Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comfy and Cute Baby Carrier

Papa, baby, carrier
Baby M is not the kind of baby who would sit pretty on a stroller, smiling and making adorable gurgling sound for hours. This is why we rely on a baby carrier and always bring it with us even when there's a stroller.

The problem is, our carrier is the type which can be used to carry a newborn baby lying down, thus it is rather bulky and heavy. I wanted something lighter and more compact, and found this.
Papa, baby, carrier
It's made of a sturdy fabric, it's light and compact, it is reasonably priced (HK$120 vs our other HK$799 carrier)...

Papa, baby, carrier
The back strap distributes the weight evenly, so it is more comfy for mama/papa, baby M could move around more freely, there are not as many straps for him to chew on, and... it's polka dot with a bit of lace and it's yellow mustard, mama's favorite color!

Bought it from a random baby shop in Kwai Chung plaza 3rd floor.

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Anonymous said...

i know this is supposed to be about the carrier, but i am so amazed with your clock (on the left), and the spotlight/ceiling light. you interesting home decor. - ann