Monday, March 29, 2010

New Bag Love, Polka Dot "Cath Kidston"

I see polka dots.
I feel love.
I walked past this red white cutie once, I resisted.
When I walked past this for the second time, my will power, conscience, strength...out the door they went.
I just had to have it.

I don't care, I think it looks good with everything.

It's light-weight, flattering, in perfect size, and most importantly, it's darn cute.

I'll be carrying this baby a lot this spring/summer.

Bag = "Cath Kidston"?
Jacket = thrifted
Dress = Kwai Chung plaza
Socks = Bossini
Shoes = citi landmark


dewi said...

perfect bag for spring/summer. loving the shoes

Duni said...

Polka Dots are one of my favourite prints :)

Ashley said...

I love polka dots too, so I completely understand :)

WokkingMum said...

Hey! Guess what my 5 year-old daughter said when she saw your photos? "She's so pretty." ;)

Both of us loves polka dots, especially white dots in red background. :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

thanks ladies~

and wokking mum, your daughter made me blush! :)

alai said...

i LOVE that bag. poko dots ftw!

Kwai Chung Plaza is the best place to shop in all of HK zomg.

clementine8 said...

NICE bag you've got there! where did you buy that? Are Cath Kidston bags available in hk? where? =)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

I got mine from Kwai Chung Plaza...but they are everywhere. Try Mongkok...Sino Plaza? Argyle Center? CTMA?

clementine8 said...

thanks for sharing where i could find these bags!

are these cath kidston boutiques itself or independent retailers selling some as part of their merchandize?


Mochachocolata Rita said...

not the official cath kidston boutique, for sure ;)

clementine8 said...

how much did you get your red bag for?