Friday, December 23, 2011

Chubby Chic - Pattern Mixing

Chubby Chic Pattern Mixing
I fancy myself as a pattern mixer, but the truly awesomefab pattern mixer is actually my sis, lil' miss chubby chic. I mix stuff which normally end up look awkward together, but she mixes stuff which I thought would've looked awkward, but always ended up looking damn good. I need to learn more from her :D or simply copy her look bwahahahahah (bad student).

Chubby Chic Pattern Mixing
El cheapo jacket from Hong Kong street market, Monki striped tee, vintage scarf, vintage bag, unbranded pants, boots and specs.


eek said...

that blazer is so fun!

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

ayin, cool as always! :)