Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Landscape Shirt & Blue Bag - "New" Thrift Finds!

Sharing another favorite thrift find!
This landscape shirt!
Landscape thrifted shirt

I know...I know...I don't iron my clothes.
Landscape thrifted shirt
I don't sweat the small stuff...you see (lame excuse).

Feeling matchy matchy and put on this pair of green glasses.
Green glasses
I also need a perm...a hair cut...and desperate for a color.
But can't stand being on my butt for five hours...

Thrifted bag + veiny hand
I have no excuse for my veiny hands...I've had 'em since when I was a lot younger.
Sadly I never grew to like them. Sobs.

Ah...forgot to mention another favorite thrift finds.
This bag!
Thrifted bag
I know I promised that I wouldn't get any more bags that can't house my huge ass DSLR camera...but look at that bag! I just had to make an exception!
Don't you agree?

Thrifted shirt, unbranded jeans from Jakarta, thrifted bag, unbranded glasses and rings from Kwai Chung plaza, Crocs sandals.


Lady G said...

Precisely the same reason why I go for huge bags, just to fit my camera in it.

LyddieGal said...

Haha, I have a cute bag weakness as well!
And the landscape top is so fun!

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