Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Plaid and Stripes

Another pattern and color mixing. Plaid, stripes & floral.
Very summer bubble gum-ish!

My life in full color, and my just delivered Eames.

Heels you can survive in. Aren't they cute?

Wore the ensemble for a short shopping trip to Kwai Fong.

Top = from Bay, London
Cardigan = from Sunway Pyramid Mall, Kuala Lumpur
Skirt = from Cotton On, Mongkok
Sandals = from Kwai Chung plaza, Kwai Fong
Bag = Argyle Center, Mongkok
Chair = from Horizon plaza, Ap Lei Chau
Chinese Posters = thrifted
all remixed, except the chair and the sandals

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dewi said...

adore eames!!! *smitten