Monday, July 4, 2011

Bershka Sale! Shopping Spree

Baby & Papa
Baby & Papa's casual outfit last weekend, worn to attend auntie Athena's birthday party. There's no picture of mama's outfit because mama had to stay behind the camera as always T_T and we were running late. Sobs...

Bershka is having a sale. We went on a spree!
Bershka Rabbit Tee
SC bought two tees, this is one of them. If you've played Wii, you'd remember these hilarious rabbits :D
Bershka Rabbit Tee
The harem pants were supposed to be for girls, but they're tight on me, so I let SC wear them.
Boy's Gladiator Sandals & Painted Nails
His nails were painted shimmery charcoal, and he insisted that it's black :S

He was wearing my Monki shades and I put my shoulder pads under his tee. Too bad it didn't make any difference, I'll try bigger shoulder pads next time.
Monki Shades
On SC:
Bershka tee & pants, H&M belt, gifted gladiator sandals, Monki sunglasses, & Sasa nail color
On baby M:
Hush Puppies polo tee, unbranded batik pants, & pampers! ;)

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LyddieGal said...

You guys are so cute. I love that you dress SC in your clothes. Those orange pants rock!

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