Monday, September 19, 2011

No, She Didn't??!

What did I do?
H&M tee
I just went out wearing guy's boxer shorts. Heheheh.

H&M tee and giordano boxer shorts and aldo bangles
That's right!
I borrowed one of SC's giordano boxer shorts and wore them to go out last weekend.
He asked me to change before we stepped out, but I didn't.
I kinda like the pattern, and I wore 'em under my long tee anyway...
and they're SUPER COMFY!

Union black wedges
Plus I wore the ensemble with this pair of dressy but comfy wedges...and piled on some accessories.

H&M tee and giordano boxer shorts
Was it that bad?

H&M tee, giordano men's boxer shorts, unbranded necklace, unbranded glasses, mostly Aldo bangles, Union wedges.


Chic McMuffin said...

Love this combo! Makes your legs look so long!!

Angelica said...

No way! I couldn`t even tell until you told me. Those wedges looks amazing and the combo so stylish!

Haha, I can`t get away with that myself though. My partner wears gray cotton boxer briefs with a crotch flap... :o

LyddieGal said...

Hahah, those are so cute! No one would ever guess those werent a legit pair of shorts, so why not?

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