Monday, November 14, 2011

My Favorite Spikey Necklace & Landscape Vintage Shirt

First of all, I look much better when blurry, dontcha think?
IMG_0Spikey Necklace820

This is my current favorite necklace. Well it's not mine, actually. It's SC's necklace, but I love borrowing it all the time :D
Spikey Necklace

And although autumn is here, I still love summer colors, such as this pretty coral for my nails.

And I love the landscape pattern on this vintage shirt. Wore it with a pair of comfy shorts, for a lunch and vintage store hopping with my lovely girlfriends.
Landscape Vintage Shirt
Vintage shirt, unbranded necklace and rings, H&M shorts and bag, converse flip flop (not in photos, opps)

Photos courtesy of the lovely Chic McMuffin


eek said...

super bad ass necklace!

senmama said...

Love the accesories! So cute! :3

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

cool ensemble! and LOVE your hair! :)

LyddieGal said...

ohhh I would be all over SC's necklace too, it's awesome. And i love the coral nails, lets pretend it's summer forever.

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