Thursday, April 8, 2010

SC, the Good Housekeeper

Some people find cleaning therapeutic.
Some people are even cleanoholics.
I am not some people, and neither is SC.

We're messy pigs.
The floor is being cleaned once a week, and prior to cleaning, it's covered with 10000000001 of hair and dust.

SC thinks I don't clean the floor well enough, so he insisted in taking charge of floor cleaning.
I'm not gonna argue with that :D
Best deal ever!

SC cleans the floor wearing my hair band, sometimes it's the sparkly silver, or the polka dotted pink, and this time, it's the lacy white one.

He enjoys listening to his favorite music (Ekin Cheng - I don't think he's proud of this) while cleaning.

...and sometimes he sings along, out loud, and out of tune ;)

God bless SC.


Robin said...

How cute is that! I love the headband on him. ;)

Ashley said...

how great!! Go SC!!

dewi said...

i take 'out of tune' singing cleaner anytime... much better than cleaning it yourself ;)