Friday, May 7, 2010

My Bumpy Bump - 5th Month

Say hello to my bump :D

I'm in my 5th month...which as you can see is kind of a weird stage...
- I don't wanna puke all the time anymore, just sometimes in the morning :D
- I am hungry every hour (which is the same as my normal-regular-without-bun self)
- My nose is now permanently red, producing a huge amount of oil, it should probably register for a membership of OPEC
- Breakouts...oh yeh, breakouts...
- Waist = gone, and the bump...

The bump is in the kind of stage that makes people she, or isn't she?

During one of my 20something minutes MTR rides to work...I was standing in front of two seated guys.

They eyed my bump, and frowned, looked at my bump again, a little more intently, frowned again...deep creases between their brows...probably wondering (Is she? Isn't she? Is she pregnant? Or is she just fat? Will she get offended if I offered her a seat, and I will get embarrassed...and with that size of bump, it is probably not worth giving up my extra 20 minutes snooze?)...after a few more bump-checking and frowning, both of them went back to pretending to be sleeping :D

Which is no biggie for me. At this stage, I can still manage to stand through the whole train ride to work ^_^

I feel really blessed that during my first four months (which was no walk in the park), I always always manage to get offered/find a seat ^_^

PS. These shots were taken in KS Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park, today lunch time, using iPhone (for very slimming shots ^_^), I am wearing the floral harem pants from Zara (before I grow too big to wear it), random black tank, shocking pink cardi from KL and my favorite shoes from Citistore


Wulinarian said...

Aah so you're pregnant! Congrats! :) You have cute 5th month bump.

Mrs Ergül said...

Wow! How time flies! I can't believe you are into your 5th month already! Take care girl!

Ashley said...

you look so cute :)