Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Does Anger Solve Everything? My First Painting Experience

It's so frustrating seeing how anger and rudeness wins. I wish everything in this world can be solve in peace and niceties.

Remember my home makeover? We asked someone to remove the existing hideous wallpapers and painted our walls, as well as adding crown moldings.

I thought I am patient and understanding, but now I realized that I am probably just have absolutely no attention to detail, not to mention a total pushover. I noticed some imperfections in the paint job and some bad joints of crown moldings. They bothered me a little, but I was prepared to let it go. I didn't plan to complain. Maybe I just wanted the place to finish faster.

SC communicated with the painter, asked him (very nicely) to fix the imperfections, and he gave us millions of excuses. Pretty much bullied us. I was prepared to just let it be. I thought, if niceties didn't work, then nothing will.

I was wrong.

SC's parents stopped over to check on the flat, and SC's dad gave the painter a huge chunk of his mind. He gave one heck of a speech, complained about everything, almost fuming with anger. The painter got defensive, voices were raised, arguments were heated. I hated confrontations and felt uncomfortable with the whole thing. What if the painter decided to throw his towels and stopped working half way? What if he did the job even more terribly than before? What if this, what if that?

The next day, magically, everything turned out better. All the paint imperfections were fixed, the bad joints of the crown moldings were replaced with good pieces. The painter was still a little grumpy, but he was doing it.

Damn. I hate it when anger rules, cos I suck at it.

On a happier note, I finally finished painting my frame! Yay! The frame was purchased separately (Rp.40.000), it's raw wood, so it didn't need much work, the Rangda (a character from an old Balinese tale) was Rp.35.000. I am sure they were overpriced, but since the lady who sold them were kind enough to tell us stories about the Balinese tale, I felt it was ok to pay a little higher.

The Rangda and the frame was put together in a frame shop for HK$40, with a pale pink cardboard background (I wanted shocking pink but he didn't have such color), and I painted the frame with a bright and pretty provence yellow shade.

It's gonna look so good on my red entrance wall.

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