Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Boys in African Shirts

My African Boys
Hey! Long time no see! I just got back from Ivory Coast, Africa, bought these gorgeous and colorful cotton shirts for my boys...
My African Boys
 ...and totally forgot to buy one for myself ^_^'
My African Boys

On SC...
My African Boys
H&M turtle earrings, unbranded headband.

My African Boys
Cotton shirt from Ivory coast, my skinny jeans, ASOS bracelet

My African Boys
Revlon nail polish in silver metal and midnight blue, and Zara leather sandals.

On Marcus:
My African Boys
Cotton shirt bought in Ivory coast, H&M pants, converse sneakers...and laundry shop's cat.

My African Boys
They look good in those shirts, don't they?


Angelica said...

The boys look dapper as usual!

You're so selfless, though I suspect you'll be borrowing SC's shirt in no time. ;)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@Angelica you know me so well hehehehhhh

@anonymous I bought the bracelet on sale from ASOS... try looking under men's accessories

LyddieGal said...

they look great - i think you need to steal SC's, haha.
Chic on the Cheap

Ashley said...

Did you go on a business trip?

Those shirts are fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

haha that is so cute i cant handle it! looks great on them, good buy! :)

Rini Hastuti said...

so cute and awesome photos :)

Dearest Lou said...

You have such a cute family! Love the african styled shirts! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;


Mrs Ergül said...

Love those shirts! How can you forget to get some for yourself?! :)