Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Baby M Ready To Go Out

Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee
Getting baby M ready is quite an undertaking...he twists and turns and squirms and struggles whenever we try to put on his outfits :D
I guess that's normal?

Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee
We tried to put on his little Superman Havaiana flip flops but they are still too big for him, flying all over the place as he took his little steps.

We decided to make him wear his old mothercare shoes.
Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee

Since it's summer and he's not walking yet, he's barefoot most of the time, even when he's out.
Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee
Which is why he's so fascinated with his shoes and kept trying to take them off his feet :D

Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee
We could only keep the shoes on for a few minutes, and he also kept taking his hat off ^_^'

I should get him some cute gladiator sandals (shopaholic mama's excuse).
Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee
H&M tee & hat, Baby GAP shorts, Mothercare shoes


eliza said...

Rit, kalo anak cowo gitulah, copot semua hahaha. anakmu itu gak nanggung2 cute nya, susah mau dimarahin pastinya.

Tall Girl said...

He's too cute!! Love his style, must get it from his mama!