Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holiday Activity - Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden

HK Zoological & Botanical Garden
Just a quick shot before we went out.
A headband family moment.

HK Zoological & Botanical Garden
SC doesn't wanna do his hair on holidays, and he wanted baby M to learn the benefits of headbands...

We went to Hong Kong zoological and botanical garden, planned to enjoy the scenery...
HK Zoological & Botanical Garden
Baby M LOVES fountains.

HK Zoological & Botanical Garden
And enjoy the animals...

...but baby M got really naughty, SC was frustrated and had to take a break.
HK Zoological & Botanical Garden

Baby M refused to sit in his stroller, always wanted to be carried, yet he struggled if we carried him...and if he didn't get what he wanted, he does this...
HK Zoological & Botanical Garden
Lying on the floor kicking and crying... oh my! People must've thought we were some sort of abusive parents!

Finally we settled with releasing the little monster in a playground.
HK Zoological & Botanical Garden
Much better.
After a bit of baby flirtage, he was ready to call it a day.

Warning! A show-offy bird shot coming up...
At least mama's photographic obsession was fulfilled.

On SC: my denim shirt from Maple, denim pants from Kitterick, I forgot where the sandals were from, unbranded headband
On baby M: Baby GAP tee, H&M herringbone denim, Converse sneakers
On mama: well, no one took pictures of mama... T_T


sydneylyn said...

My brother does the same thing with the headbands.. haha..

LyddieGal said...

I think your amazing photos totally made the trip worthwhile, even if you did have to deal with M throwing a tantrum!

mochaccinoland said...

baby M, why u so notti notti?

must be tough when baby M throws tantrums. i didn't even know there is a zoo in HK! i guess i always assume HK is a big shopping mall. LOL!

the last photo is amazing!!

gastronomous anonymous said...

aw... no one took photos of mama? thats just mean!!!! :) im sure you looked gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Have you tried using one of those child safety harness/backpack thingies? The ones that look like animals that have their arms wrapped around the child but in fact the arms are the harness straps? So the kid can be free to run around while you can still restrain him. I think baby M wants to be set free, and this might be the perfect thing for everyone. I know, our little Miss Two can be a handful as well and she LOVES it. LOL cheers! xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Sharon,
Sadly, baby M hatesss the harness. He cried when we tried to put it on... :(