Friday, August 1, 2008

Make LOVE, Not WAR

War games are so NOT for summer. At least that's what I think. The rented stinky camouflage attire, the stuffy and foggy safety mask, the vest for the heavy magazines, the weapons, the boots...are so not 40C temperature friendly.

I think we only enjoyed our pre-battle posing in fully air conditioned changing room in our camouflage outfits...and the hot soldiers

We realised we were in a deep sh*t when our commanders told us to drop down and do some push ups! Hey! We're in e-Commerce, for freak's sake! The only parts of our body which are trained are our FINGERS (through years of solid experience in using various instant messenger platforms, social networking platforms and online betting or "entertainment"). So, no! We don't do push ups!

On to the battle ground, I could barely move...don't even think about crawling and rolling around screaming "Cover me!" or "Clear!" ala Hollywood movies. I could hardly walk straight as the protective mask distorted my sight, and the sweat of my nose kept causing it to slide down, thus I could not see my own weapon, let alone my targets LOL. So I spent my whole first game not knowing what to do, squatting behind a barrel, listening to my partner's frustrations as her gun wasn't working. So much for a strategic battle. LOL


What did I learn from this war game:
- I look hot in camouflage
- I need a pair of customised apple bottomed pants
- Shoot the deads
- Keep shooting even when you're dead
- Don't play in summer (the heat, the rain)
- Don't play in spring (the rain)
- Don't play in winter (the cold)
- Don't play in autumn (hard to book a court, as everybody's playing)
Just don't!

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eliza said...

i'm baackk...and i had so much fun reading your back posts! great journalism photography too in your travel! :D