Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Scary Face

happy halloween
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Did you go trick or treating? Did you wear a scary but sexy costume? Did you have lots of fun?
We didn't do any of them, I didn't even dress baby M in yet another embarrassing outfit.
I didn't dress myself up in a slutty outfit and go partying, but did put on a scary face.... not putting on my usual eye make up.
Scary Face
Sorry for scaring you to death.


Chic McMuffin said...

Was that the new maybelline lippy you got recently??

My fave red lippy fell down the toilet. Unsalvageable :(

Lady G said...

Happy Halloween, Rita. It takes more than your bare face to scare me, nice try though.

Ashley said...

You're naturally pretty. So cut it out :P