Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shaggy Vintage Jacket

Shaggy Vintage Jacket
All the shots were meant to be like this. some clear part, nice depth of field, blablabla.
PS. Don't we all adore vintage buttons?

But sometimes, it gets blurry and weird like this.
Shaggy Vintage Jacket

Shaggy Vintage Jacket
There's a baby in the house, and he's cute as heck and mama can't help but stop to give him a cuddle every time.

Shaggy Vintage Jacket
Thus the lack of nice photos and outfit posts these days.
That, and many many many other reasons which I am not going to bore you with.

PPS. No, I'm not pregnant, I am just fat.
Thank you very much :D

Vintage jacket, vintage dress, H&M belt, muji socks, wanko shoes

PPPS. Yay to cooler weather and hiding my fatness in jackets.


eek said...

Would never call you fat, lady! That jacket is all sorts of awesome. And your M is the cutest!

mochaccinoland said...

i love the buttons!!! i'm obsessed with buttons & collars lately. LOL!

p/s: u dun look fat!