)

I love how small Hong Kong is, and I love working in such a close proximity to where major things happen (Bank of China Tower, the Legco building,.....H&M, M&S! LOL)


hanny said...

hi, stumbled upon this blog from gicmaficionado's :) having fun reading those hilarious text over some pictures you've taken. very expressive! very colorful... it's so alive! i love your blog! :D

petite fleur said...

You know I lived in HK for 9 years so it's fun reading your blog about everything that's so familiar.....

I only just realised you have another blog.