Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photoes, or Lack thereof

Those who frequented my facebook account knows how often I updated my pics. Daily, almost. It perfectly functions as my online picture diary, with my face all over it, where everybody can check out how fun & exciting/dull & boring my life is.

Lately, these people might notice my photo updating activities or more precisely, lack thereof.


All photographs I've taken recently are only about food, food and food.

I hereby place the blame on my alter ego, mochachocolatarita.

Food blogging makes me cook, cooking makes me eat, eating makes me (almost) fat, being (almost) fat makes me look terrible in photographs, looking terrible in photographs makes me feel absolutely reluctant to take more pictures, feeling reluctant to take more pictures makes me have no pictures to post anywhere.

There I've said it.

Plus, this limp straight hair makes me even less photogenic than I already was.

Excuses. excuses. I have only myself to blame, now I gotta do something to correct the situation, or you guys may never find out how fun & exciting or dull & boring my life is. :)

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