Thursday, March 6, 2008

Metrosexually Hong Kong

HK boys are so metro:

- They spend hours in the morning molding their hair into porcupine-like sculptures
- They carry brandname purses (LV messenger bag, gucci tote bags, come on!)
- They wear dangling earrings
- They wear PINK all the time
- They wear tight fitted shirts with floral patterns
- They own more than 5 different bottles of perfume
- They have hello kitty thingy dangling off their purses
- I am not allowed to touch their hair
- The possibility of wearing a baseball cap scared the heck outta them, as it will ruin the hair
- They roam around Mong Kok's Trendy Zone, browsing hello kitties and my melodies
- They shrieked "hoooo cuteeeee arrrr!" at cutesy things, including hello kitties and my melodies
- I thought they were all gay until I saw them groping their girlfriend

I've posted this as a comment on Nury Vittachi's article "The Questions Men Won't Answer".

Thanking my model for wearing such a metrosexual outfit and willingness to pose against a super pink wall. The post does not describe the model in particular, it is about Hong Kong boys in general.


eliza said...

gilaa..gue baru baca post ini, lucu amat! thanks for giving me such a laugh!

GICM Aficionado said...

Hmm ... Got business ideas from your articles ... To Bad Jakarta Boys still CUPU (Culun Punya) ... Hehehe ...

Dah lama gak ngeblog ot blog walking ... Hope all fine ...

Aku mau RSS artikel mu ke blog u.

therry said...

Rita, you're spot on with this posting! I used to think all Hong Kong men are gay because - well, they go around with dangly hello kitty key chains allover their backpacks, spend hours in front of the mirror tweaking their hair and yet... and yet....

they have girlfriends? I was confused for a while until I realised it was the cool thing over there. LOL.